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  1. Agree with all this. Lots of anecdotes that the JV swing makes amateurs better. Without data, or at least anecdotal evidence Jim shouldn’t make these claims about pro’s. I will say that I just got a mevo+ and discovered that while I normally hit my 9 iron 120y, if I reduced effort, maintain stillness, and just focus on my weight I started smoking my 9i 140y. I’m still not consistent hitting 140, but there is something to what he teaches. Tho like you said data is king and it’s lacking.
  2. When you pay and join Jim’s academy you send him videos and he gives feedback. Once you demonstrate an understanding of the swing and can execute it as prescribed he graduates you. I can’t graduate because my arms don’t (for lack of better terms) fall into the slot - I need to let them just fall but my brain won’t do it. Supposedly if I just focus on my lead foot and let my hands and arms do their thing everything will work out - but this is easier said than done for me. My brain just doesn’t trust my arms - so that’s what I’m working on.
  3. Yea, don’t really understand his rationale. Tho yeah, I don’t think he has much of an appetite for defending his swing. What sucks is I’ve been trying to graduate for 2+ years and felt like I was really close, but I need to be able to make sense of things because that’s how I learn. So whatever, I’ll figure it out. I’m still not sure if I should not be able to hit it fat. In theory, if I approach the ball with a fully extended/locked left elbow, then pivot+grip I may not be able to hit it fat. I do setup with loose and relaxed arms which means arm extension on a backswing could lead to inconsistent contact. I’m not really sure, I’ll have to play with it.
  4. Not too much trouble, just that I’ve watched probably hundreds of his videos and was a student for 2+ yrs and I’m only aware of a single swing. Thought you might have stumbled on something new.
  5. He kicked me out of the academy because I argued the point that it’s physically possible for me to hit it fat. I was thinking that my setup was wrong but he took some type of offense and gave me the boot. Tho in fairness to him he reads a ton of emails, and my question was misinterpreted. Even tho I have to finish learning the swing on my own, as an amateur I feel confident I can become scratch with the swing - which is my goal this season. So for me, and probably amateurs like me who use the swing, the proof is in the results, which I have a personal glimpse of. I have no idea if the swing is viable above hobby level. Unless there is sufficient evidence for, skepticism that this swing can go to elite levels is warranted.
  6. @Vinsk side question - when you do the JV setup, weight on your lead foot, can you possibly hit it fat? For me, the club can hit the ground a foot behind the ball if my wrists break early. Not that it happens in the swing, but it certainly can physically. Wanted to know if it’s just me and others can’t physically do it. My question make sense?
  7. What are you looking for on the data/monitor side? Ball spin rates for around the green or something? Also, what more are you looking for on the long game? It’s very simple, hit the driver the same as everything else except move the ball more forward in your stance - tho you can play around with ball position. If you’re like me at all, I was always searching for something more complex with the swing, but nope, what he teaches is really is as simple as it seems.
  8. Link? Don’t think that’s the case. He’ll teach sized swings, like a size ten 7i for me goes 140y where a size 8 goes (need to check my card but ~) 125y. He’ll also teach fades, cuts, and sand, but it’s all the exact same swing.
  9. As a former student for 2+ yrs I don’t think this is true. His concept is simple, be still and closed through impact while having a single swing thought. Do you have a video where he talks or teaches this advanced version?
  10. Sure, maybe for you it would be -15%, but you could probably gain 5% with a properly executed JV swing - so whatever, -10% sounds fair and falls in line with the traditional vs JV swing speeds mentioned earlier with an 8mph decrease. As someone who just likes to play and limitations are more around practice time than technique, no way could anyone convince me to deal with the time commitment of practicing the traditional swing to gain 10% on my distances. My practice time has more value spent on chipping/putting. So yeah, I think we agree on things.
  11. Thanks - this is close to what I was looking for - about 10%. Given there are variables at play about 10% sounds reasonable. On the tour you’ll easily see 10% differences in driver distances between players. Furyk averages 275 while Bubba is 312 - that’s over 10%. Distance is important, but other aspects are important too which Is how Furyk competes. Given the data I don’t think distance is the limiting factor of why we don’t see the JV swing on tour.
  12. Maybe? If so by how much? 2%, 20%? Are the complex traditional golf movements justified? This is what I find interesting. I agree on all your other points. I’m astonished JV doesn’t have data published to back his claims, as I agree with everyone that this isn’t an exercise we should be doing, instead data should simply speak for itself and he should provide it.
  13. Want to say the same thing, but differently. If distance was lost with the JV swing you would have an abundance of people coming forward with statements like distance was lost but they made a tradeoff for simplicity. However, rather than an abundance we have a dearth. Instead you have people like me saying no distance is lost, but have other complaints like shot alignment is goofy, or some of his concepts are too difficult like single swing thought process. I have a lot of complaints with the swing, but distance is not one.
  14. Reading through @iacas posts I openly change my opinion to he’s definitely not biased. I don’t see how it’s possible to have further distance with the JV swing, and I doubt he or anyone made any such claims. With testing I suspect you won’t see any measurable distance lost. By measurable I mean you’ll notice it on the course. I say this because I and many others who’ve tried the swing haven’t noticed any distance lost. If you’re making claims otherwise then I suspect (not proven) you’re missing a variable in an extremely complex equation. It’s also possible you’re not missing a variable and the explanation of no distance lost is purely from a non-optimal traditional swing. It would be nice to have an explanation for all the JV swing distance anecdotes, but we lack data and nobody is willing to run the tests, even including JV himself.
  15. The question is how much distance is lost with a properly executed JV swing vs a properly executed traditional swing. A scratch golfer who’s interested in the results would be willing to test. They could become competent enough with the JV swing in probably a few hours - maybe even in 1hr. Unless paid, I agree 100% no scratch golfer will try the JV system beyond curiosity of the test results. So this means @iacas Is a better teacher of the swing and has a deeper understanding? I won’t disagree with that. I’m just disagreeing that you’ll lose distance with the JV swing. I haven’t personally seen it happen; I haven’t heard any n=1 anecdotes that it happens, but I’m interested in seeing data to show it does happen.
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