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  1. Haha, knew someone is gonna catch on it. 😄 We are lucky the tape ended there.
  2. Got notification of this thread, which reminded me of something crazy that happened couple weeks ago. We went to play nearby 18 hole course with a friend and after the round decided to re-throw first hole with 2 discs. I asked him to film one of my throws so I could watch it afterwards and cry myself to sleep while watching all the problems with my sequence. First hole is 90 meters over water and quite guarded of right hand hyzer with trees, still attack it with hyzer over the trees pretty much always and try to stick it close. Well the disc ended up going straight in and it barely got in
  3. 5200 rpm spin if I saw correctly, sounded really soft. 😮 Would be nice to see the bloopers where it goes to clouds. 😄
  4. Work has taken all my time basically, managed to get out early today and hit some balls. Filming was bit tricky since had to balance the phone ontop of bag. Hoping to play a round this weekend, if it doesn't pour water.
  5. Was meant to talk about this in post #40, but was bit in hurry. The feeling I had on those last swings with wrists were that there was no active action. This is what it looks like when I drill it: Newtons third law: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. In my mind by simply keeping the right hand ontop of the shaft like @iacas told in day 1 covid drill, following things should happen: - Wrists become the last lever to load, because there is no left wrist flexion/right wrist extension in early backswing - Arms get a head start to club on downswing, clu
  6. I'm looking in awe at your top of backswing hand position. Don't follow much tour swings, but reminds me of Bubba Watson. What kind of club head speeds are you producing?
  7. One partial, one full swing, repeated ~20 times. Full swing got shortened, I didn't try to shorten it. Maybe flattest my shaft has been in downswing since starting this thread.
  8. Recap of 2020 club championship held last weekend Week before the event I thought I’ll skip it, because I’ve been hitting terrible hooks and haven’t entered a competition in 6 years. After all, decided to join and adjust my swing/mentality so I can keep the ball in play and hopefully hit it solid. The changes I made: Switched the ball position forward (to inside of my front heel with all clubs), so it’s basically at my dynamic center Ditched every single swing thought and just went with what’s natural for me atm At the tee focused only at my target and the line/hei
  9. I personally tend to switch to some other sport when I'm not having fun with something anymore, that's the most important thing imo when we are talking about hobbies. Have actually applied this to my work life aswell, not quite as radically tho, I feel no work can be fun at all times. 🙂 Have you ever tried disc golf? If not, I highly recommend giving it a try. If you are from USA, there's crazy amount of disc golf courses, you can find them with app called Udisc. It's really addicting sport seeing the disc glide through air and learning curve is very steep at the beginning. Best part is t
  10. My first irons were some wilson cavity backs with some offset. I felt the difference in carry distance between a flushed shot and slightly bad one was huge. I also started to dislike how they looked at address and I ended up getting myself Mizuno MP-64's, which were quite of shot in the dark. They are some kind of semi-blade clubs with some forgiveness (I'm not much of a equipment guy). However after starting to play with these, I noticed my carry distances got much more tighter between the good and slightly bad contacts, which surely helps scoring better. If I were to buy new clubs now,
  11. Imagine you being 15, really good at golf, ambitious and practising hard day after day. You have club championship marked in calender and are dreaming of winning it. Then they announce you have to wait 3 more years to give it a shot, at that moment, how would you feel about the decision and the whole sport? Besides that, to get better at something, you should always try to play with/against people who are better than you, it really speeds up the progress.
  12. Goals today: - Day 1 wrist action in backswing (Right wrist dorsal flexing and pulling the left wrist in abduction), steep hands with left wrist palmar flexing in downswing. ➡️ Steeper hand path in dowswing, wrists still meh - Make it as effortless as possible, keep the tempo same throughout whole session. This is your new tempo, keep it no matter what contact you make. ➡️ Did okay, bad shots didn't send me into rushing the rest of the session. Was shocked that one polet gave me 100 balls, took 3 hours to hit them. 😄
  13. More drilling till wrists were sore + bucket of balls. Tried what it feels like starting from cupped position at the top, the palmar flexion of left wrist happens really early, not sure should I try to maintain it later into downswing.
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