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  1. Thanks, been looking at it but haven't been able to figure how to make them closer to same without feeling like I'm gonna hit myself on downswing. 😄 Seriously impressed you see all this from a video, really displays how great understanding of the golf swing you have. Will surely put in the work changing my wrist action according to day 4 drill and see how it feels because I'm no Dustin Johnson, thanks! I've watched only couple of your 30 day practise plan videos so far and based on those I think they are amazing, you explain the drills in detail and can see you are passionate about what your doing. Only reason I haven't dived more into them yet is because I have felt overload of info coming into head which I haven't been able to process, surely digging into them if I ever get on holiday from work. 😄 Got the lesson tomorrow, interested to hear how he approaches this.
  2. Watch the first video to get the idea of what happens and how to get that lateral move towards target. Use the second videos drill to work on it.
  3. I think alot of the "lies" are misunderstandings that people have made from what they have heard. Sure there is some bad advices around probably, but even those might work as exaggerations to fix something, however you'd have to understand the big picture to know when you have overdone it. I also believe the efficiency and accuracy go very close to hand in hand, which is why the guys on tour have very efficient and accurate swings. Surely most could get more power out by "pushing" out of the ground harder or whatever, but when you have a machine that is making you millions, don't touch it with a angle grinder, maybe adjust gently with screwdriver.
  4. Too many swing thoughts going in head atm regarding club and hand path in swing that have resulted in some horrendous golf shots. Put my focus today back on linear hip movement, which made things better again. At the moment I feel my backswing throws the clubhead to wrong direction, making it impossible to have shallow in to out path in downswing (Do I want it?). There's just too many variables that could fix things/make them worse that I finally decided to book my first ever lesson from local pro. He had 17 years of experience from teaching golf and lots of experience from different sports aswell so really looking forward to it!
  5. Tepi90

    Carry or Push?

    Quite surprised the difference is that small. 😮 I have push cart but didn't bring it with me when I moved, so been forced to play with carry bag for ~10 rounds now. Actually had one guy play with me and he was carrying aswell, his heart rate monitor said exactly 1800 kcal lost during the round. I've felt my energy levels get really low towards the end of round playing this way, should probably consume way more calories the day before playing and also during the round.
  6. Damn, couple more years and I'll update my Nokia 3310! 🤔 I want to see the ball getting compressed (10 000 fps):
  7. Continued the work with flighted wedges yesterday. Wasn't happy with the tempo I had, duffed some quite badly. Didn't get much practice in before we had thunderstorm with hail. Feels were: 60 degree wedge: 8:30 - 35m 56 degree wedge: 7:30 - 45m 8:30 - 55m
  8. I've tried to think the swing from a bigger picture to get better idea of how I want to approach this problem. My understanding of kinematics is really small, mostly work with flows and fluids so excuse me if this makes no sense, not making any precise calculations just putting things into perspective. I wanted to know the forces that we are dealing with at impact and I took the PGA tour average swing speeds and some clubhead weights I found with google. At first, I had them as Newtons and those didn't ring much bells to me, but it gave some perspective as the force at impact is almost twice as high as the force I use to tighten my car tires. Then I stumbled upon a unit called kilogram force, that let me get kilograms out of it so I could actually pick something as heavy as the club head at impact: Club Clubhead weight [grams] SS [mph] SS [m/s] Kinetic energy [Nm] Kilogram force [kgF] 3 iron 240 98 43,8 230 23 4 iron 247 96 42,9 227 23 5 iron 254 94 42,0 224 23 6 iron 261 92 41,1 221 23 7 iron 268 90 40,2 217 22 8 iron 276 87 38,9 209 21 9 iron 284 85 38,0 205 21 PW 292 83 37,1 201 20 Although this is very small window, it was quite eye opening in a way. To get better idea I actually went to hardware store and picked up a 6kg (couldn’t find heavier) sledgehammer and started to swing it back and forth. That made me feel like I don't want to rotate with it, but instead make it go in straight lines. Then I remembered that Moe Norman said, "I'm the only man that plays with straight lines". Out of nowhere I had these words come out of my mouth "rotation is an effect of linear forces on fixed axis" in Finnish though, so not sure did I translate it right. 😄 Also started to think about tightening those car tires, I do it by applying force straight up and down, but it goes along the arc since the other end is fixed around the bolt. Talked about this idea to friend who has been studying disc golf form for over 10 years and he immediately linked this to me: I tried this for first time during my last round of golf and the feeling was very different, like I was glued to ground at my follow through and someone had taken the brick out of my washing machine. Hit some of the longest 3 woods I ever have aswell. Imgur Post with 2 views. Watched some of the Malaskas club shallowing and rear elbow ideas aswell and I think I could benefit from starting the downswing sequence more with my arms. To activate latissimus dorsi (2nd biggest muscle?) to create linear forces it would have to be a pull I guess, the ideas of direction seem to vary a bit. When I watch @iacas swing you seem to “pull” the right elbow to your right side, what’s the feeling for you? Do you feel like you start from the top more with arms and to which direction? Just couple swings from last night:
  9. According to my normal speed camera I can't maintain the bend properly, but slow speed looks better 🤔 Imgur Post with 1 views. Imgur Post with 1 views. Being more serious, can wrong shaft affect ones game majorly if he/she has proper technique? I don't mean the difference being winning/loosing on PGA tour, but more like hitting the fairway instead of missing it. What kind of problems does too stiff and too loose shaft cause regarding this loading? Don't understand much at all about gear and haven't fitted my clubs ever. Bought clubs with dynamic gold s300 back in the day, because I heard stiff is the popular choise. My tempo is quite rapid coming from ice sports where you had to hit it fast so opponent didn't steal the ball, never learned that's not the case in golf... I like to think my problems lies in technique, but surely interested to know what kind of differences people have had from being fitted to right shafts.
  10. Just re-gripped my irons as they had the original grips from 2014 and I started to fear slipping. 😄 Would like to maintain these bit better than before. Do you know is there any downsides with using rubbing alcohol to clean them, shorter lifetime for example?
  11. Been pretty cold lately, we have had some snow even. 🙈 I think the axis of rotation is becoming tighter and I feel like I produce more power and distance with less effort everytime I pick up the clubs. Will open up the thoughts later on what I've been thinking/experiencing. Been having little pain in my right shoulder tho (believe its the rotator cuff), wondering should I lead with the rear elbow more/differently? Any drills/ideas regarding that and everything else is welcome. The swing trace at the end shows I'm pretty deep with the dowswing. 🤔 Backswing being quite shallow, equal and opposite...
  12. I play with randoms these days after moving 700km south and not knowing anyone to play with atm. In Finland I think most courses have white, yellow and red tees, red being the shortest and white longest. So far all my rounds (10?) have been from yellow tees, since rest of the group have played from there. The club has started weekly competitions recently, that I plan to participate in sometime soon. Those competitions are played twice a week, once from white and once from yellow. I'd like to practice from white tees some rounds before tho, but just feel too uncomfortable going there when rest of the group is playing from yellow... Is it often that you have people playing from different tees and is the general thought "that guy thinks he is better than us" when he/she decides to play from back? Think I'll just let people think what they want and do what helps my game most. Before moving I used to play my home course from all tees with friends to get most out of it. Front tees turned some par 4's into really long par 3's and back tees usually made you use 1-2 clubs longer for the approach shots.
  13. Is this basically a one leg drill but with restricted lead hip pivot? I think people are often limiting their potential in life by thinking there is only one truth/way to do something. Biggest revelations in my job/hobbies/life has come from listening to different opinions/ideas. Often times the same thing has been said in two different ways and it has opened up two unique functions.
  14. Totally agree, clubs momentum pulls you into finish. Thinking about the finish position could maybe change some parts of the swing to better tho. Haven't personally tried it in this sport, but in disc golf I feel it did some good to me.
  15. Worked for 2 hours on "flighted" wedges between 30-90m distances. I feel I'm not quite doing it right and have a slight stop at impact, but they fly like 1/3 or 1/2 of the normal swing height, which is nice. Haven't used the gripping lower part of the instructions, should probably see how it feels, wedges just feel so short in my hands to begin with. Finally found use for my driver aswell, it works great as a marker for distance! Used the clock system for these, I think the lead arm indicates somewhat close to what I feel with 8 o'clock and so on. Realized I don't really want to go even to 10 o'clock feeling, rather just pick a club with lower loft and keep the motion smaller. Wind started to pick up towards ends and it was circling around directly left to right and left to right headwind. Will keep marking the carry distances in notes to hopefully remember them better and see how they evolve. 60 degree wedge: 8:00 - 30m 9:00 - 40m 56 degree wedge: 8:00 - 50m 9:00 - 60m 52 degree wedge: 8:30 - 70m 9:30 - 80m PW: 8:30 - 80m 9:30 - 90m Wasn't supposed to work on full swings today but couldn't resist myself and had to hit one bucket. I gave the pump drill a revisit but with a little different perspective that is still on a drawing board. The way it felt and produced power felt nice tho.
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