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  1. Goals today: - Day 1 wrist action in backswing (Right wrist dorsal flexing and pulling the left wrist in abduction), steep hands with left wrist palmar flexing in downswing. ➡️ Steeper hand path in dowswing, wrists still meh - Make it as effortless as possible, keep the tempo same throughout whole session. This is your new tempo, keep it no matter what contact you make. ➡️ Did okay, bad shots didn't send me into rushing the rest of the session. Was shocked that one polet gave me 100 balls, took 3 hours to hit them. 😄
  2. More drilling till wrists were sore + bucket of balls. Tried what it feels like starting from cupped position at the top, the palmar flexion of left wrist happens really early, not sure should I try to maintain it later into downswing.
  3. Did combined day 1 takeaway drills and day 4 wrist condition till my forearms hurt, I will need to start working them now that I'm not working as pipe-fitter anymore. 😄 Not sure is this the right way, felt more like being under the shaft I'd say. The top position looks better than earlier with this drill I think, still slightly toe down but my arm position is higher this time, so if I dropped them slightly I'd be closer to Erik's? Transferring this to hitting balls is gonna be whole another story tho. Clubface works very much outside/infront of me to top. Bubba Watson is someone who seems to work it that way? Matthew Wolf more extreme so at least it's possible. This is actually more like the way I used to hit bandy ball from right side.
  4. Question: Does practise sessions including fitness (Strenght training, condition) count in?
  5. There's this one quite easy dogleg left par 4 on my home course, that I've started to take more and more aggressive line after realizing I can reach it with a good drive. Hit my teeshot to toe on it today and thought it would be quite far from the green as it didn't have much air under, however the rough was really dry and the ball must have rolled alot since I had approx 30m left to the flag. Ended up chipping in for eagle, which was first ever on par 4 for me.
  6. The return to game has been pretty rough after 5 year break, this surely isn't like riding a bike. There's been many what I would call good rounds, but the score has showed something different. Thought I'd share this one tho as it was under 80 and had my first ever eagle on par 4 (Had few on par 5's back in the day), chipped in from about 30 meters. If course gave me 2 shots there I surely gave them back on back 9 by missing 2 putts from 1,5 feet. 🙈 So yea, would like to claim: - Eagle - Under 80
  7. I've conned myself into thinking the technique in golf swing can be built fully as carry over from other sports, which holds little truth. However after joining this site I've come into realization that it's most complicated movement I've come across and understanding what affects what requires years and years of studying. I don't know does any other sport have so small margin for error when it come to delivering club face with right path, speed and angle towards target. I've also conned myself into thinking my strategy regarding playing golf is close to being good. After moving and starting to play on course that has hard, fast greens with thick rough, I've realized my decision making sucks. I keep attacking the pin, short siding myself and really making a mess off good tee shots that I sometimes get. Trying to get my hands on LSW and hopefully becoming better player strategy wise in future. What I haven't conned myself about is practising the right way, have known I'm wasting alot of time practising the wrong way and hoping to improve that side aswell.
  8. This is first summer I'm actually using my driver and it's starting to become quite a weapon. The work with wrist condition is still unsuccessful which shows more with the driver, however it has brought some good things into my swing, one being steeper hand path at the start of downswing (maybe?), which I believe has made it possible to be more consistent with driver. The good contacts are pushing to 290-300 yards based on what I've been investigating from course maps, but would like to get some trackman data at some point to see where I'm at. The launch angle is however quite low and I suspect I'm not hitting up on the ball, atleast not enough. Believe that could add some distance especially when hitting in calm conditions and down wind? The good thing is, this launch angle is providing really penetrating ball flight, it's cutting throught the wind really nicely and been getting pretty good distance to heavy headwinds aswell. Only got DTL view tho as I had to hurry for my tee time, so not much help to see the up/down path I reckon. 🙈
  9. I would recommend to practise with proper shoes on if possible, preferably the ones you play with standing on grass or something that you get good traction onto.
  10. That looks to be very close to my comfort zone with putts. 🤔
  11. Haven't been able to make my mind with this one, I feel there's good and bad in there. First, I would never judge a person by what they wear, however someone playing with a tank top might make me have some prejudice. Never seen anyone playing with one tho. In Finland people still have strong views of golf as a hobby for only wealthy people and in a way this is a part where dress code doesn't help. I started this game coming from sports where t-shirt and sweatpants were the normal outfit when practising, didn't really have any better clothing at that point. I also felt those are suitable for golf as I viewed this as an athletic sport from the beginning. However I feel some older people at the club judged me by what I'm wearing, but by the time we had played first round I feel they had changed the picture about me. I also partly felt like Roy McAvoy: Since then I tried some golf pants, but to this day I haven't found suitable ones that I could fit my ass in without buying several sizes too big. Have found some stretchy pants that imo look good, also many collared shirts are stretchy these days and I like the look of them. Also feel t-shirt is fine for the round as long as it's clean and good looking. What comes to sweatpants I basically use them for range only occasionally, but if I had to choose between playing a practise round at home course with them or not, I surely would play as long as they are clean and intact. When going to a foreign course or playing a competition, I would wear something nicer at all costs. On the other hand, I really like when people are dressed nice for the round, it makes them look like better golfers right away. Surely trying to find more suitable clothes myself once my wallet allows it. 🙂 Summarize: - Don't judge people by what they wear, but how they act - Wear clothes that are intact, clean and suitable for sport that requires huge amount of athletic ability
  12. Last month been mostly just playing "golf", far too few range sessions, but I feel there's been alot of progress that isn't however ingrained yet and can't keep it together when playing. Have just accepted the fact that I will be struggling with scoring for quite a while when I'm trying to get this puzzle bit more together. However have enjoyed the playing probably most I've ever had, because the good shots are the kind that I have never seen come out of my clubs. Main priority has been and still is my wrist action, but I feel there's alot of things tied to it. At one point I started to feel like I freeze behind the ball and I finally found a trigger move, thanks to @iacas for day 10 drill and @mvmac for providing information that made me figure what could work for me. "For right now the left hip feel is similar to the right with the inside of the left foot pushing away, almost doing a skater stride or floor board slide. Gets me to loads the leg and "post up" into it. " -mvmac The trigger is a little bump into my left leg, almost feeling like I take a little skating stride and I think this could have two benefits for me in the future. First being the obvious flow to swing and being able to avoid that feeling of freezing over the ball. The other big one imo would be the feeling of how I want to land on/against that lead leg, which I can't/don't know how to do yet. I've been thinking alot what @Konsta said about the left wrist being arched, resulting in laid off position. This might be semantics, but I feel it's more other way around, the shaft being laid off results in left wrist being arched. I played around with this thought and tried out what happens if I shorten my backswing and sort of keep the shaft loaded at all times. The feeling is like swinging to 10:30 if 12 would be my full swing. It looks very different, but more importantly I was hitting the same distances if not more with this shortened swing and it felt much more effortless. I really need to get some tan on those calves or atleast get some mass into them... I couldn't figure out how to track my hands with those bubbles like @iacas did earlier, but I think my hand path is slight steeper, not sure has there been much change to club path tho? What comes to rotation, I don't understand the meaning of it when it comes to shoulder rotation. I look to be square with shoulders at impact or even slightly closed. I think I read somewhere PGA tour players vary from square to 15 degrees open, not 100% sure about this tho. With more shoulder rotation, do you get more parametric acceleration to create speed and is there something more to it? I also don't know what my numbers are or is it possible to see them from video. My hips look quite open and chest slightly open? Hopefully haven't gone too much offtrack with this. 😬
  13. Trying to learn here, so please correct me if I'm wrong with these "terms". At the pic above, Bryson has his weight left of his center, but all the pressure is on his right leg. So if we would put a scale under his right leg it would show pretty high number, maybe close to his bodyweight, but if all that momentum suddenly disappeared he would fall on his left leg. The student on his video was shifting weight massively which feels powerful but doesn't create any real speed. Bryson's weight shift to the right is very minimal and it happens really early, like between P1 - P1,5 and by the time of P2 he has already re-centered his weight?
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