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  1. Hey there, I am from Tampa Florida. Yes indeed, I find this site to be super informative.
  2. Yes I am ready for my swing to be bashed on lol, will upload tonight!
  3. Hello all, my name is Dan I am 34 years young, and I've been playing golf for about 11 months now. I've scored an 81 (my best so far) and this year my goal is to break 80, but...... Recently a buddy of mine videoed my swing and, welpppp let’s just say, I have an ugly swing with lots of fixing to be made. I met with a coach, and he is getting me squared away, but I can only afford him 2 times out of the month, so I need to get some knowledge elsewhere while working on the things he prescribed me with, hence I came across TST. I'm can't wait to fix my, Reverse pivot crap, flippy hands, goa
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