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  1. Cool. Keep us posted on how you do.
  2. And as the owner, you get the right to tell them that.
  3. With how much hate there is out there for Trump, I'm inclined to think the guy was lying to make him look bad.
  4. I guess I don't see it as a matter of importance. Simply a right of ownership.
  5. Does it make you "important" if you are the owner?
  6. If it were any other course owner driving on their own course that way, it would not bother me. Bad business decision? Probably. But again, if it is someone's own property, they get to do that.
  7. You could always change that....
  8. I do think it means something to children when their parents attend their functions. Even more so at a younger age. I have a son that was in 3rd grade this year. His school is approximately 3 miles away from my work, and I am usually pretty flexible with my schedule. I did attend a few things for him this year, and in most instances was the only dad there. I could see it meant a lot to my son, and his teacher mentioned it as well.
  9. I think execution is huge for me. Although I do think they kind of can go hand-in-hand. If I execute properly, it takes a lot of the strategy out of it.... Driver 230 to the center of the fairway, 9 iron about 131 to center of green, 2 putts from 29'. Not a whole lot of "strategic" options for me there. Of course, I rarely execute that well.
  10. Same here. Work rigs, gas, insurance, wages, tools, etc. All that stuff adds up fast.
  11. Other option would be what you are doing. Hang out around "The SandTrap"....
  12. Good luck.
  13. 0. Been playing for about 10 years.
  14. Am I reading your chart correctly? You are consistently better (or close) to PGA pros with your approach shots?
  15. If the path is neutral and you square the face, the ball would go dead straight. If you closed the face more (still with a neutral path) the ball would start a little left and draw more to the left. If your path is actually silghtly in to out (say 3 degrees), you could concetvably get the face to 1-2 degrees and hit a push draw. This seems like pretty tight tolerances to me though. Would it be simpler to just align yourself more left and hit the push fade?