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  1. The President just shot 73 at

    And..... now its about politics...
  2. Wearing a Wedding Ring while Playing

    Congrats on the wedding @Jeremie Boop. I wish you many years of happiness together. I do not wear a ring, and never have, so I can't help you with that.
  3. Julie Inkster says LPGA not given due credit....

    In some states with a skewed ratio of male deer to female, the dnr has implemented an "earn a buck" rule. If you want to hunt a buck, you must first kill a doe. Maybe we should do the same for PGA and LPGA tournaments. If you want to watch the guys, you must first purchase a ticket to a LPGA tournament......
  4. My Swing (NatalieB)

  5. Worth buffing out?

    Play it. On a side note, I thought you were asking if it was worth it to get larger muscles....
  6. Garage gold?

    I have no idea of the value, but those old balls are pretty neat. Thanks for sharing.
  7. 8 shot penalty for Ben Crane?

    I think at that point it was possible he wanted to be DQed. He probably didn't feel like playing from 8 shots back.
  8. Your Final 10 Rounds

    I don't believe I have even played at 10 different courses.
  9. Hurricane IRMA

    To all of you choosing to stay, I hope it all goes well. Try to stay safe.
  10. Rory McIlroy Fires His Caddie

    Ha.... I don't think you missed out on anything. I don't believe @skydog, ever responded.
  11. Julie Inkster says LPGA not given due credit....

    Now it takes a bomber that also has "surgeon like" skills.
  12. Julie Inkster says LPGA not given due credit....

    I think your point would have been better taken without the condescending head slap.
  13. Mini Tour play.

    Good to hear from you again.
  14. A little lemon juice can be helpful.
  15. Julie Inkster says LPGA not given due credit....

    I think she is trying to "guilt" sponsors/viewers. In today's world, it just might work.