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  1. In those sports, the competitors are actively trying to get away with (break the rules) as much as they can. In golf, the player bears the responsibility to call their own infractions. You can't make an equal comparison between those sports and golf.
  2. Looks good Nathan. Like riding a bike...
  3. Yes. That could also make the "toe hit the bag" as well??
  4. I don't think there is a specific thread, but it does seem to get mentioned a lot. A little bit really does go a long way though. When my shots start leaking right, and I use that feel a bit, it usually doesn't take long to overcook one and then I can typically drop the feel altogether.
  5. Yup. Especially when the caddie can simply quit if he does not like it.
  6. Have you had him try the "revving the motorcycle" feel? When I start the ball to far right or its not drawing back, this feel helps a lot. A little bit goes a long way.
  7. I look at the "greatest" question as this: Who had the "greatest" achievements? My answer to that question is Tiger.
  8. Are you sure you wouldn't pick Will Smith or Bruce Willis?
  9. Maybe the depression the ball was in originally was deep enough to see without moving the ball?
  10. Maybe the depression she moved it out of was a little larger (deeper) than a "standard" depression created by the ball itself?
  11. I also think its somewhat telling how she came up to the ball, grounded the putter, paused, and then went down to mark/move. It kind of looks like she was just going to tap it in, and then saw something she didn't like.
  12. I'm going with no change simply for the reason that @iacas has mentioned before. Why would a player ever concern themselves with questioning/trying to do the right thing if the penalty occurred would be the same either way?
  13. Especially when she did not walk away from it, but moved it in the same motion.
  14. Maybe they should lie and always just say a rules official saw it. I guess that wouldn't really be a lie because the rules official has to see it before making a ruling anyway. Wouldn't make a difference to me, but apparently that would to some. Also, poor Joey Cheeto wouldn't get such a bad rap......
  15. Am I the only one that does not consider it a "black eye" for the sport? On the contrary, I find it admirable that, when faced with a hard decision, they made the right one. If they would have let it slide, and that would have been found out, it would have been way worse. I get that it sucks that it went down this way, but I put the blame on Lexi. If she had not moved her ball 3/4'', none of this would have happened. Again my question to those upset about the viewer calling in. If the rules official had seen it himself on a replay and noticed it would you have been fine? If the rules official had overheard someone talking about it and looked it over again, would that have been fine? If the rules official's wife had mentioned it to him, and he looked it over again, would that have been fine? Where do you draw the line? The way I see it, once the rules officials had the information (regardless of where it came from), they absolutely had to act on it.