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  1. Would it be better if he (lied) told you that you were correct?
  2. I can't believe this is still an argument. Oh well... I suppose there are still those out there that think the earth is flat...
  3. 14ledo81

    My Swing (NatalieB)

  4. 14ledo81

    My Swing (phillyk)

    Phil, did you ever think it's possible you play well despite your swing? Most people could not play well with a swing like yours. I think you probably have very above average coordination.
  5. I think 10 strokes for me on my home course.
  6. 14ledo81

    The President just shot 73 at

    And..... now its about politics...
  7. 14ledo81

    Wearing a Wedding Ring while Playing

    Congrats on the wedding @Jeremie Boop. I wish you many years of happiness together. I do not wear a ring, and never have, so I can't help you with that.
  8. 14ledo81

    Julie Inkster says LPGA not given due credit....

    In some states with a skewed ratio of male deer to female, the dnr has implemented an "earn a buck" rule. If you want to hunt a buck, you must first kill a doe. Maybe we should do the same for PGA and LPGA tournaments. If you want to watch the guys, you must first purchase a ticket to a LPGA tournament......
  9. 14ledo81

    My Swing (NatalieB)

  10. 14ledo81

    Worth buffing out?

    Play it. On a side note, I thought you were asking if it was worth it to get larger muscles....
  11. 14ledo81

    Garage gold?

    I have no idea of the value, but those old balls are pretty neat. Thanks for sharing.
  12. 14ledo81

    8 shot penalty for Ben Crane?

    I think at that point it was possible he wanted to be DQed. He probably didn't feel like playing from 8 shots back.
  13. 14ledo81

    Your Final 10 Rounds

    I don't believe I have even played at 10 different courses.
  14. 14ledo81

    Hurricane IRMA

    To all of you choosing to stay, I hope it all goes well. Try to stay safe.
  15. 14ledo81

    Rory McIlroy Fires His Caddie

    Ha.... I don't think you missed out on anything. I don't believe @skydog, ever responded.

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