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  1. Before you burn the soap box... let me borrow it for a minute. I am amazed at how some organizations or people are treating this with a lack of significance. I was at the Club with my girlfriend for a very "Socially distant" 9 holes yesterday afternoon. We wiped down the cart steering wheel, cart seat handles, divot fill jars, and bag strap buckles with alcohol (70%) swabs. We also brought anti-bacterial hand sanitizer for after raking the bunkers. I know to some of you this may sound like over kill, but My Girl (a former D-1 golfer) has bad Asthma, and I am dedicated to keeping her (and I) safe, while not totally separating us from our live of the game. Here is the soap box part of my story... The club sent an email with an elaborate list of new healthy practices that are in place to protect Staff and Membership alike. (we have a large group of golf members who at at risk due to age and pre-existing health issues). Among the list was that Cart steering wheels would be sprayed with anti-microbial sprays after each play before the carts are lined up for a round. I spoke to the Bag room attendant about this process (just making small talk) and he said... we are not doing anything different. He even asked me if there was a message that actually told the members that it was a new practice? Fellow TST members... Please make sure that organizations are actually doing the safety measures that they are promising. this is serious and lives do depend on it. Stay safe and Healthy!!!
  2. So sad that South Florida Golf has suffered such casualties. Right now. Carolina only has the driving range open. The golf course is closed. They are forced to maintain it at a minimum, but not to a playable standard. There is a big dispute between the owners of the club and the community regarding a land deal for development. I really don't know the details, but it has been going on for some time.
  3. South Florida (Broward County) has been hit hard by real estate conversions. I guess Rodney Dangerfield's line fro Caddie shack has some merit. "Golf Courses and Cemeteries are the biggest wasted of prime real estate". 😧 Broken Woods Country Club (Coral Spring's) where I got my start in golf by working in the pro shop is now a residential community. The Carolina Club is over grown by weeds (i worked in the bag room there while in college). even the local par three course owned by the city in Margate, (where i first hit a ball on the course) is now an empty lot waiting to be developed. there are so many more courses in this area that have suffered a similar fate. So many memories as a kid were made on these courses.
  4. Thanks boogielicious... I will review these threads and report back my progress. Thanks Denny
  5. I voted yes... For the shear entertainment value the PGA Tour is an awesome show. We get to see truly great athletes showing the human potential of skill and ability. True, they have slow play issues, and other pain points on display in the public eye, but all in all; this is a great show week in and week out. Honestly, how many golfers out there can personally identify with airing out a driver 350+, or hitting a 180 yard 9 iron? this is a athletic spectacle, with drama and cool story lines weaved in. I look forward to watching and these guys make me want to improve.
  6. Hi All... My name is Steven, and i work in the field of Building sciences and Natural disaster damage assessment. golf has been my passion since i was 13 and am still at it. My Current index is 6.7 (trending upward due to life), but I still love to work hard at this great game. My goals for the next year is to learn how to hit my wedges the correct distances, limit three putts, and stop making so many mistakes that lead to double bogeys. (lofty goals for sure, but doable with thoughtful practice). Looking forward to getting to know you and learn what worked to help you enjoy this game more as well.
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