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  1. You're right, and I am interested in seeing what changes are made for next weeks setup, I'm sure Jack will let the rough grow a little more and firm up the greens a little if there is not alot of rain this week, unless they are not using all the tee's this week what more can they do?
  2. As I said I am not a very good golfer in the grand scheme of things, and you are absolutely correct, sorry to get you so worked up.
  3. Thanks for your opinion guys, good debate, but you haven't convinced me otherwise. I am not the best golfer but I do enjoy playing tougher courses in my area and most people in my arena are in agreement with me about the tour. Again I am just stating my opinion which doesn't mean a thing in the long run.
  4. i'm not saying every week should be a US Open ( even though now the us open is not really a us open setup in my mind) i remember a time when if you hit a bad shot you were penalized by the course, when you have no rough and soft greens the penalty is not there. why do you think no one is watching golf now........tv ratings are way down, nobody goes to watch anymore, we want to see a good test.
  5. I am sick of seeing 20 under par winning tournaments, let's dry these greens out and grow some rough for god's sake, these touring pro's need to be challenged more. I just got done watching the 1998 US Open, hard greens thick rough and narrow fairways is what i love to watch, I don't like birdie fests. Now back in the 1990's the tour had all sorts of course setups throughout the year, unfortunately now the players have too much say into what the course setup will be and they don't like to play tough courses--back in the day, you had to WIN to make the big money, now you can cruise around in
  6. I agree 100% i've seen him do this to the course and I think he is being a little childish when he does. i was a little put off by his comments that he blamed the camera man for HIS own behavior..............he ought to ask himself the question "would Arnold Palmer do this?"
  7. does anybody have one of these training aids and does it work?
  8. Did anyone see Matthew Wolf last week, I can't remember what hole it was, but the tv camera caught him tamping down spike marks on the green when he had a foot putt. I know the rules now allow this, but it seemed to me that he was going overboard with this.......on his 2 foot putt he spent about 30 seconds really tamping down hard the whole area between the ball and the hole....to me this is an infraction of rule 13.
  9. Thanks for the opinion guys, My point is todays top players do not want to play tough courses, or courses that have deep rough, the players of today have too much influence on course setup. Note Tiger Woods, he will not play on courses that have deep rough, and Phil Mickelson has been on record saying he prefer courses that have little rough because he would rather make tons of birdies. I am of the opinion that the best players in the world should have tough setups, not a fan of winning scores of 25 under par.....also note that the americans did not do so hot at the Ryder cup where they had
  10. Seems like every week the winning score on tour is 25 under par, refreshing to see the Honda Classic is playing tough but why aren't the top players playing? It looks like we have 4 players out of the top 20 in the world are playing this tournament, todays top pros do not want to play tough courses, or courses with legitimate rough.
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