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  1. I went to Hot Stix and had a full bag custom fitting, shafts and everything. I found the Mizuno MP-20's went as far as the Ping i500's roughly and I did like hitting both. However, during the fitting I found that the Taylormade P-790's went about 10 yards further than both the Ping and Mizuno irons without losing any accuracy, so it was hard to deny the results. I ended up buying a set of Taylormade irons as a result.
  2. deenic

    Tournament Advice

    I came in 2nd! Still dealing with my hand and may need injections but I'm getting my game back!
  3. Just based on a quick look... You take the club inside to soon, meaning your hands are going back but your body is stagnant at the takeaway. Both should move together roughly until the club is parallel to the ground and then the hands should take the club up as you turn back. Once you are in the backswing, you actually shallow the club out vs having a more upright position for a descending blow. Your shoulders and arms tend to move first on the downswing and then your body tries to catch up leaving yourself open as you raise up through impact. This would lead to toe shots and thin shots. You should practice your takeaway to a parallel position but no further making sure your torso turns and loads onto your right side but maintain your head position as you do this. It is not a sway back but a rotation. Then as you raise the club make sure your arms lift as they turn back. This will help with a more descending blow but first and foremost as your hands begin to drop into the slot, your hips should have a lateral push to the left side. In fact, if you wonder what the magic move might be... Set the club at the top of the swing then without doing anything else with your hands or arms, the quickest way to get your club into the slot or into a lag position; is to shift your hips to the left with a slight rotation. Your hands will automatically fall into place. Just remember, you must release through the shot so your club head can square up through impact. Hope that helps...
  4. I tested some Mizuno MP's today, even with an injured hand and I have to say I liked them. Has anyone played the MP-20's or the HMB series? I currently play Ping i500's and really like them but I need a second set of clubs and thought Mizuno might be the way to go. Any thoughts?
  5. deenic


  6. deenic

    Tournament Advice

    I put Kinesiology Tape on my hand, wrapped it up in a snug right handed glove and worked on my grip and swing today for a couple of hours. Since the doctor said it wasn't broke, I figured a little pain for a lot of gain. Luckily I was able to grip the club to about 80% of normal but actually hit pretty well. It's still pretty sore but I've been icing it and taking ibuprofen. I'm not really the kind to give up, so tomorrow I hope I'm able to come back and post how I won by one shot in a playoff... Either way, I'm going to make her sweat and give her a good run at it. Wish me luck!
  7. So, in a three day Club Championship. After first round, I'm ahead by six strokes. Second round I'm holding off perfect play from the reigning champion at even for the tournament going into the 13th. I hit a shot into GUR in the desert, I drop and when I swing. I hit an embedded rock and injure my hand. Xrays are good, just a strain but it's hard to swing a club when you cant grip one properly. I still want to win this thing. So what advice would you give to comeback from seven strokes to win? Note: I'm a 4 handicap...with a good hand, lol
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