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  1. ninak


    I really like my Apex a lot but Epics feel even better. I just need to find time to get everything fitted, and pick up the shafts and grips that I want. People speak very highly of Mavrik, and I try to get to test those sooner than later....
  2. ninak


    I am a Callaway girl..... even though sometimes cheat with Titleist. But my go-to selection is Epic Flash driver 10.5 (adjusted at 9.5 deg), Apex Pro 19 irons (4-9; sometimes I carry #3 too). If I don't have 3-iron, usually have Big Bertha 3-hybrid (18 deg). Epic Flash 3-wood, 15 deg. Callaway Jaws MD5 wedges 48, 52 & 58. But I really, really like Titleist Vokeys too, and often carry their 50, 56 & 60 ❤️ And as far as the putter goes, most of the time I use Odyssey's Stroke Lab Black Ten, or Double Wide. I am thinking of retiring Apex irons sometime soon though, and getting Epic Forged....
  3. ninak


    Oops! That's not good at all. But I am glad to hear you are back on the bike again! I have broken quite a few bones with horses, knocking the wood - so far the bike accidents have been limited to some serious road rash, and a few stitches here and there. But BMX stuff is way beyond my skills, so I just stick with steep uphill climbs.....
  4. Hello from Tennessee! My name is Nina, have been playing golf since 2002, single-digit hcp at the moment. I used to play with a coach on weekly basis until late 2018 when I took a new position at work that has kept me flying around the world quite a bit (with and without the clubs), so for now I have been training a lot by myself. In addition to golf, I spend time with horses as well as I'm into triathlons and endurance mountain bike racing. Nice meeting y'all! Nina
  5. ninak


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