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  1. tour striker pro for me....really helps groove good contact and keeps you honest during practice sessions.
  2. I had the same problem. The video by Phil Mickelson changed my game..."Secrets of the Short Game" shows his technique for chipping/pitching and I incorporated them into my game. I cannot tell you how much difference it has made. Good luck to you.
  3. I am a firm believer that they are both great systems. I personally subscribe to the slicefixer technique but there is quite a bit of overlap to the two systems. All systems can be a path to great ball striking...ya just got to stick with it and get some help from a pro. S and T would probably be easier to do that with...good luck
  4. number of reasons you can pull but it is hard to see without a video....you are over the top to be sure but what is causing it is the question. Not shifting your weight to start the downsing....throwing your shoulder at the ball.....swinging with too much arm movement and not enough body....too flat of a swing etc. Definitely have a pro look at your swing and find out what it is that you are doing. Videoing yourself can really help you see it. In the interim try putting a glove in your left arm pit and keeping it there until well into your follow through. keep your spine angle and that ma
  5. don't doubt that you can do it.....but doing it in flip flops is incredible. I can knock it out there (but can't average it) but I have to really use a bunch of turf interaction with my cleats. impressive
  6. I rotate my left forearm a bit more going back and allow the arms to raise a little bit to steepen the plane. It is a feel thing for me and the difference is not that much from looking at my swing on video...couple of inches maybe. good luck
  7. interested to see the feedback you get. I have the same problem when I swing too flat....as a one plane type swinger I can really over cook a draw big time and get that 15 yards of draw with a pull. What happens to me is that when I get too flat and inside I tend to come over the top and pull draw it....at least that is the feel that I have. I concentrate on just a touch of lift as I turn and it goes away.
  8. you my friend are a putting machine
  9. Iacas or one of the pros on here can probably give you better advice. Personally, I think your backswing is where it is starting. Your right elbow seems to be really high and behind you and the club looks well above plane. This is causing you to lunge at the ball and lose connection with your left arm through impact and cast at transition. I know that doesnt seem like it would cause the movement of the left foot but the transition required to get that club back to square is making you overswing....just my opinion by the way good luck and hopefully one of the pros will be able to give you a
  10. I have played with high handicappers who can indeed smack it 300 yards......most of the time with out of balance lucky army swings with lots of roll. I have yet to play with one that demonstrates any measurable amount of consistency. 300 yards and in the next fairway is kind of bad. I can smack it 300 when I really step on it but I would have to accept that I would cut my fairways hit by about a third or more. I am happy with 275 or so but more often than not in the fairway. Most....and I would be willing to say 80% plus of golfers that I have been around think they hit it 45-50 yar
  11. assuming that you have a fundamentally sound swing......the biggest problem I see with guys I play with is that they think about way too much when they are playing. On the practice range you initially concentrate on what you are trying to work on and then get comfortable doing it. Sometimes this is 3 things at a time. If you do that when you are out on the course it will cause all kinds of problems...for most people. I had to make a conscious effort to think of only one thing when swinging on the course....for me that was tempo. I take practice swings until I feel the correct action and t
  12. shot 38 for nine today....struck the ball very well bet left a couple out there from bad course management decisions
  13. had the same problem and it kept me right around your same handicap for a while. What finally changed my chipping especially is using the turn of my hips to swing the club. I stay connected and use the same setup as you but start back letting my hips turn away with a hinge and hold as my lead hip rotates back....I had to get the feel of a more rounded chip keeping my head still. I think I got the information from a Utley article I read......made a huge difference for me as I used to hit all chips fat it seemed. Good luck to you.
  14. as a veteran of both types of swings......I feel that the one plane swing (mine for last year) is easier to repeat because it is not as reliant on timing FOR ME. I personally use the "slicefixer" one plane swing and can't say enough good things about it. I didnt notice a huge difference in distance but what I did notice is much more consistency and control in the flight of the ball. As a two plane swinger I had a pretty big bump and sling going on and when my timing was good I could really play well. When my timing was off I could hit bad shots all over the place. With a one plane swing/r
  15. shot a 77 at Anderson Creek....pretty solid round but my usual mental errors cost me. 70.5 and 130 slope
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