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  1. Suggestion, I will continue to play golf the way I enjoy playing it, with the shot shape (or lack thereof) that I have grown to enjoy and rely on. I don’t intend to be one of the greatest golfers of all time nor do I much care about how Mr. Johnson plays the game. I play against the course and I don’t harbor any opinion of how others choose to play against the common opponent each day. Cheers 🥃
  2. That’s why I said “try to hit it straight” and that for “me” it helps my miss. I have a rather straight ball flight and I use it. It works well for me. I fail to see why my using the shape I have is different than someone using the fade or draw shape that is natural to them. Good discussion points though. The way I play may not be glamorous but it works for me and I enjoy it.
  3. Maybe I’m old fashioned but I usually just try to hit it straight. I don’t worry too much about shaping it into a pin location etc. I can 2 putt from anywhere on the green for the most part. If I attempt straight, the miss is less for me. My strategy is to get to the green in regulation. The rest doesn’t matter to me.
  4. I second this. Start with lessons and a fitting. Of course sometimes new things will give us that itch to use them and get out more often. So there is that. But don’t buy what someone on a forum says is good. Get fitted. Try out equipment and get what feels good. My $0.02
  5. To me, sunglasses are just another piece of gear. Use and wear what you’re comfortable with and screw what the other guys at the course think of it.
  6. I was able to get my newly purchased Titleist carry bag out at Rustic Glen last week. It was a good walk of 9. Love the new bag as well. I went for no stand just the lightweight double strap bag.
  7. Denny, I think that course is in my Hometown. lol. Go Blue!
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