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  1. Thanks for the comments guys! I'm no photographer, but I'm glad those came out good.
  2. The more I think about it, the more I want to just leave them alone. I don't think it's worth my time to do that because the paint will just come right off again. Plus, the clubs have character now!
  3. Maybe they didn't like the way they tear up golf balls? I would just give the face a thorough look over and if it looks like the grooves in the sweetspot are very shallow, then you probably should get a new wedge.
  4. I had the flash off. Let me go try this macro thing and see if I can get something a little more clear.
  5. These were the best I could get:
  6. Dude...I don't see what you aren't understanding? I'm not going to ruin this thread by arguing with you, but if you re-read my first post, you will see that I said to hit it on the upswing. If you have an issue with me, send me a PM because this going back and forth is a waste of everyone's time.
  7. My 2 iron has no paint in the word at all so if you want, I can post up a picture to give you an idea of what it would look like.
  8. I might go the route of grabbing some blue touch up paint. It would be nice to get them refinished, but I like looking down and seeing a dime sized spot worn out on the sweet spot. Although those MP-33s look kind of cool though.
  9. Good evening everyone, the paint on the back of my Mizuno irons that fill in the word "Mizuno" is coming off on some parts. I'm just curious if there's a certain type of paint one could use to fill that in or not. Thanks for any suggestions!
  10. My family has been a member of Emerald Greens in Tampa (formerly Carrollwood Country Club) and I believe it's around $500 a month or so for a full membership.
  11. 12* is a bit on the low side. There are specs that tell you what your backspin, and launch angle should be with a clubhead speed of 90. I am not sure of the specs off the top of my head, but any place with a launch monitor should have them.
  12. That is exactly what I said originally actually. The degree of the head is only part of the equation. You need to factor in club speed and launch angle because the faster you swing, and the steeper the angle, the more backspin that you will put on the ball, thus hitting it higher. My suggestion would be to get fitted for a shaft that fits your swing speed. Remember, a driver should be hit on the upswing, not the down swing. You will most likely need to get something with a low kick point. I personally hit a 7.5* R5 Dual with a VistaPro 70 stiff shaft. You can't even find drivers the
  13. That's how it was for myself today in Tampa! The worst part is that the wind was swirling and it seemed like most of the day, the wind was hurting rather than helping.
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