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  1. [QUOTE=Three Putt;258522]Bo Knows.....if your not first, your last. eh? please explain what this means?
  2. who on earth is Ricky Bobby?
  3. I know this wont be an obvious selection as its now classed as entertainment rather than sport, but what about Hulk Hogan? He obviously wont eclipse Ali & Pele but he is certainly a world wide household name and without doubt one of the most recognised faces in the world. I would guarentee that if you put a picture of Hulk Hogan next to a vast majority of sports stars 99% of people will recognise Hogan before any of them. So my selctions for a poll are 1. Pele 2. Muhammed Ali 3. Tiger Woods 4. Hulk Hogan
  4. Its funny to see that only Americans think that Michael Jordan is one of the biggest most recognised faces in sports history. Im not denying his popularity. But if anyone is looking beyond Pele, Ali, Marradonna and Tiger Woods then people must be barmy!! Somone previously on this forum mentioned Babe Ruth!!! how laughable is that, the vast majority of people from over this side of the pond wouldnt be able to point him out of a list of pics of baseball players in ten years!!! Football (soccer to americans) was, is and will always be, king of sports i challenge anyone to find a sport more popular throughout the world and more played at any level. I often wonder why soccer has never taken off in America. Does anyone know why?
  5. i'm sure his 104,000 dollars just for turning up and going home would have easily covered his expenses, as thrash said anyone could all easily make it work.
  6. phew!!!! you have calmed my racing heart down now!!
  7. Are you being serious or having a joke regarding the expenses?
  8. what a complete arse!!! i hate him now as well. !!! fool !
  9. wow over 100,000 for just turning up!!!! what a job to have !!!
  10. Does anyone know of a good substitute for a driver? I never use my driver and always take my 3 wood but i would like to replace my driver with a different club to give me a touch more distance than my 3 wood. Any suggestions from anyone? Is there anything on the market?
  11. 1. Rory Sabbatini The guy has an ego as big as ya like and always seems to be kicking off about something. 2. Ben Crane How long to take a shot please!!!! theres taking ya time but it must take him 5 hours to do a round!! 3. Jim Furyk Although I do like the guy I just hate the way he spits all the time very disgusting. 4. Phil Mickelson He was once my favorite but after reading the 10 most hated athletes I just can't see him as anything but false at whatever he says or does..
  12. to be a pro do you need to have a + handicapp?
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