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  1. It finally arrived and it was worth the wait. I went yesterday to the range and started first using the pbs in the short game area for an hour or so. First I did some chip shots, then bunker and then pitch shots (up to 40 yds). It worked very well for short game, giving a good feel to the correlation of the right hand, the lag and the club face position. Then I went to the range and used the pbs first with the 7 iron, the feedback was great. In the good shots the device stayed in its position and when I rushed or got too handsy (and therefore losing the lag and making a bad shot) the device would not maintain its position. I used the pbs with every club, woods and driver also. I found it to be a great piece for training. I don´t know if the pbs caused this: my regular push draws became much more straight and my very often misses (overdraws and hooks) almost dissapeared during yesterday's practice, I was even able to make some nice cut shots, which is a difficult shot for me. PS: I use lamkin midsize grips and the pbs attaches perfectly.
  2. I have read this book as well as Utley's Art of Putting and Art of Short Game. This book is great and it complements the other first two books. I have been practicing the shots detailed in this book during the past week and my short game has become much better. The strategy chapter gives great information. The bunker play has always been my greatness weakness, but using Utley's technique I now not only get it out easily off the bunkers but also leave it close to get up an down quite often. When I enter the bunker and after seeing the shot I tilt the spine to the left (by letting the left hand reach the left knee, then I grip the club, leave my head in its place and execute the shot exposing the bounce of the club). Alos, there are many trouble shots described in the book that are very useful. I now have gained more shots which I am confident to execute. The technique for pitching in hardpan or bare lies works very well. If you want to improve your short game you will probably get very useful information from this book.
  3. I totally agree with Shortgamewiz about the similarities between Utley and Phil. Phil teaches a very similar method for the basic chip shot as in Utley's book. Phil doesn't mention the lower body pivot but he deffinetly pivots around his leading leg, where he maintains the most weight throughout the swing. Highly recomended to anyone who wishes to understand and improve in the short game. It would be great to have a DVD from Utley but Phil's DVD is a great material and it complements Utley's method.
  4. Looking forward to hearing comments on this book. Can someone say if this book is better than the S&T; dvd? I cannot find a golf pro teaching S&T; where I live and would like to give it a try. I've been reading in this forum some of the threads on the S&T; swing and am practicing the moves at the range. I'm having better results (same distance but much better flight control and better contact) than with the traditional weight shift swing (power pivot).
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