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  1. In my league because we have a variety of handicaps we do gross and net skins. This is the first time doing it so I'm asking the question if someone gets a gross skin and also a net skin on the same hole do you honor both.
  2. MRM

    League Issues with a +3

    I'll put it up to the league members because I usually do everything with a vote because it's their league. But I do like the idea of having both straight up and net skin pots. It makes good sense and it's satisfies both the low and the high handicaps. Thanks guys for all your input. MRM
  3. MRM

    League Issues with a +3

    Thanks for the ideas everyone. We've pushed around the net hdcp. Idea, especially since everyone has to pay in to be able to play league. It's not without it's merits. But it could discourage the lower handicaps. When you say flighted.. I forget who that was, I'm assuming it's tees based on handicap. That was also an idea. Other ideas; puting more weight on the proximities, adding a low net for each league night. E.g. lowest net score takes home a bigger pot than the other 4. We also pushed around the idea of putting him on the tips, but then again the 3s to 10s are still at the whites. Somehow I have to try to make it appealing to the masses.
  4. MRM

    League Issues with a +3

    Skins are straight up.. not handicaped. 3 proxies, and skins. Roughly 200 dollars a week up for grabs.
  5. Let me start out by describing our league. We have a 40 player, 2 player team league. All ages and handicaps.seniors can play from the gold tees. Everyone else from the whites. Pretty casual, general USGA rules, but we all know we're there for fun and just to enjoy the game. We require everyone to pay a set league fee that applies to skins, proximity prizes and payouts for 1st and 2nd place at the end of the year. The issue some members have is we have one player that is a +3 handicap and generally takes a good majority of the prize money every week. Once was a tour player and has no problem telling everyone that he's only on our league for the money. As the league president I feel it's my duty to try to address this but I don't know what is within my rights to try to make it fair. I don't want to loose members and I don't want to seem like I'm singling this guy out. Please, any ideas... Thanks, MRM
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