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  1. Just trying to make a point that the newest thing out isn’t necessarily the best. Potentially there is more to geometric symmetry and weighted technology to a good golf club. Certainly, if you’re still playing the same driver 15 years later, countless rounds later, out of choice, something to be said to that. Maybe I’d be playing a callaway epic flash 15 years later if I bought one now, maybe it would run its course. I don’t know.
  2. Sorry but can’t let the vintage guitars things pass. You would get slapped in the face for saying such things in any circle I’ve ever seen. The 59 Stratocaster and old les Paul’s are some of the closest things to holy grails we have on this planet which is why original ones go for well over $10,000. As far as FX modeling, that stuff is for bedroom use and it’s allowing people to get crazy good simulated tones similar to playing tiger woods pga Tour. Feeling the air from a cranked tube amp is part of what allows for the electric guitar to be played the way it was intended. Similar to how golf clubs are getting where it’s almost too easy and too forgiving so people don’t bond as much with the spirit of the thing which is for both guitar playing and golfing that it’s extremely difficult because it’s not supposed to be that easy to achieve tuning fork, tenderloin pureness. You can graduate to a kemper or something similar, but it’s just wrong to not learn how to respect the purity of a 65 blackface or a 59 les Paul. respect history bro
  3. My taylormade burner is unbelievable. Bought it when I was a sophomore in high school, maybe freshman, played 3 years of high school golf with it and a decade of a golf after till now. I just recently changed the grip for only the second time. Used to play one on there that looked like a dog chewed it up. For as long as I can remember that driver has been unbelievably good. I still hit it 300+ Regularly and I recently changed to a new m5 for a stint and came back to my original burner. I hit it so consistently good still. I’m saying best driver of all time. Also making the case for an old trusty club. I feel like golf clubs may turn into vintage guitars where there is an era where they get it right and then everything else is just trying to convince you it’s better. Not saying it’s past or even present, only considering it may start with my Burner. Think your driver is better?
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