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  1. I think some are misunderstanding what I'm asking. I understand you'd like to hit it "straight" and you do things with setup to produce a certain shot when you think you need to (although studies show you don't need to, go check out Decade and it'll open your eyes). I'm not asking you what you do to hit a fade on a hole or a draw on another. I'm asking what do you hit primarily and is that what came natural to you when you first started playing or did you do things to completely revert your natural tendencies. Take Zack Johnson for example. If today was the first day he ever swung a c
  2. Did you choose your ball flight or did it choose you? Do you believe you have a swing DNA that chose your ball flight for you? I'm in a bad spot now as my path is consistently between -1° & +1° with irons and 1° to 3° out to in with the driver, but the face is consistently shut to the path (6°-8° sometimes) so I'm hitting some really unplayable shots. I'm plus missing off the heel/neck a lot. A year ago I was 4° in to out and still was unable to play a push draw because of lack of face control. I ended up playing a variation of fades by the middle of the year with some good succ
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