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  1. yeah I would say he hit the jackpot! For anybody who hasn't seen the movie, you must watch either by yourself with one other person, and in the dark. Definitely increases the intensity!!!!
  2. No I am not referring to how that perfect 8 iron shot ended up in the drink!! I watched the movie Paranormal Activity this weekend, and it was alright. Definitely creepy though. Has anybody else seen this movie? Your thoughts?
  3. I just finished my application as well. I am not the golfer you are Ben, but who knows!!!
  4. I hit somebody while practicing wedge shots on the range. I was trying a high shot, ya know open face wide stance etc. Well the ball did go up....way up. It cleared the protective netting on the range and came down right on a guy's head that was on the practice green. I felt like an inch tall. He was ok, and of course I apologized. He ended up playing in the group ahead of me so I was sure not to do it again!!! Also, I felt so bad that at the turn they were done for the day and before i went to the 10th, I bought him lunch and apologized again.
  5. When I first started playing golf, I had some of these "blowouts" I even went as far as breaking a club over my knee as well, (it was a cheap club). Thankfully, I came to realize that this sort of reaction is not only an embarrassment to myself and playing partners, but severely affected my golf game. As we all know the mental game is a big part of playing well. I am glad to say that I take golf seriously enough to practice a lot and put expectations on myself, but no longer do I let my downfalls in the game bother me on the course or anywhere else.
  6. I don't like hitting off of the mats either, but where I live the only course within 40 miles has mats only. To make it worse the course only allows irons on the range. No drivers or woods of any kind. Probably why my long game is suffering!!!
  7. I usually don't care what others do with there round as long as it doesn't affect me. Mulligans IMHO, introduce some inaccuracy acutual ability. Again, if you are playing with me and decide to take a mulligan, as long as we are not holding up play, I have no problem with that. BUT, at the end of that round you need to acknowledge that your score is "fudged" a little, and don't start bragging!
  8. I recently bought the R7 460, due to a great price. I currently have the original R7 quad, which is 400 cc I believe. I have always said that if you hit it well don't change, but I will be honest I am curious to see if the 460 will improve my game off the tee.
  9. simply put. Break 80. and then do it consistently.
  10. I wont lie it does bother me when I play badly and my opponents just think I am a chump who has more time than skill. I will read the article and also look for the book. thanks.
  11. yes it is Apple Tree GC. I am originally from Yakima. Love the course, and I am lucky enough to have a family member who works in the financial side at Apple Tree so I get to play for free when I am in town.
  12. can somebody tell me why when I play a normal round of golf I shoot just fine, and when I play in a tournament I resemble someone who has just picked up the game? I see the looks from the other players, and I feel like a jackass. I know that I can play better than I am playing but I cannot for the life of me correct my mistakes. I have one more tournament round left and its a match play event. I need some help or I will be yet again embarassed, and get my ass handed to me again. Any advice or words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated, do you think its a mental thing?
  13. the contract that I am currently under allows me to get as much golf in a month that a $100 will cover, and it has to be on Sunday. Heres the catch I work nights and every other Saturday night I work until 8 a.m. Sunday morning. So If I can find some really good deals (walking of course!) and don't need much sleep, I might get in a couple rounds a month. I am thinking of renegotiating this soon so any body know a good lawyer?
  14. it may work but it all comes down to being an honest player. If he is doing this in tourneys than something should be done to stop this, but even if its only for his weekend round its not right. One of the main reasons I love this game is because of the "Gentleman's game" side of it. Anybody can cheat at golf (and probably get away with it) but a true golfer takes responsibility for penalties and plays through them. Like I said this may work but so does the trusty foot wedge from the rough, and thats cheating just the same.
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