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  1. Appreciate that input. Makes a lot of sense. sounds like your grand daughter is going to be a very good golfer :))
  2. HI, I was wondering if I should shorten the length of my daughter's Ladies Rogue Driver. And if it needs to be re weigh after shortening? I did ask the store. One person said I should shorten, another person said no. My daughter picked up golf 1 year ago and she is 5'3 (with shoes) wrist to floor 30.75 in. Her driver is 44.5 in (standard length). She is small and her swing power within the range of a ladies flex. Her driver distance is 150 to 180 yards. And she does slice the ball. The Ping chart says to -1 inch. Not sure if it only refers to irons or includes driver
  3. Hi All, I was wondering if it is a good idea to shorten the length of my daughter's Ladies Rogue Driver? and if I need to re weigh it again...I am not sure if this driver can be re weigh? My daughter picked up golf 1 year ago, her height is 5'3 (with shoes) and wrist to floor is 30.75. She is small and low swing power. Driver Distance is 140 yds to 180 yds. Not consistent. Quite a lot of slice I did ask the store and 1 person said not to shorten it, another person said to shorten it. I checked the Ping Height Chart and it said to shorten -1 inch. Pretty confusing for me.
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