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  1. Got a stretch of decent weather in Upstate last week, played three rounds. First round was an 81. Three putted on 18 to miss breaking 80 with 35 putts. Second round posted my lowest round ever with a 79. Chipped in on 16 to keep momentum going and give me a little leeway on the final two holes. I made par on 17 and doubled 18 with 32 putts total. Third and final round of the week I threw up a 94 with 35 putts, ballstriking was bad, and a couple OBs made the honeymoon of my two lowest rounds a very short one. Not sure what scores are more indicative of where my games at, but playing
  2. Shot an 85 the other day. Went out to a new course with a couple buddies, one picking the game up after 12 years off, and another just taking up the sport. Had an awesome time with the boys. Had a 47 front and 38 back. Three putted a par 5 I reached in two, a par never felt so disappointing, ended up with 38 putts. Really need to bring the number down.
  3. Shot a 92 today with 38 putts, 2OB, and 3 Water Hazards. Bummed my swing wasn't where I want it, or my putting. But also happy with how I grinded away and treated every hole individually, for the most part.
  4. Went to a little par 3 course with a couple of the boys from work. Longest hole I think was about 160. Shot pretty well, only brought the 54, the PW, and the 9 iron. Walked 36. First 18 shot a 68 second 18 shot a 64. Was cool to be out on the course not worrying about swing changes, or overthinking putts and instead just taking swings, and having fun outside. I'll try to bring that mentality to the regular rounds but I doubt I'll be able to haha.
  5. Been working on slow swings to get the feeling of the right elbow externally rotating more instead of internally rotating. Obviously its a new thought, and body motion, but I just don't see how you generate any speed or power when I do these movements thats how foreign they feel.
  6. Went to the same course as yesterday and shot an 88. Missed 11 par saves which obviously doesn't tell the whole story, about 4 of them were from duffed, or thinned iron shots leaving me a ways in so it wasn't a short game issue for some of them. The vast majority though were from chips, and short pitches just rolling forever. So many aspects of the game I need to work on. Went off the tee with the 3 wood again today and only a couple really got away from me, but stayed in played so I can't complain.
  7. Shot an 85 today, lowest score relative to par at +13. Played the whites with my buddy from high school, course was around 6300 yards. My driver is getting the adapter repaired so I used the 3 wood all round, and it was money for me. Kept the ball in play and only missed about 3 fairways and even they weren't laying bad. Its tough leaving the driver out of the bag when I go with my regular group as they're all single digits and play from the blues or the tips. Still can't swallow my pride and play up when they play back, even though I know I probabaly should. Golfs way more fun when you aren't
  8. Shot 89 today, pretty tough links style course. Driver betrayed me on a few holes, and I left my self shortsided on a bunch of holes which led to a few errant flop attempts. Either way its always a good day to break 90.
  9. Shot an even 90 today. Started playing from the blues on the front and fired a 46, and a single jumped in on the back 9 and he was playing the tips so my buddy and I moved back and played those, shot a 44. Driver really hindered me all day, but the irons saved my round slightly. Still cant get all three aspects working at the same time, but I'm happy with today.
  10. That means clubhead closer to my actual head at the top of backswing? Not trying to overstep my instructor but it's what he has me working on although on 9 to 3 swings right now and I for the life of me even swinging slowly cant seem to grasp the movement too well. Thank you, I'll give it a shot.
  11. Took some full swings today to send to my instructor. Still not getting the clubhead sliding down the wall slightly feeling. Anyone have any feels that work for them to get the club not so steep in the downswing. Gonna stick with the drill he gave me, but looking to see if anyone has had any luck with a certain move or feel to accomplish it. Thanks in advance.
  12. Been working on this all summer so far, still just short swings trying to feel the clubhead ride "the wall" behind me a little long than before. My scores have been going down slightly but it's mainly from the driver showing up more consistently than last year, and my short game coming around. My irons might be the worst it's ever been. Hoping to see some progress on those in the near future.
  13. I mean is there any way to know? As someone who knows very little about the golf swing in general is there certain things to look for or is it just a gut feeling kind of thing?
  14. Shot a 92 and it was a definite tale of two nines. Shot 54 on the front, couldnt stop topping the ball, it was an utter disaster. Then go and shoot 38 on the back with 2 bogeys. I dont get golf man, swing felt the same all day but shots looked completely different. Still trying to work on stuff my evolvr coach gave me to do, but man this stuff is hard.
  15. Yeah I think so as well, last night it told me I was trending to 16.1 which the averages equal out to, but today it was 16.8. Like i said not really a big deal because it's just for me to look at, but was just wondering if anyone had that happen before. Only matches I play that matter are some money matches with buddies.
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