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  1. Been to the range about 5 times, and have been working with foam balls in the garage, trying to hit a ball to the right of the alignment stick that's inline with my setup. Still having a pretty tough time doing it, but making some progress. Pretty much only working on a 9 to 3 swing so far. I do let myself take some full cuts with the big stick for about the last 7 to 10 balls though. I'll probabaly get back in touch with my evolvr coach in another couple week or so after really hammering down the drill he gave me.
  2. Easier read, than implemented. Really enjoyed the book, easy book to get through. Definitely have to reread some parts to start involving the ideas into my actual game, if that's at all possible.
  3. Working with shorter swings to get the feel of a flat left wrist. Tough trying to get everything to work together when you're only thinking about one thing to do.
  4. During a round of golf do I still keep working on my swing changes even if they're having an adverse effect on my scoring or do I need to stay off the course and hammer down the changes first? Seems like I'd never play golf if I implemented the latter.
  5. Shot a 104 yesterday, really tough links style course. Five putted the second hole and then fired a 10 on the 8th after that I was mentally checked out from the round. Drove the ball amazingly for the first 7 holes, then topped my drive on the 8th and couldnt find it again until about the 15th hole. Rough day, hopefully better ones are in store.
  6. Oh for sure, Rome wasnt built in a day.
  7. Couple more videos I sent to my Evolvr coach. He wants me to get a flatter left wrist at the top, more flexion in the left wrist on the downswing, and make the right hand a little stronger to go with the left hand he had me go a little stronger on. The stronger grip he wanted me to use was easier to implement than the other two changes he'd like to see. I've been trying to work them slowly, and havent been able to really do them with any speed. I'd be lying if I said I was 100 percent confident in all the changes, but I'm not the teaching pro, Gotta trust him and keep working at it... He said I'd probabaly have a lot of pulls and pull draws, which I have been, and well address those when I hammer the other stuff out.
  8. Pretty much have been just working on what my Evolvr coach told me to do at home. I'd say about 30 mins to an hour a day. Try to get out on the course a couple times a week, weather permitting. I think I've played about 8 rounds this year in Upstate New York which isn't too bad given the weather weve had so far.
  9. Sent another couple videos in. He wants to me have a little stronger grip in the right hand, and a flat left wrist at the top of the backswing. Said I probabaly might starting hitting some pulls, and pull draws, so I'll be working on that for the time being. I do have a question though, I've seen on this site that a stronger grip promotes a shallower swing, and more in to out path. I'm just wondering if anyone could tell me why?
  10. Shot a 92 today, once I stuffed the Driver into the bag and never brought it back out I started to shot significantly better. Only lasted 5 holes with the driver, once I hit one that literally plugged into the ground two inches in front of the tee I benched her for the day. Full swing needs some serious work.
  11. Seem to fall back into bad habits when it hit the course. Ball flight looks better after adjusting my grip the way my Evolvr coach told me too. Will give him an update in a few days, and see what he would like me to work on first.
  12. I had 38 putts just yesterday, I had 3 three putt holes. The 3 putts were Greens that I hit and was a good distance from the hole. I do need to improve my putting though because a lot of my putts were after chips and short pitches and were between 6 to 12 feet. The number itself doesnt tell the whole story but you'll know how you putted based on your round. I need to get closer to the pin on approach shots, and make the ones I'm supposed to make. My speed was good, but I'm not too good at green reading so very few of my putts actually had a chance to drop.
  13. Shot a 95 today which is about what I normally shoot. Honestly not too mad about the round, started with a quad, and a triple on the first two holes, and the 18th was an island green about 181 out so I dunked one there too. I hit 5 greens and only finished with two pars. My speed on my putts was good, but I cannot read a green to save my life ended up with 38 putts and 3 three putt holes.
  14. Just ordered myself a copy, cant wait to give it a read. Based on this thread there seems to be a lot of good info in it.
  15. So my hand closer to the clubface, and the shaft more in I guess I'd call it my pinky pocket?
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