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  1. I lived in Okinawa for 5 years....sweat just rolls off of you during the summer. Rain gloves.....like mentioned above. Regular gloves were worthless 6 months of the year. I'm one of "those" people who wear a glove on my right hand as well if it's below about 10-11C....I use a rain glove on that hand most of time...I find it a little bit warmer than a regular glove.
  2. Huh? I have at least 5 courses inside 10 miles.....pretty normal. Rain...it is what it is. Pubs? dying out.
  3. Yeah.....if I get sick, it will be from going to the store. The course had taken adequate steps to prevent infection....No way was I going into the clubhouse, and they had shut all but the toilets anyway. I can't even go to the practice field to hit balls....because...?? deadly squirrels?
  4. Had a workshop when I was living near Spokane. Had a couple of large canvas tarps in front of me to hit into. Terrible shots tend to go right......huge dent in a tall speaker (still worked), but ticked my wife off when I put a ball through a rather expensive cat travel box. Right through it and it just shattered the end of it. On the positive side of things.... I missed the other one. As a side note....my workshop was about 1000sf there....my whole detached house with garage here is about 950sf.
  5. OK....I used to be good at this. 9 years retired and now I have turned into an idiot. I've resized a dropbox picture to put on my profile.....how the heck do you get a URL from that pic? It's only on this computer I think.
  6. First post....getting pretty bored. American (Washington state) retired in the UK. Living in N England. Golf here is pretty decent as long as the weather isn't too bad. This last 6 months (Sept-mid March) was the worst I've seen in 19 years total in the UK. We've been dry the last month....but can't play. I used to live in S UK back in the 80's and the weather is better there and can play more at temps that are a few degrees warmer than in Yorkshire. I play if the course is open.....muddy....wet....frozen....whatever. If you do not like colder weather....probably won't like it here. If you lik
  7. Knaresborough


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