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  1. Try setting the ball a little more in the middle of your body. Keep your head steady until you get past your left foot. Modify your stance width based on the club, higher the club the less the width. Other than that you look very fluid. love that site
  2. I would measure the height of your tee and go down a little. A good way to do this is to measure the height of your clubface with your pinky then make sure you tee the ball only about 1/4" above the club face. Be careful, a mishit ball on the top of the club can crack it. I have seen it before.
  3. that is awesome, congrats!! I agree with the other comment that at least I know that winners are produced from those contests.
  4. I like to use MS Visio to draw basic lines, angles and shapes on a picture. You can get much more advanced with Adobe Illustrator but I think it is way more complex
  5. Likely you found a putter that fits your playing style better giving you more comfort and thus more confidence.
  6. Courses are offering mad discounts in the morning over in So Cal!
  7. Yeah and some places might charge you more if you did not buy it from them. Some shafts can run all the way up to $280 if you want to get spendy!
  8. I posted a couple of new videos on my site. All of them were taken at the Golfsmith event. I have about 6 more to put up. He is so concise about what he wants to inform you of and makes it sound so easy. I thought he was especially nice to take the questions and to answer them in such a pleasant manner. After the seminars he gave autographs and made sure to say hello to everyone who attended. Such a cool guy!
  9. I was there as well he was so nice. I took video of it and posted on my site. He seems like a genuinely nice guy and was very pleasant to speak with. You can find the first video I posted today about it at [url]www.thegolfstudent.com
  10. I think its about consistency and confidence in your game. As you gain more confidence you tend to hit more solid and with a greater degree of accuracy. As you progress, your handicap naturally reduces
  11. Someday I hope to get to be able to write a reply on here about my first. For now, it's the Odyssey Tour 9 for me...
  12. Sounds like fun but I'm in So Cal!
  13. I think anything on your face while swinging could pose to be a problem. Just another thing to worry about. Also could get suntan lines on your face if you care about that.
  14. Okay that is awesome! "Get in the hole!!!"
  15. Keep the backswing straight and follow through with the emblem of the glove pointing towards the target as long as possible.
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