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  1. If feel were real, I'd swing like Erik. But I don't. Even though I feel I do the same as he does. Heck, my practice swing feels the same as my shot but it looks drastically different. We're talking less than 5 seconds between two swings. Perception is not a constant. Remembering feelings and associating them with results is the only way to really make changes. Also, do something often enough and this will feel like the new "normal"; you might then need to feel the total opposite of what you were doing to obtain the same results. Feel ain't real.
  2. I can still hear James telling me to "wait for it" before swinging the heavy mop.
  3. Good god, stop talking, you're making a fool of yourself.
  4. I'm playing with two 1018 Scratch wedges, a 53º and a 58º both in "DD" which are the ones with the most bounce. Erik is right, they don't have enough :-) The grooves do wear awfully quick, and after 18 months they don't spin half as much as they used to. Compare that to a Vokey which will shred most balls even after the same amount of time. The reason why I bought those wedges was that the top line looks great to me and the darkish finish helps in the sun. They were awfully pricey though and now that Edel is making wedges, I wouldn't buy Scratch again unless the price of
  5. Dude, where ARE your armpits? Handle forward, uhm of the freaking ball?
  6. Patrick, if I say 2" is 5.08cm, does that help you picture it?
  7. 1) we all doubt it. 2) we never deviated from the topic, since it's all obviously a joke.
  8. Ah! So Patrick, you admit your studies and statistics have no scientific value whatsoever. Good, that's a start. Now, as the genius you are, I expect you also admit you pulled (pun intended) your statistics out of thin air (trying to stay polite) and that you don't know the difference between units of length and degrees.
  9. Aha! So that's where the razor blade comes into the picture! Of course! I'm going to shave 1mm "open" my custom fitted putter that goes straight because now Patrick57's posts make so much sense! Oh my! You've GOT to write a book, Patrick57! With pictures! And more scientific statistics!
  10. Don't you just love when people say they conducted a scientific experiment? (referring to our genius Patrick57 here)
  11. OK, uhm, eh, OK. Your pulling my leg with that reply, right? Also, I'm curious, why millimeters? Why not minutes of an arc? Or simply, God forbid, degrees? Also, you forgot to specify if your study was conducted during summer or winter? I have on good authority that people tend to push 75~83% of putts when the temperature drops below 12.8°C.
  12. Ok, that's some awesome awesome single person study you're publishing here. Thanks for that, I needed something to open my eyes this morning. Correct me if I'm wrong, but in the metric system world, millimeter is a unit of distance. So how am I supposed to open the club face 1mm? With a can opener? By the way, does your statistic mean that your putts go 20-10% to the right when your face is open -1mm?
  13. Beres is a product line made by Honma, the Japanese maker. Here they also have another line aimed at high handicapper (but still stupidly expensive) called "Athport". There is a Honma shop right in front of my office building and they -always- have special sales going on. I wonder why... The cheapest 6 clubs iron set starts at 120,000 yen and the ones with gold everywhere can fetch upwards of 600,000 yen. I haven't seen the recent prices for their drivers. Those clubs are usually popular with the wealthy senior golfers, as their custom shafts are erring on the soft side (in general, bu
  14. Seems to me that the OP assumes everyone has a backyard or a room big and ceiling high enough to do drills at home. I have neither. Perhaps that's an opportunity to develop a super-compact swing like this guy: The only thing I have room to practice inside my Tokyo apartment is my putting stroke!
  15. grip looks perfect. It was long overdue! Did you use the tyre drill to make him swing like that?
  16. To the OP: if your driver swing speed is around 90mph, then try the Bridgestone B330 RXS. They are designed for people like you and me who average less than 105mph off the tee. The B330 (and the corresponding S version) are for people who swing at speed over 105mph, and will feel hard(er) if you swing slower than that. The Sand Trap reviewed the balls recently ( see here for the B330 series and here for the e series). If you feel like trying a couple of different balls, I'd suggest first the Bridgestone e5 (which is, as far as I know, the only non-tour ball with a uret
  17. Thanks guys! Well, I didn't fly from Tokyo -just- for the fitting It was the icing on the cake, though! I just love the sound and feel of this putter. I putted for almost an hour on my carpet yesterday evening, making my girlfriend jealous in the process. (mission accomplished!!) While I like the Scotty sound/feel, compared to the Edel, my Scotty putters sound "clicky-er". The Edel head sounds more "full". (for lack of a better adjective) About the Pixls "insert": I've never been an "insert" guy, and initially I was really thinking of going without it, but I tri
  18. As Erik says, if the instructor/you know that (and how) the change(s) you are making will make your ball flight better, then, practicing inside where you cannot focus on how the ball reacts to each of your reps is actually better IMHO, but it requires a good amount of restrain and discipline on the student's part :-) I can vouch that on an open driving range, I actually start to get hung up on how my shots go rather than how I performed the drill/exercise. But when I just really "rate" myself on how I did the drill, (did I actually do what I was supposed to do? did I do it enough?, did
  19. During my week in PA at Golf Evolution academy , I was fitted for an Edel putter by Erik (iacas). It was the first time I was going through any type of club fitting. The process was fun, and very informative. After checking length, loft and lie angles, Erik had to determine my aim and which head type, hosel type, etc, made me the most accurate. Once this was found, he made me hit different variations of weights/counterweights to find which gave me the best distance control. We then ordered the putter to Edel. I just received it today, and it looks and feels awesome
  20. I can vouch for that! Erik's a fine go(lf) cart driver!
  21. Thanks guys! I don't regret a second of it. I can't say enough good things about these guys. Obviously you can't become a single digit hcp in one week, but I learnt how to practice, could see in my own swing what pieces I need to work on, and what each does to the shot. I believe the best instructors are the ones that listen and ask the most questions to the student, and find the words that will "talk to you" the most and make you do the right things repeatedly. They also gave me printouts of my improvements, it's the stuff I'll use at the range from now on until I get those pieces
  22. Where I live, we don't have the luxury of grass driving ranges, short game practice areas or real practice putting greens. Since I started golf almost exactly 2 years ago this month, I thought it was time to step up and dedicate a full week to golf. The obvious choice was to go and see the guys from Golf Evolution in Erie, PA. After the 16 hours trip from Tokyo to Erie, I went to check out the facility and meet with Erik who spent a lot of time on and off the facility, making sure I felt right at home. Everyone at the academy: Erik, Dave and James went out of their way to make my
  23. Nice find! Pretty sure they're related. Has anyone ever hit any of those? the sole alone makes it look unusable to me. I really wonder what in the world went through the head of the guy who thought it'd be cool to have that in his bag.
  24. OK, I've lived in Japan a third of my life now, and I've seen a lot of crazy stuff over the years... but this takes the cake! (pun intended): http://amzn.to/r1F6uy Introducing the Strawberry Wedge (for men, with steel shaft) Discuss :-P
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