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  1. As of this morning my index is 24.2 which is down more than 5 strokes from when I wrote this post. My good shots have increased substantially allowing me to break 100 for the first time. I have started employing flop shots in my game with some success and it is helping me get out of sticky situations. Still so much more work to do, but so far this has definitely been a successful season for me. I have started volunteering at the local driving range which is allowing me to practice for free with the aid of the top tracer software. This has been incredibly invaluable to my progressi
  2. Know comfortably what each of my clubs can hit. This starts and finishes at the range. I need to hit off grass and not turf. Increase good shot percentage (about 50% right now-I'd like so see closer to 75%). I want to make sure I am striking the ball well. This will also be done at the range. I plan to find out exactly where in my stance each club requires the ball to be. Learn new types of shots, this is also a range drill that can easily be used on the course. I have just started playing with flop shots (about 1/4 go really well), I'd also like to learn better punch shots when nee
  3. So with the new dates of the Master's Tournament now in November, I am curious, how many people that had tickets or seriously planned on attending in April will now no longer do so in November, whether it be for personal reasons, lost your job due to COVID and the Masters aren't cheap, its college Football season, etc.
  4. I am a relatively new golfer in the Augusta,GA area looking for friends to play with. I normally play Forest Hills (AKA the other house that Bobby built), Augusta Municipal, Pine Ridge Country Club, Mount Vintage, Bartram Trail, and Applewood. I work normal business hours (8-5 M-F) and normally play weekends or after work. My handicap is somewhere around +30 but don't let that fool you, I play relatively fast and can finish 18 on foot in 3 hours. Additionally, if you are going to be in the area for the Masters tournament in November or April, let me know and I can recommend some p
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