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  1. This is exactly what combination i was looking at doing, i might buy the 4/5 in 770 but just keep the 790 until i feel comfortable with the 770, Im absolutely getting fitted as well!
  2. Best part of my game is my iron play, up to 6 iron that is! I’m a above average hybrid and fairway wood player, short game and putting is getting better but short game and driver are probably my 2 that need the most work. My average swing speed is 113-116 with driver, but my driver is a 2 way miss
  3. I started really getting into golf about 1 1/2 years ago and was a 15 handicap. I currently still have the P790’s and always wonder why would I get anything different. They are long and forgiving. With the new TaylorMade P770’s I’m thinking about switching, my handicap now Is 6.7 . Would less forgiving irons help me? thanks guys , Jimmy
  4. Anyone know when they will be available for demo? My closest golf store isn’t open until 12. Thanks guys
  5. Never mind I bought the SIM Ti 14 degree and turned down to 12 degree and it’s a BEAST! Spins right at 3000 carrying 260-270
  6. 5th hole is 237 yard par 3. I hit my 3 hybrid to inside a foot . Picked up 5 skins and really made my day!
  7. When I go to Edwin Watts and hit my 3 wood off a mat and it usually carries between 240 to 250 yards. But on the golf course or the range my 3wood balloons so high and I lose a lot of yardage. What in my swing could cause this ? Am I hitting down to much? Thanks guys!
  8. Started this training about 5 weeks ago and when i started my average Driver swing speed was 110, now my average is 117, it has really helped me with not releasing the club to early and loosing all that speed
  9. I shot 76 sunday and thats my lowest score in 10 years, i really wanna break par this year!!!!!
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