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  1. Historicaerials.com is a great resource to see what a lot of golf courses used to look like. Obviously, you have better luck in more populated areas. I’ve always felt like Piqua Country Club has a good Ross feel to it. He really only did 9 holes, then Jack Kidwell did the other 9, then it had to be moved a little for the I-75 expansion. But, you can see the original layout on that website.
  2. I think this concept makes sense if you think of it like merging on the highway, when you go from 3 lanes to 2, or similar. If everyone could just zipper in at, say, 55 mph, you're still slowing down, but it's much better than when people try to slam into a spot where there isn't room, everyone slams on brakes, and we're at 15 mph.
  3. My issue with playing through on a par 5 is that the group who let you play through will then stand in the fairway with hands on hips for 300 yards so they can go for the green in 2. So the group behind them waits on the tee while they wait for you to finish so they can top their 3W from an unreachable distance.
  4. I always prefer playing through on par 3’s, and never on a par 5 or driveable par 4. I think the following works best: Group A hits tee shots to green. When Group B gets to the tee, let them hit tee shots. Both groups go to green, where Group B finishes and heads to the next tee, while Group A finishes.
  5. I’ve found that the best and most true Golden Age courses are the ones that just never had the money to be re-invented. I played 2 excellent DR courses last week, that I believe are pretty true to the original design. Both are in Philadelphia. The Union League at Torresdale and LuLu Country Club. Both also have greens that no architect would build today. I would love to see more courses like they used to be, but unfortunately, today’s green speeds require greens to be toned down.
  6. I absolutely cannot stand unsolicited advice on the golf course. I used to regularly play a weekly 9-hole scramble at my club. I'm usually the A player, and I try to be encouraging, which usually leads to people being comfortable enough to "help" me with my swing. On the 9th hole, we were trying to drive a par 4 hitting over trees. After saying I struggle hitting the ball high, my D player suggests I could hit it higher if I got a lower lofted driver! Haha, he was dead serious.
  7. @iacas, that was a very long refute when we are 99% agreeing. I'm merely say there are very rare situations where you really should move up a tee. Ballyhack, for me, from the Big Lick tees, was that situation. There was literally a hole where I had a 4-iron that should have been a 9-iron, but I couldn't get my drive to the downslope in the fairway. That's getting into minutia, though. Also, I once played with a father and son who were both bogey golfers, and let their egos talk them into playing the 7,000 yard tees on a course we'd never seen. It was a huge mistake.
  8. I have to say that I 100% agree that slow people will be slow no matter where they are playing. I have gotten a lot of people into playing golf, and they all say "You won't want to play with me, I'm no good." I always respond "I don't care how well you play, I care how quick you play." And I've never heard someone take the blame for being slow, everyone thinks they are quick.
  9. I think it is certainly possible to get a 10-shot difference in moving only 1 set of tees. I would think it is very rare, though, and varies based on each players and his/her strengths and weaknesses. If you are going from hitting mid irons and short irons to hybrids and mid irons, especially on a course with long greenside rough, it can happen. If you will pardon my own anecdotal evidence, there are a few courses that I have played where I can see this happening. Ballyhack, Moraine CC, The Golf Club. Ballyhack, for example, I played from the tips on a pretty windy day and it was my first time seeing the course. Same situation as playing PH #2, really. It is a bucket-list course, and I knew I likely wouldn't be back. The course was playing so long, I wasn't driving the ball in areas where I could get some roll on my tee shots. Anyway, not to derail the thread again, but I could see this kind of thing happening at #2. Never played it personally, but if you're approaching the greens with a long iron or hybrid, I doubt you would hold many, and they are notorious for being very difficult to chip and putt to save those shots. PS- You can say whatever you want, but if you don't think billchao and Erik were being dismissive and condescending, then you're just being disingenuous. I don't really care, either way, though. Everyone has a different experience, and we're all experts on the internet, right?
  10. There’s a hole at Moraine that may have a tougher tee shot that the one on that list. I think it’s the 4th hole, but it’s a par 5 where the fairway goes about 40 ft straight uphill and it’s about 275 yds from the tee to get to the top. So, the guys I played with said you have to lay up at the bottom of the hill, then hit up to the top.
  11. I’ve always found that telling someone to take their 5-iron carry distance and multiply by 36 and that’s a pretty good indicator of a distance you might enjoy. 175 x 36 = 6,300 yards Literally everyone here is assuming that their own personal experiences are the gospel truth. We should all know that, but no one believes it. But, since this is already a room full of experts, I’ll show myself to the door...
  12. I played 9 holes at Piqua Country Club today with a member. I know it’s private, but I think they sometimes have public tee times during the week. I don’t know how covid is affecting that, though, but it might be worth a call. Pretty nice shape right now
  13. Has every course in the area been swamped with golfers? I’m in Troy for the weekend to visit family.
  14. Bought and am reading Lowest Score Wins!
  15. The best way method I have found for determining what tee you should play is to take your 5i carry distance and multiply it by 36. If you hit your 5 iron 165 yards: 165 x 36 = 5,940 yards. Whenever I play a course using this method to pick the tees, I almost always use every club in my bag, rather than hitting wedge or hybrid into every par 3 and 4. Also, there is no mention of 'senior' or 'ladies' tees in the USGA rules or handicapping manual. Just play the tees that allow you to reach the par 4's and 3's in regulation. I also would say if you play a course and the hazards never come into play, you are playing too short or too long.
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