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  1. Thanks @boogielicious! I just finished watching the first video, the early backswing makes sense, going to take my time to go thru the videos you stated. I like the right palm facing down, I think that will actually help alot.
  2. A4 is top of backswing? Do you think keeping left arm straighter would fix that or do you think something is off with my shoulder turn?
  3. One thing I was working on yesterday was even if my right leg straightens at the top of the backswing, I am trying to keep my hips back instead of letting them come forward, does that make sense? Cant wait for ranged to open back up!
  4. I've been Playing Golf for: 10 years - haven't played much in the past 2 years. My current handicap index or average score is: Last round I shot was 81 My typical ball flight is: Pull The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Pull / Pull hook Hello all, here is my swing, I also put in some of my thought, there is a full slow motion swing right at the end if you want to skip to that. Any tips / swing thoughts are greatly appreciated.
  5. Yea, I noticed they are ALOT cheeped for 6-PW, I doubt he will be hitting a 3-5 iron well unite he can swing a bit better, so that's a great idea to save some $$$! I heard of Maltby, I was skeptical, but about 2 years about I was at a local Golfworks store and he was telling me something about these wedges are made the same a the SM5 (at the time) so was interested to try them but was skeptical. I might have to give that one a try, new wedge for $60 is hard to beat, especially since the comaprables of that price usually are not in good condition! How is the durability of them you find @Patch.
  6. Hey all, just wanted to share a review I did on the Nike Infinity Run as an everyday shoe / workout shoe! I also recently ordered the Golf version of these are super excited to try them out... although I'm highly skeptical these will make a good golf shoe, check them out what you think? I attached an image of the ones I ordered, but I plan on ding a review on them too! Hope I like them for a light golfing shoe that's super comfy!
  7. Haha yea, definitely Canadian sites, we don't get free shipping from US and our exchange rate aint the best right now. Thanks for help everyone, I'm leaning toward to Clevland wedges as the used ones I see on Golf Avenue are 40-50 for a wedge with grooves in good condition. I loved the SM5 when I had them, but price wise, for $50-60 the groves seems crap and always has marks on them. I'm going to check Global Golf!
  8. I’ve been self-assigned the task to build my brother in law a golf set for under $500. He originally wanted to buy a box set for $599 but I told him let me try to build him an actually decent starter set for him that he would actually be able to use for awhile. Nothing wrong with box sets, but he wants to take golf seriously (… and so do I, so I have someone to always play with), so I figured I could build him at least a starter bag for $500 (Canadian) that would last him a lot longer than the box set, especially when he gets decent. I’m also doing this out of being bored and want to help him get the best set possible for his money. My idea is to budget for: Putter $80 56* Wedge (That’s all I see him using for a while) - $50 Iron Set $250 Hybrid $40 Driver $80 Looking around for a 56* wedge for him, I know a lot of new golfers really don’t know the difference between wedges/bounce/grip, so I think 1 wedge will suffice for the time being. I am thinking a Clevland RTX-3 Tour 12 bounce. I am also debating between SM5, and Tour Milled. Clevland’s though seem like great value, especially sued, I can get some with great condition on the groves compared to an sm5 or the TaylorMade. What wedge would you guys suggest if you had to get someone new to golf a single wedge or should I try to budget for a second wedge? I am also assuming I can grab an iron set with a Pitching Wedge in it! Anyways, any input would be great!
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