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  1. stitch

    Carry or Push?

    I think it's mostly just not wanting to admit to myself, or my dad, that he could have been right. Plus there's some fun in playing devil's advocate. And there's a piece of me that says the last 3 times I used push carts I played horribly. Definitely not superstitious or anything 😅
  2. stitch

    Carry or Push?

    It was an *attempt* at a joke about pushing an actual golf cart around a course as a "push cart" but clearly not my best work haha. I don't doubt the studies you've seen. And I'm comfortable with my opinion being factually incorrect. My opinion has exactly zero basis in objectivity or science and is 100% subjective and I think at this point I have to swear off push carts forever because I've dug my heels in too far.
  3. stitch

    Carry or Push?

    Just to clarify, when you say push cart, you are referring to a normal golf cart in neutral, right?
  4. stitch

    Carry or Push?

    That's fair. I suppose in my mind pushing the cart up a hill overshadows the ease of the rest of the course with a push cart
  5. stitch

    Carry or Push?

    I'm ok with being in the wrong here, this is a hill I'm willing to die on. I always hated pushing sleds in workouts and pushing a push cart up a hill gives me flashbacks to pushing sleds.
  6. stitch

    Carry or Push?

    There was a VERY old thread about this, but I figured I would start a new one with a poll. I've had this debate with my father a few times recently about whether it is easier to carry your bag, or use a push cart (pull cart). We have been playing quite a bit of golf together lately and when we walk, I always carry and he always uses a push cart. I argue that (assuming you use a stand bag and not a cart or tour bag) carrying is easier because pushing the cart up a hill is exponentially worse than walking up the hill with your bag on your back. Thoughts?
  7. How are these? I hope I'm not uploading too many, just trying to show as many looks as possible. (Above Video) this is my normal swing, the result was a push-fade that ended up well left of my target line. This has become my normal miss (as opposed to the overhook I used to hit prior to swing changes made in the winter) (Above Video) The only thing I'm trying to feel differently here is trying to take the club away on the inside. To me, it feels like I'm almost going to hit myself in the foot with the club it's so inside, although its pretty clear that's not actually the case. I don't miss left as often when my takeaway is inside like this, but I don't know if that is just a bandaid for other swing issues or if it's a move I should actually focus on making normal. (Above video) pretty good driver here. Maybe a slight push but ball flight was pretty much dead straight. (Above video) and just for fun, here's a little 4 iron stinger I've been working on. This swing was MONEY. Ball got maybe 15 feet off the ground and carried about 215.
  8. Just placed my order. Got sidetracked last night. Would love any swing thoughts you have to offer as well. Thanks!
  9. I was clicking around here last night and stumbled upon LSW but didn't buy it. I guess now's as good a time as any to go ahead and pull the trigger.
  10. That makes sense. I hadn't really dug into the actual numbers but have recently started tracking some stats during my rounds (FIR, GIR, putts, and shots from 100 yards and in excluding putts, basic I know but its something) and was basing that 100 yard number off of that. What would be a more realistic figure for up and downs? Just the general "greenside shots"? Or is there an actual number that I should be looking to get up and down more than half the time from?
  11. - Dozen Pro V1X - play number 47 - Titleist Perma-Soft glove (waiting on my 6-pack of Players gloves to come in) - 2-pack of alignment sticks. Finally broke down and bought them after always using a club in the past - Black Nike React Vapor 2 golf shoes. I needed a pair of black golf shoes with spikes and these are awesome. So awesome that I'm really tempted to buy the white version as well
  12. 1. Average putts per round under 30: To do this, continued emphasis on not missing putts inside of 5 feet and distance control on longer putts to avoid 3 putts 2. Average up and down from inside 100 yards over 50%: Wedges, wedges, wedges. Continuing to develop distance and spin control, especially with chips and pitches. 3. Average OB/LB's per round less than 1: This largely will come down to developing a consistent miss, particularly with driver. More time at the range should help me accomplish this.
  13. Thanks for the tip! I just ordered a tripod for my iPhone so I should be able to get some better videos uploaded soon, trying to balance the phone on the bag was getting old.
  14. stitch


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