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  1. Is there a platform like an Indeed or LinkedIn to apply for these type jobs or do I have to directly contact them to see if they need anyone? I tried looking for them on Google and couldn't find any of them that fit this description and is also located close to where I live.
  2. Hi everyone, I want to know what kinds of part-time jobs are offered seasonally that closely relate to golf. I'd like to know how much experience is generally needed. I've never worked in a paid job before so I wonder how detrimental lack of connections is for working. I'd also like to know what I would exactly be doing there as well.
  3. You can think that I'm an entitled college student all you want, but no. I'm not saying that I want free golf. I believe that more public courses should have college rates. I believe that if you want to play golf as a college student you have to pay the price to get on the course. I hope I've made my position clear to you. 🙂
  4. Would you reconsider that thought if they've fulfilled at least 2 of the 3 that you've mentioned? I've honestly never thought that even the slightest amount of music can be problematic for others. The restaurants are all closed down during COVID so it makes sense for the golf courses to not be flexible during this time. Thank you for the thoughtful response nonetheless. I'd also like to mention, unimportantly, that there are a handful, besides the golf courses funded by the university, that offer student rates. Including the only one throughout the county. Hard to believe, but they are a
  5. Give me a rough estimate of how many videos you get per month and how many people are currently in your program. I've never taken lessons from a PGA pro before so this will be my very first if I sign up. Should I expect every practice session, after I get feedback from one of the pros, to have incremental improvement? You'd never know if you get a lesson and after, for example, two weeks I'm not seeing that improvement I wanted. How often should I send the videos per week?
  6. If I have more questions regarding things that are outside my swing, is it best to post them on TST or Evolvr? I want to make sure that I go to the appropriate site for help just like the difference between going to a doctor and a hospital. For example: I want to know the difference between a flop shot and a pitch shot but going online there isn't one agreed definition. If I decide to cancel and I change my mind a few months later, do I have to follow the payment method again ($59 for first month and $49 for the month after that)?
  7. I practice but don't play on the course. But I'd love to play the 18-hole locations. I also have a Excel sheet that keeps track of all the rates available from every public golf course in my county. The average cost is around $30-$40 on a Weekday (excluding Friday) Afternoon. Thank you for the explanation. I've already established a club at my university for that specific purpose. There are multiple challenges to being a new club including fundraising, recruiting, reputation, etc. COVID certainly hurt a lot of people. I'd say that if the club shows up with good numbers regularly,
  8. golfindude1


  9. I don't claim to be an expert in the golf industry and stuff like that. This is just a perspective that I've developed, did a little bit of research, using intuition, and came to a conclusion. I also wanted to find a place where I could talk about it (besides the real world of course) and gain some insight into strengthening the perspective. Right off the bat, at no point am I advocating for rates based on personal background (involving race, gender, ethnicity, etc.). I believe in making the game of golf more inclusive and accessible than the previous years. The First Tee of Silicon Valle
  10. Good evening everyone, Overall, I think it's fair to say that COVID isn't the right time to discuss for any discounts due to the golf courses getting packed every single day. I think it would best to attempt proposing it when COVID is completely over. I want to get to all of your comments and have been following this thread closely, but I'll respond to the first parts of this thread. No I haven't and I don't plan to because my major doesn't necessarily require it. There's only one golf course in my county that offers the student rate: Santa Teresa Golf Club offers a $19 st
  11. This is just from my perspective as a college student. The fact that most public golf courses don't offer college rates is baffling to me. I've proposed this to the head pro of the municipal golf course and found his reasoning for not offering it to be flawed. In part of his reasoning of why he doesn't want to extend the rate to Afternoon and Evening Times, he said along the lines of: "Why would we want to cater to you guys? Our course is open to anyone, and they're welcome to use it at anytime". But this is only true if you can afford it. The authors from "Sociology of North America
  12. What's the minimum camera quality will you guys consider watching? The rear camera for my phone is 2MP and the front camera is 0.3 MP. I only have one camera and a tripod, so I can't record the side and behind at the same time. Is that OK?
  13. Has there been studies, surveys, data, etc. about this? I'm really curious because I can't imagine literally every golfer going on to play 9 more holes after playing their first 9 holes. I tried to find it using my university library's OneSearch tool, but I couldn't find any.
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