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  1. What's the minimum camera quality will you guys consider watching? The rear camera for my phone is 2MP and the front camera is 0.3 MP. I only have one camera and a tripod, so I can't record the side and behind at the same time. Is that OK?
  2. Has there been studies, surveys, data, etc. about this? I'm really curious because I can't imagine literally every golfer going on to play 9 more holes after playing their first 9 holes. I tried to find it using my university library's OneSearch tool, but I couldn't find any.
  3. @iacas Over the past few weeks, I was working on these three videos below because I was struggling to hit them with consistent distances and also because I keep hitting the shots at various directions. With these vids I've learned, I was able to hit my irons at the distances I want them to be at most of the time through shifting my weight more (Still need to work on consistent contact, but you get the point). For the driver, woods, and hybrids I know that I have to strike the ball at a more shallow angle, but for all irons and wedges it's best to hit with a steeper angle. I use the same backswing for all my clubs, although I'm more convinced that I need make them shallower.
  4. All these 5SK Videos are shots with irons/wedges, how can I practice them using my Drivers, 3 Woods, and Hybrids?
  5. What if you're dealing with an uneven lie or if the ball is mostly buried?
  6. A little update, I noticed that my left arm on the sideview shots are bent when it got to A4. How much of a big deal is it if the left arm is bent? What should I do to fix the bent arm when I get to A4. Also, I do feel like I should shorten my backswing more.
  7. Hey TST, Here's my 2nd "Swing Filming Session". The purpose is all in the description for you guys to read. Additionally, my focus isn't on the impact or swing path when working on this new swing. Once I've accomplished my goal, I'm looking for something else to work on. If there are any problems with the swing I've presented and if you have a drill I can work on, that would be wonderful! 🙂
  8. I've read this article before and had decided to make my grip more firm next time I'm swinging the club. The reason I ask is if the level of tightness influences how much twist one will apply to the clubface. Through the past few rounds the direction of where I hit the ball is inconsistent. Well, I guess, it must me something that's not grip then. Thank you for clearing things up though.
  9. What I mean by "paying attention to the littlest of details" comes from the "5 S's of Great Practice" article. Based of of that, I wanted to focus on shortening my swing and making sure that reaching the A4 doesn't look whippy. To aid that new swing, I came up with a technique to ensure that I get a feel of the A3 which is the perfect time for me to cup my wrists to the maximum ability. So far, I feel like I've done a good job. I'm just looking for new things to work on once I'm confident in my new swing.
  10. This is a quick question for the "Ball Flight Laws" article: https://thesandtrap.com/b/playing_tips/ball_flight_laws It's a question of whether or not I should pay more attention to the tightness of my golf grip in the future because golf is a sport that requires attention to the littlest of details.
  11. Thank you @mvmac for the useful information. Should the tempo for the "chitching" stroke also be the same as your putting stroke?
  12. Most likely it's Google Chrome that's the problem. I'm using TST on Firefox and the embedding works here.
  13. I followed the directions, but no matter how much I try, the video wouldn't embed. It could be on your end, on Google Chrome, or on the computer. I'm also a user of the MWCBoard (Under a different user name) which also uses Invision Community and had no problems embedding videos there.
  14. Hey y'all , I've decided to film my side swing. This video has 3 slow-mo shots. I'm using only a 7-iron here. The problem I've had with my swing is not being able to generate distance. For 7-iron it's basically around 130-140 but I want to get to around 150-160 range. I know that hitting the club as hard as I can won't work and I know you can generate distance even if you have a short swing. I'm abstaining from watching YouTube Golf Tutorials because YouTube doesn't seem to hold golf content creators to a higher standard. Sorry for the crappy quality and the background noise. I hope this is enough for you guys to work with. @iacas. I understand you're busy, but I would love for you to analyze my swing if you have the time. P.S. I personally found your putting pendulum drill, putting with sticks and beeps, and the article about having zero acceleration at impact to be very useful in making good, consistent strokes.
  15. Do you have other advice on getting more distance out of my clubs at this angle? I want to hit the Driver 220-230 (10-20 more yards than now) consistently, but have struggled consistently and have absolutely no idea what I have to do.
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