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  1. Anyone have thoughts reviews on these? Also, any way to get them with S300's? Thanks.
  2. Ok thank you for that useful bit of information. I wouldn't trust the opinion of a 13 handicap playing project x 6.0's anyway... That's what I have now. Played a round with the Project X's and found that they didn't go as far as my s300's. Thanks.
  3. I've heard the Project X's are more accurate but don't go as far as the S300's? Anyone else experience this?
  4. Actually if you read the thread you will see why I asked the question. Why bother posting if you have nothing useful to say? Go work on your game.
  5. The MP 14 and 29's were both blades and I believe they were released at the same time. The 29's were the harder ones to hit and meant only for guy's like Tiger (aka no one). Actually I think he played a mixed set of the 14's and 29's as an high schooler. I've thought about straying from Mizuno but I'm was very happy with them over the last 6 years. Any similar suggestions?
  6. Is that only true these days? Cuz I'm pretty sure the MP-14 and MP-29's were the hardest to hit irons ever made by mizuno...
  7. Like I said my last irons were the mp-30's, about 6 six years ago. I haven't played a lot in the last 2 or 3 years and haven't kept up with technology. I figured there were plenty of golf nuts (I figured 28 handicapers wouldnt know much about the mp line) who could better inform me on my upcoming iron selection. Basically, I want to know the best player irons from mizuno that are NOT blades. I like blades but I'm don't play everyday like i use too.
  8. I'm about a 3 handi. right now...just got on this forum and didnt change any stats. I have the mp 30 and love them. They are 6 years old though and the grooves are done. Looking for this generation mp 30 from mizuno. Sounds like the 62's are it. Thanks.
  9. MP-52, MP-58, MP-62? Of these three, which is meant for the better player? Which is the hardest to hit / meant for a scratch golfer? Thanks.
  10. I majored in Engineering / Physics so here is my two cents: Think about it this way: If you programmed a robot to swing a 10 lb driver, then put a 100 lb driver in its hand, guess how far the ball would go? (Maybe to the Red Tees) If you gave the same robot a 3 lb club, guess how far the ball would go? ( You could play from the tips!) Moral of the story: Heavy does not equal far
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