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  1. It's funny how we think differently now. Never would I have thought I'd consider not picking up tees or other players lost balls for reasons other than preference of brand, lol. I bring a hand sanitizer bottle with me every time. It is what it is, I guess.
  2. Correct, I should have specified. You can bring your own, but you can not rent one.
  3. I'm not saying he is the next David Baltimore, and I was being quite liberal with the term scientist, bordering on sarcasm. (ie he's the "golfing scientist") But this does bring up the point, not that I intended it, that we do actually define scientist maybe more broadly than perceived. #1 "a person who is studying or has expert knowledge of one or more of the natural or physical sciences." #2 "A scientist is someone who conducts scientific research to advance knowledge in an area of interest." "a person learned in science and especially natural science : a scientific investigator"- webster He is "learned", he has studied, he does greatly advanced knowledge in his area, and to do that he does continual scientific research. He is someone intensely devoted to studying his form of science, who obtained a degree in physics, and now works closely with great minds. It would actually prove to be harder to argue against the definitions that he isn't a scientist over is.
  4. Sharing/Touching I suppose. Half the courses around here say no pull carts and the other half are a "if you don't tell I won't." Nothing around here is too consistent, though. I see 70-80% of the courses around here leaving the sticks in, which people would touch more frequently.
  5. Kind of had to get creative these past couple months. But I've been still able to enjoy the game throughout, just differently. That's all that matters.
  6. Upstate, New York here and about 40 rounds in this year. A few, perhaps, may have been "illegal". 🤫 No carts available that I know of and most courses aren't allowing pullcarts. I find it interesting how different courses are using/not using the flagsticks. Some courses leave it in, others have a cover in the hole. One course here even took the sticks out and placed inflatable footballs in the holes. Definitely made a couple extra putts with those in. 😜
  7. T Watched an old Miami Vice Episode where an ex-cop goes nuts and ends up calling his computer Lorraine, lol. Instantly reminded me of that. Put Lucy away and leave her alone!
  8. My 2020 goals are tough because I'm not sure what's going to happen with the local tournaments and qualifiers this year. I had a good, rough plan but now it's a bit up in the air. For me, I've been fortunate to have a strong mental game and I try like heck. I'll jump out the car 30-40 times a year and play around scratch. I can't keep getting away with that and to get to the levels I want I need to devote way more time. I live in a cold area and am heading out for my 40th round of the year, spanning from March till now. This is all I want to focus on. Play more, practice more, and be more devoted. Find ways to get better each day. Found a course nearby with that good ol championship course deep rough just off the greens, which is a shot I don't have down. Looking to get out and make that shot my @$@$@. 😊
  9. He's now jumped up to #1 in Driving Distance averaging just over 321. He's certainly bulked up, but I hope that's not the main draw people take away. There is a lot that goes into training the body for golf. For every pound of muscle you add you have to work equally hard to prevent injury from the added weight and keep up your pliability/suppleness. Bryson is a scientist who leaves no stone unturned. Having looked into what he's doing, he is doing a ton for injury prevention. I'm hoping to see if he can take a unique path in that he adds distance and power, while not getting injured too bad on the way. He will need to defy the players of the recent past, namely Tiger, Jason, and Rory. We'll have to check back in a few years on this.
  10. Definitely will be creeping this forum for a while, as I'm looking to pickup the game of disc golf. Cheap, outdoors, and social distance complying. 🤣🤣 I wonder how many people will pick this game up during the pandemic. I live in Rochester, New York and we actually seem to have a few nice courses around here, including Basil which is a very tight course 2-3 minutes from my home.
  11. As a +1.0 handicap player who has had to fight shanks with pitches and wedges periodically, for me it broke down to two possibilities. The first is leaning into the ball, where if I placed a towel or foam roller under me and hit balls, I would engrain a swing where I would stop leaning into the ball. It doesn't seem like this is the case for you. The second thing with me is that my hands would get real fast. For me, it seemed to be more of a problem with the downswing, where I would throw my hands down at the ball. Conditions where this was exacerbated: wet/long grass here I'd have to create speed, and post-shank shots where I'd flinch just a tiny degree due to obvious concern for a poor result. I have messed with the backswing before, taking a more relaxed, rhythmatic takeaway. I found mixed results with this as it helped a little but I then lacked a real rythmatic, aggressive downswing. One last thing to try is to finish more left through the ball. Taking a more square-in to in pitch swing limits the ability for the club to get out away from your buddy and bring the hell into play. Good luck, bud. We all go through it. Stick it out.
  12. Chances are OP that it's a combination of this and mental. Par 3's are sometimes a situation where players feel extra pressure to "strike" the ball hard to the target. This causes a change in their levels and timing. The fact that you have a good track on your performance on these shots probably plays a part in it. We all have quirky areas we of our games we have to work through. Take one extra club and focus on center contact only. You can try the ol Harvey Penick clip the tee drill, or a couple of Johnny Millers "brush brush" drill where he brushes the grass just after where the ball would be while doing a practice swing. Good luck!
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