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  1. Golf Grouch

    What sunscreen do you use?

    Blue Lizard is the best!
  2. Golf Grouch

    2017 Solheim Cup Official Discussion Thread

    Has anyone else noticed that sometimes when the TrackMan data is displayed that the carry distance is omitted? Isn't that the most important metric? What would be the reason?
  3. Golf Grouch

    Win a New Cart from Sun Mountain!

    The water bottle holder works well and is detachable. It's made of plastic that's designed to be somewhat expandable around the circumference. It holds an aluminum can and my 16 oz. Nalgene bottle securely. If you want to hold much larger bottles, Sun Mountain sells a larger model. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  4. Golf Grouch

    Win a New Cart from Sun Mountain!

    I just want to report that I received my Speed Cart GT directly from Sun Mountain very shortly after winning. I've walked several rounds with it and it's indeed a significant upgrade over my older Speed Cart V1. Most notable improvements are the quick-release E-Z latch system, improved wheel lock system, and lighter weight from the hassle-free solid tires. Here's a tweet of it: Thanks again to Erik, the Sand Trap, and Sun Mountain for the epic contest!
  5. Golf Grouch

    2017 Snell PGA Championship Prediction Contest

    I play the Snell My Tour Ball because of the premium quality at a low price! 1) Henrik Stenson -12 2) Marc Leishman -12 3) Russell Knox -12
  6. Golf Grouch

    What's the Hottest You'd Walk 18?

    That is truly an amazing account! It's crazy that PGA Tour players would have to wear pants under those conditions!
  7. Golf Grouch

    What's the Hottest You'd Walk 18?

    Now that we're in the middle of summer, I thought it'd be interesting to ask what's the highest temperature / humidity that you'd walk a full 18 holes. Here in LA with the low humidity, the hottest temp I would walk would be 80. Higher than that and I would shell out the dough for a cart. How about you?
  8. Golf Grouch

    ball position

    As far as ball position goes, I recommend the Hogan constant ball position relative to the lead foot. Google it to find the self-explanatory image.
  9. Golf Grouch

    Close to giving up the game!

    I would recommend that you don't focus on your score and find enjoyment in the game in other ways. For example, it can often be more fun to practice at the range than play the actual game. Plus, you may save some money!
  10. Golf Grouch

    2017 Snell PGA Championship Prediction Contest

    I play the Snell My Tour Ball because of the premium quality at a low price! 1) Rory McIlroy -11 2) J.B. Holmes -11 3 ) James Hahn -11
  11. I find offset to be the least desirable design aspect of irons. Any recommendations for cavity-back irons with the least amount of offset? Thanks!
  12. Golf Grouch

    Across The Line at the Top Can Be OK!

    What lack of understanding do you think Chris Ryan demonstrates in his video?
  13. Golf Grouch

    What keeps you from playing more golf?

    There should be an option for "Health related" because I think that is a big reason especially for the older members. Nagging injuries including lower back pain, tennis elbow and general body soreness keep me from playing more golf.
  14. This video demonstrates why it can be OK to be across the line at the top of the backswing: Any thoughts?
  15. Golf Grouch

    Notah Begay: Your Thoughts?

    Now that Notah Begay is a veteran on-course reporter, I was wondering what fellow members think about his performance. With the recent hiring of Jim 'Bones' Mackay to the team, is Begay's job in jeopardy at all?

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