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  1. It’s like that on 3 of the 7 irons, I bet if I tried selling them irons like that they wouldn’t be classed as a 7 though lol!
  2. So I want to buy these clubs from golfbidder. They claim the club head condition is 7/10. Lol. Is there a way I can tidy this up?
  3. Oh I see, you’ve all made very valid points. I was just curious about how feasible or possible it could/would be. Imagine a re-released version of these though 😍 perhaps a 30th anniversary edition, forged with traditional/more modern lofts.
  4. Hi guys, I know nothing about bending clubs etc, but if I were to get my hands on a set of the old karsten ping eye 2’s could they be bent to match modern lofts?
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