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  1. StuM

    My Swing (StuM)

    Thanks to @boogielicious & @iacas. This helps a lot. I'll work on it.
  2. StuM

    My Swing (StuM)

    I’ll try going higher but I am not sure what you mean by “ less deep”.
  3. Day 5 Worked on the COVID Trail Elbow Drill. Posted a video to My Swing because I am not sure I am doing it as well as I need to. Comments welcome.
  4. StuM

    My Swing (StuM)

    I am working on the Day 3 COVID Drills and curious if I am getting it correct. I also notice I am dipping as I do my turn, any suggestions? FYI, raining outside today so tried indoors, no broken lights or dented walls so I guess it worked.
  5. Welcome back to golf and to TST. I think you indicated you are in Michigan. Make sure you join "Michigan Golf" under Clubs.
  6. Are you referring to Rackham Golf Course next to the Detroit Zoo? I think Rogell is in the 7 Mile & Lasher area. I believe both are Donald Ross. I've played Rackham and it is a decent course. Have never played Rogell.
  7. Day #4 Did COVID day 1-4 drills. OK, did just a little more than 5 minute, closer to 35 minutes
  8. We love the par 3 course. It is just pure fun😃
  9. My travels were to driving to Northern Michigan. Garland (Lewiston, MI) in July was originally planed for May but was pushed back. Nice thing was they let us keep the “Early Bird” rate. This was shen I got my 1st Ace 😃. Then went to Treetops (Gaylord, MI) in September. Both trips involved masks & social distancing but were good, enjoyable trips. The breakfast buffets were cancelled but not a big deal.
  10. Day 1 - A new start - with a plan Based on My Swing (StuM) I am going to work on the COVID Drills day 1-5 and Day 21. Today I did the Day 1 & 2 Drills.
  11. Yes, "COVID Fatigue" is an issue but I also feel the problem is when they go overboard with restrictions then people revolt at even the reasonable restrictions. It is a little like a child, a few reasonable rules and the child is fine but but an over abundance of rules then some kids may rebel. In Michigan, they initially closed the courses but some private courses "Rebelled" at the start of the lock-down and said the members can walk the grounds and if they want to carry a golf bag with them it was their choice so then you had un-supervised groups with no precautions. Then they opened the courses but said "Walking Only" which impacted some players who could safely ride as a single, so then people claimed to be "Handicapped" to be allowed a cart. Unreasonable/excessive rules provoke breaking the rules. Yes, we are all tired of this mess and I fully agree we need to be vigilant, but we also need to be reasonable and closing a course is not reasonable to me.
  12. StuM

    My Swing (StuM)

    Thanks for the input @boogielicious. I've seen, but not in detail, the COVID drills, I'll take a closer look at them. You also mentioned the "Towel Drill", is this what you are referring to? It was posted by @mvmac a few years back on TST.
  13. StuM

    Would You Rather…?

    I have been Mr. Erratic for too long and it sucks when that crap round comes out, knowing you could shoot so much better. I’ll take Mr Consistent. I would still have the hope of getting a great round.
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