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  1. I would love to get one of the new 4.0 models but can't find any at any retailer or on-line except eBay which is selling for ridiculous prices. ClicgearUSA says they are getting shipments weekly but sending to "Retailers & Pro Shops" and have none available on line. If anybody sees any available I would appreciate a heads up.
  2. I'm not meaning to be stuffy and not sure how I can relate my rationale but I feel that dressing appropriately in golf attire shows respect for the game and for others that play the game. Kind of like I would not wear jeans to a wedding. It does not need to be expensive clothing.
  3. I agree with the need for forward tee boxes but I am not in market for a private club so problem is "Running Into" people at the public course is very hit or miss.
  4. I've not read the 70+ pages of prior posts so I apologize if this is redundant in any way. My personal preference is that a reasonable dress code is good. It does not need to be all decked out but my fear is as things get relaxed it may eventually go too far and I really do not feel I want to see ripped jeans, etc. on the course and thus prefer to have some limits placed. Golf has traditionally been a game of honor and I just feel that getting too casual is wrong. I do not think a reasonable dress code will deter people form playing. The difficulty is how to define "Reasonable".
  5. No, tag on the device on your belt, not the "App". The original "Classic" did not have Bluetooth and was just the GPS unit that clipped on your belt. It would not sync to a phone and there was no need to sync the course prior to the round. Just turn it on and golf, touching each club to the device on your belt before each shot. It matches the GPS location with a course when uploaded through a PC. There is zero on course information provided, it just captures the data for later.
  6. My bad, I did not get that from any source, just gave them (Broadcasters) the benefit of the doubt that maybe they have studied viewers and maybe there are some people that need the talk to make it interesting to them since they are trying to attract & keep viewers many of whom may not be avid golfers.
  7. I have not problem with that, All of my drives are 275+ yards, even though the PC says otherwise once I upload the round later in the day. I just do not understand how it gets so many of my drives wrong, and always on the "Short" side.
  8. I disagree, I was in a bunker this weekend and my ball was in the bottom of a footprint @ 4 inches below the level of the sand. And "YES", I improved my lie by lifting the ball and using my foot to smooth out the surface. Call me a cheater if you like but if the bunker had been raked I would not have been in a footprint.
  9. I'm with you. Also, I am a little obsolete and still use the "Classic". Just tag on the course and upload to PC when I get home. As long as the servers are up I never have a problem. I've tried their app on the course but find the more I need to do, other than swing the club, the worse I play. I like with the Classic that I just tag and move on.
  10. Re: Commercials, need to pay the bills. Also, with only 4 players to watch needed to fill time between shots. Re: Pointless Celebrities, I can't find much to disagree with on this one. Maybe trying to capture interest of viewers that are not 100% into golf and need the side show? Not that I dislike Bill Murray, but they over-expose him at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am so maybe they felt then needed to do it again. Also, not to get political but did not need to get political and have the Trump interview. Would have been better to have a few other tour-pros giving comments. Re: Announcers talking....They always talk too much but as with the pointless celebs, some viewers like that. The key needs to be balance.Insert other media Re: Boring Interviews...Good interviews may help but the interviewee needs to have interesting responses also. Most post-round interviews are weak.
  11. I'm a little curious about some of the restrictions when the tour resumes. I understand the "No Fans" thing but do not understand why not bunker rakes? Could they not easily post a single person on each hole to rake as necessary? That would be 18 people and could easily stay 6+ feet away from each other.
  12. I agree some"Precautions' have goon too far. The Rake being one. It is out in the elements and I would not worry about them. Also, when Michigan initially opened courses it was walking only. I saw no reason why they could not have done the Single Rider from the start. As for whether or not the COVID situation is good or bad for golf we may not know for a couple of years. The positives and negatives will change over time and which will hold is anybody's guess.
  13. If following the rules in Michigan, unless married/same house there is one walker and one rider for every twosome thus the "Rider" is held back a little by the "Walker" in his/her own group which helps limit them catching up on the group in front. Basically, no group is faster than their slowest player.
  14. Our league is down this year, at least for now. We do a split season and some of the older players have opted to skip the 1st half. Partly due to walking and partly due to being "High Risk". I think we lost 2 players for economic reasons.
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