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  1. A course near me closed a few years back. One day I wanted to get in a quick 9 after work but it had rained so I called and inquired if they were open and was told “absolutely, We are open”. When I showed up the fairways were under water! The guy at the counter said “we do not care, if you want to play we are open”. they also jammed 27 holes in a small space and you needed to wear a hard hat.
  2. Well, I guess without my game golf I will no longer be told how long I really drive the ball. From now on I am driving it 275 yards! 😜
  3. I am eagerly awaiting my April 16th appointment for my 2nd shot. Trying hard to not slip up in the home stretch. Last weekend my wife canceled her RSVP for our nieces wedding shower when we learned they were expecting between 40-50 people. I dropped off the gift and was confident she made the correct choice, the room was set up for shoulder-to-shoulder seating. I understand the desire to return to normal, but the numbers speak for themselves....over 8,000 new cases in 1 day. Chart/Story from @Braivo says it all.
  4. Sorry, did not realize that would be against the rules.
  5. First, I am not a lawyer, just stating my understanding(s). I disagree with the lack of alcohol/drug testing as being needed in this case. I can't speak for the UK but in the US they need "Probable Cause" to conduct a sobriety test or check for drug/alcohol impairment. The officers on the scene stated form the beginning they saw no evidence of impairment which is why the tests were not done. That is the law here and I do not see this as him getting preferential treatment.
  6. You could start a thread and solicit our ideas on functionality and features.
  7. I think so, watching this thread to see if that gets resolved.
  8. I tried uploading today's round (Tue. 4-6-21) from my Game Golf Classic (Oldest version) and it stopped @ 3/4 into the "Build". I let it sit for a few hours and now it says there are no rounds on the device and it did not upload to my dashboard. I was expecting as much. If anyone else has luck please post. FYI, they emailed me yesterday that they are still supporting LIVE and Pro and I saw a used "Live" version on ebay for $80. Thinking about it.
  9. Please post if it works next time you try. I may try it for today’s round but have no hopes.
  10. When was your last upload? This week?
  11. For me I saw so many reviews on the quality & longevity of the Clicgear carts. I chose that, knowing the higher cost, because I plan on using it for a very long time and longevity was important to me. maybe less expensive might last as long but I will never know and thus will not regret it.
  12. A few years back I had pain in my right forearm. Best I could figure was that I was hitting the mat well behind the ball causing excessive impact that transferred through the club to my forearm. Once I managed to stop doing that the pain eventually went away (it did take quite a while) Maybe the big berthas are promoting a better swing and thus eliminate the “shockwave” that is causing the issue.
  13. I have to agree. Now I have to figure out what option to replace with. There seems to be many options. Is there a thread that compares the different ones?
  14. Yes, I was on the oldest version "Classic" that only uploads through a computer. I guess I can't complain too much, I have been using it since Spring 2015 so got 6 full season out of it. I now need to decide if I stay with Game Golf and upgrade to "Pro" or go to another brand. My concern with the "Live" version is if they stopped supporting Classic now, how long until "Live" is dropped? I am concerned about "Pro" since I've seen many negative reviews.
  15. i got an email back from Game Golf today. Unfortunately for me they are no longer supporting "Game Golf Classic". If any of you are using Live or Pro you should be supported and if not working email them at Support@gamegolf.com I guess it is time for me to upgrade or change altogether.
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