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  1. What you are shown wearing if very appropriate.
  2. I voted that it should be illegal. It seems more like a training aid to me, helping learn to line up a putt and hit on the line, and training aids are illegal in rounds. That may not be the proper interpretation of the rules related to ball markers but it is my view.
  3. It is unfortunate that what should be a simple courtesy resulted in a fight. I guess you could have just played through while they fought with each other.
  4. Yup, just like passing a car on the highway, they keep moving and simply need to get out of the fast lane to allow you to pass. No need for them to stop and wait for you.
  5. I agree this is best when needing to beat the sunset
  6. I like the idea....just imagine, playing in my league and I can "Shock" the player ahead of me just as he is gong for that birdie putt so I can protect my chance at a skin on that hole.....OK, I guess I should not do that.
  7. I agree this works but the problem is it punishes the faster players by taking away a hole they have a right to play. A golfer should not have to "Forfeit" a hole because of a slower group in front of them.
  8. I agree on not trusting GameGolf Pro. They need to do some work to get rid of the bad reputation.
  9. I think the group ahead of Group A was also two. FYI, we teed off @ 4:45 in the afternoon which I think iis why so many smaller groups on the course.
  10. I would like thoughts on proper way to let a group "Play Through". This weekend my wife & I were out for a round and a group ahead of us was slow and allowed another group to play through, but then it just seemed to bottle neck after that and I became curious if the real problem was the way in which the slow-group had the group behind play through. Let me describe the scenario. I will call my group "Group C". Group B was directly ahead of us and Group A was directly ahead of Group B. All groups were Two-player groups.. When we (Group C) got to the 3rd tee (A Par 4 hole) Group B was in the fairway waiting for Group A to exit the green. Our wait on the tee seemed a little long but not so bad as to complain. Once Group B played their approach shots we teed off and moved forward to our balls and saw Group A standing next to the #4 tee box (a par 5) and did not see anyone ahead of them. After Group B exited the green on hole #3 we played up to the green and noticed Group A still standing at the #4 tee box. As we exited the 3rd Green and drove towards #4 tee we noticed Group A waiting at #4 tee and Group B was in the fairway. Group A allowed Group B to play through. We then found ourselves on the tee box with Group A. Before Group A was able to play their 2nd shot the group behind us joined us on the tee box at #4. Now the course was becoming bottle-necked. My question is, Should Group A have played their tee shot before letting Group B play through? It seemed to me that by them waiting to tee off the actually caused more congestion then was fixed by allowing Group B to play through. On the #6 Hole we suggested joining up with Group A to make it a foursome but they declined. On #7 tee the group behind us joined us to become a foursome which did help create a more steady pace. Were we wrong in asking to join up with the group ahead since we were at every tee box with them anyway? I look forward to thoughts on this.
  11. I just got an email fro GameGolf! On June 14th I sent an email to GameGolf telling them I was "Interested" in buying their product but was concerned about support and asked them to contact me if they were still in business. Today, June 24th I got a reply from them. The email the reply came from was not the email I initially used but somehow it must have gotten to them. I will post the text of their email below. The email address they replied from was: support@gameyourgame.com. Text of email form GameGolf: Hi Sturat, Smart Caddie is back. Despite the issues we've achieved the industry leading shot detection standard by a distance. I would highly recommend Pro in not having to remember to tag. New Pro units will be available in a month. I would recommend giving Smart Caddie AI at least 3 rounds for it to dial in your yardages. Rest assured we're coming out on top with the W. Pro picks up more shots by a comfortable distance. The level of complexity under the hood is why it took this long. Kind regards, Mike End of email from GameGolf I am not ready to recommend them, but maybe they are getting back to work and maybe GameGolf is on "Life Support" instead of being dead. I am curious if anyone else has received anything from them recently?
  12. I would love to get one of the new 4.0 models but can't find any at any retailer or on-line except eBay which is selling for ridiculous prices. ClicgearUSA says they are getting shipments weekly but sending to "Retailers & Pro Shops" and have none available on line. If anybody sees any available I would appreciate a heads up.
  13. I'm not meaning to be stuffy and not sure how I can relate my rationale but I feel that dressing appropriately in golf attire shows respect for the game and for others that play the game. Kind of like I would not wear jeans to a wedding. It does not need to be expensive clothing.
  14. I agree with the need for forward tee boxes but I am not in market for a private club so problem is "Running Into" people at the public course is very hit or miss.
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