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  1. 2021 Golf Goals: 1) Overall lower scoring (duh). Overall scoring in 2020 ranged from a low of 93 to a high of 110 (only 1 score over 105) with an average of 102. I want to break 90 (shoot 89 or lower) and limit my worst round to 104. I want the average to be 99 or lower. I'm not certain how that translate so my H.I. In 2020 my H.I. ranged from 24.7 to 26.3 and ended the year at 24.8 and would expect those to be a little lower if my overall scoring drops (unless I play only the real easy courses). 2) Improve fairways hit with my driver. Per GameGolf in 2020 I hit the fairway @ 33
  2. Can anybody find a video of the 9th hole where Ryan Palmer kicked the divot? I can find many articles that indicate he was absolved if the violation but would like to see it for myself. Here is link to story, but no video. Ryan Palmer absolved of potential Rules violation, shares 54-hole lead at ToC Ryan Palmer is tied atop the leaderboard after 54 holes but not without a rules controversy.
  3. This was an odd thanksgiving. Dad in Assisted living with no visitors allowed, sister a nurse working with COVID patients and felt she is too much risk to visit and brother has COVID now so only my wife & I for dinner, we cooked enough for the whole family anyway, just do not know any other way.....But still thankful for much including our health, texts from friends, our jobs, and much else. HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all!
  4. I'm not sure that was the point he was trying to make. I think he is saying instead of joining clubs or getting part time jobs related to a hobby he would prefer to get a job where he can get experience in his career field.
  5. Not sure it is a new trend, this thread started comments in 2009. sometimes I do have music but mostly I do not. It depends on who I am golfing with. I use a blue tooth speaker but keep the volume low so I do not disturb others. Usually I will only hear it when very near the cart, not 10 yards away. I figure if the people on the other holes want music they can bring their own.
  6. I score a little lower but do not “Play Better”. I still hit bad shots, miss putts, etc.
  7. I am a little confused, you say costs are up from last year, then say some teed needed more work but that does not change total. If the maintenance crew is paid hourly then more work = higher cost. You also said some work was denied (“told no to many things”) and the cost still went up. just because the additional revenue was not spent on maintenance does not mean more maintenance was not required. I have never worked at a course and will not claim expertise but I am not convinced that cost is not impacted by rounds played. I retract my deferral.
  8. I am not involved in course management so will defer to you.
  9. That may be true, but there are discounts. A few weeks back I golfed a course for $20 per person (18 holes w/ cart) with because of Groupon. Every year I get multiple discounts through GroupGolfer. As @iacas said there are incremental costs. We understand it does not cost twice as much to maintain the course just because there were 200 rounds compared to 100 rounds, but the cost does go up. Also, it is not just 1 divot by 1 player. The OP suggested offering the College discount would encourage many more to play, not just a single golfer.
  10. As many said above, life is not fair BUT there are many options as mentioned in multiple posts above ranging from twilight golf to work at a course. Also do not forget to be on the lookout for discounts. I do not want to advertise on TST but you can look at GroupGolfer.com and Groupon for many special offers. True, they are available to all but they will help defray the cost. You may not be able to play the elite courses on the cheap but you can play. You also need to consider the economics or running a course. The more rounds played the more maintenance is required. If they discount
  11. I take it serious. By that I mean I focus on my shots, play when ready and adhere to the rules but none of that prevents it from being fun. I enjoy the challenge but do not get ticked off when I stink. It is not a job, it needs to be fun. I have seen some who, after a bad round, are so pissed they cannot stay around to have a beer with the guys. I do not want to be “That Guy”.
  12. I certainly hope he did. I use hand sanitizer before I remove my mask because I do not want to risk putting any potential virus near my eyes/nose/mouth
  13. FYI, I had a math error in the initial post. Math s/b 90 could become ill while onlyl 5 did thus effective in 85. 85/90 = 94.44%
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