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  1. I've been contemplating how I would handle this. I would hate to recount 17 of 18 holes per round. I think next time he were to say "That's a 5" when I know it is 7 or 8 I would just say "B---S---, you're missing a few strokes". And if he tries to brag after the round "Quit trying to blow smoke up my a--, we all know know you do not count all of your shots, drops & foot wedges like we do. You're not fooling anyone but yourself." Basically, just be rudely blunt to him that he is not fooling anyone.
  2. I am choosing to wear a mask in certain situations, primarily where there are many people I do not know. My wife has health issues and even though vaccinated we want to avoid the slim chance of getting it. This primarily means I wear it in grocery stores, etc. I'm not overly concerned about sitting at a table in a restaurant since other tables are typically far enough away to be of minor concern and a single waiter/waitress does not worry me. I'm also required to wear it when walking through my father's Assistant Living facility but can remove it once I am in his apartment (But at least I
  3. If may be me but I can’t always recall exactly where I putted from to edit it with a lot of precision. I will know if putting from off the green or approximately spot of a tap in but to know if the GPS is off 2’ on a putt is not all that easy to spot while reviewing. also, say you hole out a long putt, then where you place the pin in editing may impact the putt distance and you just can’t place the pin with precision. Maybe within a foot or so but then if GPS was off 2’ on the initial location you are now off 3’ which is a 15% error on a 20’ putt or 30% on a 10 footer. the 2n
  4. The problem is the distances are not all that accurate. Per link below, not sure of date so may be a little outdated, average smartphone is accurate to @ 16 feet. My experience is GG does not appear that far off but it could easily be off by a few feet making most putt distance less meaningful. Being off a few feet on a 250 yard is not as big a deal as being off 2 feet on a 10 foot putt. GPS.gov: GPS Accuracy Information about GPS accuracy Also, the GPS on GG Classic takes a little time to lock in. If you have a tap in it may not lock in until you have walke
  5. I voted to allow it to continue. Personally I do not like how it looks but last I checked Golf is not a beauty contest. Also, for those saying to limit the length or loft nothing in the rules dictate which club or loft to use for a particular shot, if I want to use my 48” driver to hit a putt I should be allowed to.
  6. I think that is a common issue with GPS. I'm not sure about GGP but I believe GPS in general is only accurate within a few feet either direction. Combine that with the fact that it only knows where your last putt originated form it can only approximate where the pin is. I think they use something like 2 feet from last putt but I may be wrong there. I've never worried about the putting distances, just the number of putts. I've also seen issues with "Tap-in". Basically I tap in, pickup and move away so quickly that the GPS does not always "Lock-In" near the ball, it registers closer
  7. Now that the US Open is over, One question for the “Stat Masters”, which stat was actually )or appears to be) the most significant for Rahn’s win?
  8. I am just glad the misinformation in the internet did not exist to stop people getting the Small Pox vaccine decades ago. High vaccination rates basically made Small Pox extinct.
  9. I think this applies to more then just the driver. A couple years back one of the better players on my league told me to stop always playing the safe shot. I had always believed "1 Bad shot does not need to lead to 2 bad shots" and would almost always take the easiest way out of trouble back into the fairway, even if that meant hitting the ball side-ways and not advancing at all. Truth was, I was so afraid to risk a 2nd bad shot I was lever taking a chance. Understand, I am not talking about "trying to hit a draw around a tree then through a needle and over a bunker type risk" but if there
  10. No problem, thx for letting me know.
  11. OK, maybe reading too much into this BUT, the commentator appears to react before Bryson jumps behind then, and they also have a 2nd camera view of Bryson? Seems just a little suspicious. Still, I LOVE IT!
  12. Draft Kings is so nice, They are offering me $0.012 for each dollar to exit my bet. Only a 98.8% loss if I cashed out. Should I double down? 😜
  13. He is just setting the stage to complain if he gets caught up in a crowd rushing up the fairway like at the PGA.
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