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  1. It his is all of the information that I have. I have emailed the rep asking for more specific information but I have had zero response. I was hoping someone had this system in use and/or knew of a system similar to it. RP1200.pdf
  2. I own a great driving range where only 15% of my daily patrons are active golfers. The other 85% are just out to hit some balls and get outside and blah blah. My revenue stream from this is fantastic and I hate shutting down the driving range to mow the grass but it has to be done to the dislike of members and to the public. I found Echo’s announcement of a range picker/mower that will pick balls and cut the grass at the same time and it is ROBOTIC. Which would be great because it will cut and pick 24/7. I’m trying to price this system and I’m not having much luck. Does anyone have an
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