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  1. Update: I spent a long time at the golf shop yesterday and hit a nice variety of clubs. I ended up getting the Callaway Steelhead XR Combo Hybrids/Iron Set (4H, 5H, 6i-PW) with Project X Graphite shafts, on sale $599. I was hitting them pretty consistently and price was nice. I also tried some 5-woods, but was not having much luck with them. In fact, I was consistently hitting the 5 Hybrid 200 yards on the Trackman, it was very forgiving. I had not planned on getting a driver now, but after trying Mavrik (was hitting well), M6 (not consistent), I liked the 12* Callaway Epic Flash, which is also on sale for $350. I'm going to head back today and try the driver again. Also, I need to look at wedges.
  2. @cooke119 & @Sandhills Golfe - thanks for the feedback on the HB hybrids! Also good to know on the 12* driver. @DrvFrShow - good to know those options on the Cobras! I had hoped to get to golf shop over the weekend to get some hands-on viewing of options, but that didn't happen. Hopefully this week, or next weekend at the latest!
  3. @DrvFrShow - thanks, I appreciate your reply. We are joining a golf club, so play/practice/lessons are all 'mandatory' so to speak as we want to get the most out of the membership. Over the years, I've had periods where I took lessons but I was never able to play/practice consistently afterwards, or eventually work/life intervened. Our driving range is closed for practice currently also. Good information on the Cobra F9s. Our stores are open, so I will take a look when I am able to head over there. @uitar9 - congratulations on getting to the 18 HCP, I would be very happy with that level! Also, I appreciate hearing about your experience with the fitting.
  4. @Piz - that's what I feel like. They all seem about the same in reading the reviews, which is why it's so confusing. I'm thinking any set that's 6-W, 4H, 5H will be fine. I hit the 5i ok (that's a relative statement 🙂 ), but feel like the 5H will be more forgiving. @Vinsk - thanks, I wasn't sure on the fitting, but it seems to be the "go to" advise on most forums. I'm 5'9' and from what I remember tend to have higher than average club speed, but I think that's more related to poor form than anything else.
  5. Thanks for those replies. @billchao - yes, lessons are on the docket, also. I've had them before, a big part of the issue is not enough playing. @JGus - thanks, budget isn't a huge issue, but I would like to balance cost/benefit. For example, I'm happy getting a 2019 model if there isn't a significant reason to go to 2020.
  6. Hi - new member here. I'm a long-time hacker, generally averaging around 110, but I have not played in a while and I've never played regularly. But I'm looking to start up again and hopefully get out more regularly. My current setup is 20+ years old (Big Bertha X-12), so I am looking to get something more current. Upon perusing the interweb, I see about a dozen or more iron/hybrid sets listed as "game-improvement" or "Super game-improvement". I understand clubs won't fix a problem, but also understand a more forgiving club won't hurt. On the forum, I see most members recommend getting a fitting, which I am happy to do. My goal is to try to have the best information before I go in. So, the question is what sets people might recommend if I am trying to narrow the list. For example, even just for Calloway, I see BigBertha, Steelhead XR, Mavrik MAX, and EpicForged all on lists for high-handicappers. Similarly, I see multiple Ping, TaylorMade, and Mizuno sets. Then there's a question on full hybrid sets like the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo's - are these viewed negatively (not exactly sure how to phrase that)? Thanks in advance, I appreciate any help getting active again!
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