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  1. I was handed down a cobra driver. King cobra 460 sz titanium. Looking to know how old it is.
  2. Just recieved my gapr 3 hi. And a pinemeadow 52 wedge. I got my irons complete as well. Next is to work on my driver.
  3. These are my 2 through 9 irons. I'm sure some of the older folks seen these around and have the progressive offset.
  4. Hello I am looking for some feedback on the TM Gapr hi. Was at the range today and hitting my new to me TM m6 6iron and had a better experience. Getting back into golf Was walking around speaking the the pro and he mentioned the gapr hi Seen many videos with the gapr hi3 being used but not the 4. And feedback is appreciated
  5. I bought my 8 yr old a callaway divot Tool . He is so excited to add to the bag Bought myself a spring loaded divot and ball marker.
  6. I bought my 8 yr old a callaway divot Tool . He is so excited to add to the bag
  7. I will do , I actually just watched the first day between reading your reply and responding.
  8. Thank you denny. I'm doing the searching on topic before I post a new so it's now doubled .
  9. Golden bear 460 driver Precision 2 thru 9 irons 3w 5w pro pride Golden bear putter. TM M6 #6#7
  10. Hello everyone, I'm new to this site and returning to golf after many years. My 8 yr old has gained interest in golf and I was excited to hear and got myself back. I have a older handed down set. Precision irons and golden bear putter and driver.
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