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  1. ellamia

    Wrist Hinge

    I feel like the wrist hinge is the most important variable in creating clubspeed. I am mainly concerned with how fast the clubhead is going around the hands, not necessarily around my body. so if I can push off my front foot (reaction torque) then I can accelerate the clubhead and think about hitting the ball; and my body is just along for the ride. Make sense to anyone. Anyone agree?
  2. The kinematic sequence is the tried and true accepted way to swing a golf club. It produces the most clubhead speed, granted, but with it comes a lot of chaos in what you might expect from one swing to another. I propose that there is another way, nearly as efficient at creating power, but without all the variables and changes in variables that create unpredictable results. I think the clubhead speed we must mostly be concerned with is how fast the clubhead is going around the hands, not necessarily how fast it is going around your whole body. If you have thoughts, please share. Be
  3. Attached are the screen shots of the 6 Core Lies of the Golf swing from my app in design..... not a joke.... you'll see. Still in process, so bear with me... I know ya'll don't want to, but here is the first bit of substance. Why I believe they are misconceptions. As some of the positions are changed, it will allow you to feel how other things can fall into place. For instance, I talk about wanting you to forget what you know about sequence and release all components (hips, arms, hands unhinging - all at the same time and directed away from the target and around a larger arc)
  4. Hey Guys sorry i fell off the face of the earth...... working on the app.....coming in a few weeks. tiktok and instagram - @shanks_app shanks golf app on youtube. It's all coming together and able to be learned by others... Here are some highlights from the last couple of days... So reliable....can hit driver off the deck with eyes closed more than 260.... Yesterday....Sanctuary Ridge in Clermont, FL - Driver off the Deck 273 to the front edge. It's so powerful, and consistent. I weigh 140 lbs and am 5'8" The app will be free, cause this is the real deal.
  5. ellamia


  6. AM I BELIEVING CORE LIES THAT DESTROY MY SWING in a FLASH Can you remember the first time that you hit a golf ball? If it was after you had learned how to hit a baseball or something else, then this is the first day that you started believing a few if not all of the Primary Core Lies about how to swing the club. You were doomed to average at best from this point forward. Here’s the scenario: · You pick up a club, doesn’t matter which one. Boy does that feel weird, you thought. It’s awkward and feels unbalanced. You try to take a practice swing and swing it like a
  7. No videos or website.... Mathematical formulas coming soon with some visual aids. I just wanted to get some feedback on what others thought about lies they might believe that are supposed to help but funny how your game tends to get worse. Come on.... let's hear some lies you guys believe about the golf swing. Theory is that if it is not something that will actually improve your golf swing and you believe it will help. Then you will act according to your beliefs. If your belief is a lie and unhelpful, then no matter how well you do it, the ending result will not be good. Other ideas o
  8. After two months of quarantine, a degree in Physics and a passion for the golf swing and getting better. I have discovered certain lies that we, as golfers believe will help us hit the ball farther, straighter or more consistently. No matter how good I can be hitting the ball, once I hit a bad shot and start thinking and adjusting technique, your game is doomed. From the moment someone swings a golf club for the first time, h/she begins to believe certain things, movements, positions that will help, fix, cure their golf swing woes. The problem is that most of the techniques out there, if not a
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