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  1. Attached are the screen shots of the 6 Core Lies of the Golf swing from my app in design..... not a joke.... you'll see. Still in process, so bear with me... I know ya'll don't want to, but here is the first bit of substance. Why I believe they are misconceptions. As some of the positions are changed, it will allow you to feel how other things can fall into place. For instance, I talk about wanting you to forget what you know about sequence and release all components (hips, arms, hands unhinging - all at the same time and directed away from the target and around a larger arc). If you shift your weight and can't stop believing that you need to do that, then this new sequence will never feel right. Lies 2, 3 and 4 work in conjunction with each other. Lie 1 if you take the club too far back, it may cause you to shift your weight, so length of back swing is also directly connected to lie 2. Lie 5, the feeling we all have of have to shift towards the target will be easy to conquer when you stop shifting your weight. Lie number 6 is where it all began. The physics of swinging your arms faster for more power will work, but the ratio of how fast your hands have to be if you swing the club with your arms 10 mph faster is physically impossible. When you start using the new sequence {(which all of us use when we take this silky smooth practice swing) we don't shift, we don't do anything weird, we just find the right path for the club and the right temp.} If you fire everything at the same time, hands releasing, arms moving and body and hips turning, you'll see that everything accelerates in a controlled manner. If you had 10 people in a line ice skating holding hands and you wanted to go in a big circle make the guy on the end go as fast as possible, then you wouldn't have the middle guy turn as fast as he can. If he did that, every person couldn't get up and get around the circle. As opposed to all 10 people start at the same time, the last guy can accelerate as fast as he wants to, the 9th guy, would feel the tension/connection with guy-10 and match how fast he needs to go. Everything works in sync and if you notice (hips/the center guy) is barely turning. The equivalent of your hips NOT firing as fast as they can. This creates the need for lots of timing and practice. My technique teaches a short 1/2 back swing. The "half-shot". The thing is that the back swing is back like a half shot, but then you are in position to hit full shots on the downswing. I have always mentally matched a 1/2 back swing with 50% effort on the down swing. You can actually go full throttle. All you have to figure in your head is how hard to hit (release club) the ball, and the rest of your body reacts appropriately and knows what to do. A lot of words.... I know.... trying to cast the vision. Working on the order of how to learn this most efficiently. Philosophy . . . We all behave and act according to what we believe. I didn't know the truth about fire when I was young, maybe even touched it, even though someone told me it was hot and to not touch it. But the moment, I experienced that it was hot and could burn me, my behavior changed and I don't touch fire anymore. (Don't laugh at me, I fell in a fire when I was 2.....or maybe my brother pushed me) Once you identify the lies that you believe and you want something better, then it is easy to break the old habits. It doesn't take a lot of practice, you just have to stop believing old things and understand that there is something better. This is how it is in life. We have to position ourselves correctly, in order to do things in the right sequence to have success. If we get in the right position (LIE 1 and 2) then we can do things in the right direction and the right sequence (Lie 3,4 and 5) with little or no effort. We will have more power because of physics and we will have pure ball striking, because our body is anchored and you aren't moving right and left during the whole of the swing. All this birthed from a prayer ministry called Transformation Prayer Ministry, where there are lies that we believe about ourselves that cause us to behave in certain ways. We find solutions or strategies to deal with what we might believe. In golf our solutions to the techniques that are lies (in Shanks Opinion) are to compensate, or flip the club, or practice more, or not think when we're playing good, (isn't that what pros say when they shoot a 59? I don't know, I wasn't thinking, I stayed out of my own way) If you've ever hit what you would consider the perfect shot. Ball flight, trajectory, power, distance....felt like butter, then you have unintentionally probably swung the club in a manner I am proposing. Why do you think the techniques that golf pros are teaching are right when 26 million people can't break 90? The game doesn't feel that hard when you are playing well. So what happens when you lose your swing from one hole to the next. JH (ellamia)
  2. Hey Guys sorry i fell off the face of the earth...... working on the app.....coming in a few weeks. tiktok and instagram - @shanks_app shanks golf app on youtube. It's all coming together and able to be learned by others... Here are some highlights from the last couple of days... So reliable....can hit driver off the deck with eyes closed more than 260.... Yesterday....Sanctuary Ridge in Clermont, FL - Driver off the Deck 273 to the front edge. It's so powerful, and consistent. I weigh 140 lbs and am 5'8" The app will be free, cause this is the real deal. It will change golf. Check out Tony Finau's golf swing. That's what it is, but I have figured out the lies that we tend to let creep back into our swing thoughts when we start doubting ourselves. These incorrect techniques, tips or thoughts destroy the golf swing. We have found the answers to the questions.... where did my swing go? or what did I do different on that shot? or why do I feel like I'm swinging harder but the ball isn't going far? or No matter how good we are playing, if we add something to our golf swing that doesn't belong in relation to the physics, then we tend to not feel comfortable. It's a panic feeling at the end of your back swing that we all fear. The fear of the unknown. There is a video on youtube that is the intro of the whole concept. Too much to write on here. Happy Golfing.... Hope to see you soon!
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  4. AM I BELIEVING CORE LIES THAT DESTROY MY SWING in a FLASH Can you remember the first time that you hit a golf ball? If it was after you had learned how to hit a baseball or something else, then this is the first day that you started believing a few if not all of the Primary Core Lies about how to swing the club. You were doomed to average at best from this point forward. Here’s the scenario: · You pick up a club, doesn’t matter which one. Boy does that feel weird, you thought. It’s awkward and feels unbalanced. You try to take a practice swing and swing it like a baseball bat and it seems not very smooth through the bottom, like you have to manipulate the club head some how to square it up in the hitting area. Nothing you ever had to do before, unless you played hockey. This might be the closest thing, but then that still doesn’t translate well because you hold a golf club nothing like a hockey stick. · You take your first attempt and you might even miss the ball completely or hit the ground behind the ball. More LIES being birthed in your brain about the game of golf. · You finally hit the ball and it goes really far maybe, but most probably to the right or a major slice. This is the result of swing the club in the wrong sequence. Only you don’t know this yet. · So, your next swing attempt is do make an adjustment and try not to hit it right. You might release the club later or yank your shoulders through the hitting area, (as if you were going to pull a line drive over third base), · You think this will definitely keep you from hitting it right with that atrocious slice. o Unfortunately, physics is physics and it is true and unchanging. o One result is a pull left, that goes a mile, if you actually get the club head released. o Another result, which is more likely, is a worse slice that could either start left, straight or right and then curve more right. This is more likely the case, because you won’t be able to square up the clubface fast enough to match how fast you swung the club with your arms. Especially if you are athletic and were any level of good at baseball and other sports. · THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF THE END, NO MATTER HOW GOOD YOU THINK YOU ARE OR COULD BE. · Golfers spend hours on the driving range and tweak and adjust until they can find their “A” game. o I feel that this is a matter of weeding out the thoughts of things that don’t help until they find their groove and can commit it to at least some level of muscle memory. · They go out to the course and claw and scratch in order to hold onto this magic pill they discovered on the driving range. (But it’s only temporary until they quit going off of feel and start thinking.) They play well for a while maybe and then make an inevitable mistake. When this happens, they think about one of the fundamentals of the golf swing and implement that on their next swing. The problem is, that whatever fundamental they choose, if it is a major one, is almost always one of the PRIMARY LIES that contradicts the physics of what will really work, then you are doomed to fail. It is inevitable. WHAT DO YOU THINK ARE CORE LIES ABOUT SWING TECHNIQUE THAT ARE OUT THERE?? i.e. Turn, weight shift, delayed release, swing plane (or) two, Hips fast for power, arms for power, clear hips through impact blah blah blah
  5. No videos or website.... Mathematical formulas coming soon with some visual aids. I just wanted to get some feedback on what others thought about lies they might believe that are supposed to help but funny how your game tends to get worse. Come on.... let's hear some lies you guys believe about the golf swing. Theory is that if it is not something that will actually improve your golf swing and you believe it will help. Then you will act according to your beliefs. If your belief is a lie and unhelpful, then no matter how well you do it, the ending result will not be good. Other ideas of lies are.... The Sequence of the Hips, arms, release, weight shift How much effort to put into swinging the arms? Drop the arms at the beginning of the downswing Clear hips, hands lead,
  6. After two months of quarantine, a degree in Physics and a passion for the golf swing and getting better. I have discovered certain lies that we, as golfers believe will help us hit the ball farther, straighter or more consistently. No matter how good I can be hitting the ball, once I hit a bad shot and start thinking and adjusting technique, your game is doomed. From the moment someone swings a golf club for the first time, h/she begins to believe certain things, movements, positions that will help, fix, cure their golf swing woes. The problem is that most of the techniques out there, if not all of the them, have nothing to do with the most efficient and consistent way to swing a golf club. If this were so, then the pros would never "lose their swing," and the average golfer would be able to break 80 no problem. This is not the case until now. The discovery I have made has allowed me to hit the ball crazy good. 50 years old, 145 lb and hitting my 3-W 300 yards. I am interested to hear what you guys think is the worst thing you might have ever believed about technique and swinging the golf club. What do you think is a lie you are believing you thought helped you golf game, but in fact destroyed it.I'll start. FINISH THE FOLLOWING STATEMENT . . . The worst golf tip I thought was a good one was (TO SHIFT MY WEIGHT ON THE BACK SWING AND SHIFT IT BACK ON THE DOWN SWING)
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