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  1. If you realize that the grips are starting to go just replace them, but I have known many people who will keep a small sanding block or piece of paper in their bag in case they need a temporary fix on a trip or in a situation where you can't re-grip right away.
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  3. I think that this is being made into a bigger deal than it really was. First, it looked as though he just hit his club into the ground and it took a wild bounce into the gallery, it wasn't as though he threw the club into the gallery as the thread title suggests. Second, Tiger is human and gets frustrated after a bad shot like many do. While his actions are less than appropriate, especially as he is in a position of influence, the conditions and stress of professional athletics can lead a highly competitive person to outbursts of frustration at times. Finally, this is not just a golf related situation, there have always been athletes that have temper issues (i.e. McEnroe), but that is human nature as there are non-athletes with similar problems.