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  1. Thanks for the replies. Ive decided against dept store box set and the $550 bag. Im going to keep what I have, but add a 22/23 hybrid and lose the 3 and 4 irons. The rest is fine until I decide whether or not to stick with it.
  2. Hey guys, First post. Im sure you see questions like this all the time and I have a good idea of what the responses will be, but here goes. Im 45, havent played in over 20. Was a high teen handicapper. Still have my old clubs which are Dunlop Tour Select. Wanted to get back at it "casually". Weekends, church outings, etc. At most, 25-30 times a year. Just being honest, thats all Ill have time to do. I very much doubt ill get lessons or fitted. My budget is around 500. I admit Im somewhat of a gear junkie and Id like to see how the GI irons, hybrids, and new tech overall could improve my game, if at all. Ive been searching online auction sites and going to Dicks/Golf Galaxy to check it all out. On some levels, Im impressed with the advancements. On others, not so much. Anyways, trying to find good quality GI irons locally has proven harder than expected. Woods and hybrids even tougher. But I did find a complete set which is slightly higher than my budget. It includes TM 2017 M2 5-SW (7 clubs), 2016 M2 4Hybrid, R15 driver, Titleist 917 f2 3 wood, SC red X putter, a couple unknown wedges (52 and 58 deg) and TM lightweight bag. Condition 7/10. Can get for 550. I know this is quality stuff that is less than 5 yrs old. But its also over my budget and might be "overkill" for my level or needs. Part of me is tempted to just go get the Strata or TF complete sets for 200 and be done with it. But I honestly dont think they would be much of an upgrade to what I already have. Except a nicer bag and a hybrids. Please steer me in the right direction guys. Im on information overload...haha. Thanks!
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