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  1. I'll keep that in mind. Any interest in a swap for some AP3's? lol
  2. The International in Bolton, Mass closed this year. A real tragedy, was two outstanding tracks. The owners just grabbed the money from the deposits for functions (it was a big wedding venu) and locked the doors. Hopefully someone buys it, I know it's driving a lot of members to my club.
  3. So I bought a set of AP3's last year on sale, and I hate them. They're too big and too offset for me. I pulled the old 690 MB's out of the closet this weekend and struck the ball much better and felt more comfortable, but my game isn't what it once was, and I was wondering what kind of difference I'd see between them and a modern set of blades in regards to distance and forgiveness. I get that CB's or AP2/T100's might be a good compromise, but if I wanted blades, what are the more forgiving options? Anyone play the King forged combo? I'm a lefty, so my Mizuno options are limited (Never should have sold my MP 54's!)
  4. That’s a great point. In 1968, there were 4 rinks within 45 miles of my town in the Boston suburbs. Today there is 92, and many call them “the houses that Orr built”. As someone that moved here from the south, with no knowledge of hockey, it’s taken me quite a few years to get it.
  5. I think players like Karlson or Doughty are a pretty comparable style. They don't do what Orr did because they can't, not because they don't want to. Obviously the game has changed, but it's changed from when #99 changed too. In a way, that supports your argument as well, because I think Mario's game translate's better to today than Wayne's would.
  6. I have a handful: - Play twice a week. It's been years since I played golf regularly. After some great conversations with my wife (and her best friend's husband also wanting to) we just joined the local country club. Fantastic course, 7 minutes from home. I have no more excuses. - Get my HC to 8 or better. 5 years ago, the last time I was playing a lot, I was a 6. 8 is pretty realistic for me, as long as...... - Stay pain free. I have problems with Tennis elbow when I play a lot. I love the range, but I'm going to have to manage this if I want to reach my other goals. - Really teach my 10 year old son the game. He got into it last year, and can hack it around the course. Funny thing about hockey players, golf seems to come easy. This year, at a more prestigious club than the goat track we played last year, I want to focus on rules, etiquette, and respect for the game. He can work on his swing at golf camp!
  7. At the risk of being the new guy that gets everyone mad at him on his first day posting, if you're going to talk about potential without injuries, Bobby Orr replicating his numbers over a 20 year career at defense would be the most valuable player in the history of hockey
  8. Hi all, new to the board. Oh, and I'm a Lefty Driver - Epic Sub Zero 3W - Mizuno 900 5W - Cobra Baffler 4- GW - Titleist AP3 (or 690 MB when I feel good) Cobra Trusty Rusty 53 and 61 Wedges Scotty Newport 2 Putter
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