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  1. Great, two unhelpful posts in a row... I'm not looking to get into an troll/flame war over "what the science says," I'm trying to get a tiny bit of insight into what length of clubs I should be using. As you cant/wont comment on that, I'll wait for someone who will. And news flash, not everyone is willing/able to spend 500 bucks on a "fitting"...it's also not a particularly helpful suggestion for new players, who won't be swinging consistently enough to get a truly valid result from the fitting anyway. Been on a few sites like this, and I just keep getting unhelpful elitist "suggestions" to spend tons of money on lessons and fittings and ball-flight simulators etc, and not much at all on practical advice. Think I liked bowling better.
  2. ..How can you insist this is non-political, but then make a biased political statement in the same breath? Other people's opinions and no less valid than yours; just because you find a particular statement or stance "racist" or somehow objectionable does not make it so. "You are allowed to talk about this topic, but only if you abide by MY standards of what's acceptable.." and then to pass it off a non-political. This is what's wrong with discourse in recent years.
  3. Not sure I really buy that, but regardless the fact remains that clubs are longer which makes them harder for high handicappers to hit. Which still leaves me with the initial problem, do I buy shorter clubs or force myself to adjust to unusually long "standard" lengths?
  4. Hey all, new player here that's very confused about club lengths. I recently bought a couple 09 Burner irons off CallawayPreowned to replace an older set of borrowed bladed irons.. they are both "standard" length, but the Burners are 1.5" longer than the older ones. I have also started looking at the specs on various modern club sets, and see a discrepancy between lengths of "standard" club sets. Now, I know that club sellers have long been increasing length/reducing loft as a way to advertise "we have more distance!!" (i.e. building a 7 iron like a 6 iron and calling it a 7 iron)...so is that all that's going on here? I know that on paper, longer is better, but in reality the farther I stand from the ball, the harder it is to put a good swing on it... so should new golfers just go ahead and buy SHORTER clubs than what we "should" be using, to compensate? For context, I am 6'0 and my wrist-to-floor measurement is 36.5, which all fitting models indicate makes me a "standard/regular." But I'm more comfortable swinging a shorter club, apparently.
  5. hmm... that would be preferable, but I haven't seen deals like that anywhere. Cheapest set I can find is around 200, and those tended to have steel shafts and, like you said, lower lofts on the driver and woods than what I'm looking for.
  6. Ah ok thanks. The loft's are a bit confusing to me, as they appear to be all over the place. Was looking at some clubs online, and have learned that any given loft can be labeled as 3 different iron's depending on who made it and when it was released. So I'm trying to focus on loft degree more than the official name of a club. I also know that a 4 degree span between irons is considered common, but I know full well that I have no ability to judge distances that accurately, or to hit the iron consistently enough, to make use of such small spans... so I'm going with an 8-degree span for now (40/48/56). And like I said, I think it will be a while before I can use the 7 wood consistently, so I'll stick with my plan to carry the 6 iron (27 degree in this case) for set up shots. Thanks again!
  7. Actually there is a nice little 9 hole course nearby that's all Par 3, ranging from around 120 to 200 yards..but it's closed for COVID. But thanks for the tip, I will make it a point to play there asap.
  8. I'm 35, 6'0 - which I know puts me either on standard or + .25, but I'm going with standard for now just because they are much more readily available on the used market. I'm also fairly certain that graphite is the way to go for beginners, and I don't mind paying the extra coupe bucks for them. But is it true that I want to use steel for wedges/chipping? Something about more control on shorter shots? Thanks for the site suggestions, I was looking on some of those recently..found Callowaypreowned to be the better priced of them all, with a wide selection. Found a bunch of individual clubs that were 15-25 bucks that were MSRP'ing for 150-200 new, so I can't beat that. Regarding my budget, I *could* spend several hundred, but I just prefer to go the cheap route until I'm confident I know what I'm buying. Hadn't considered getting lessons. Figuring stuff out on my own is a big part of the fun for me, even if I know it will be a harder road. Self-taught piano player, and high-average bowler as well. Thanks for your feedback!
  9. Thanks for your input. Yeah, I realize I'm leaving a lot of holes with only 3 iron/wedges, but I figure I can always pick up used individual irons as I improve. I know if I bought a full set at this stage, even a cheap one, I'd regret it...still learning the basics. For instance, I just learned 2-3 days ago about "cavity irons," ...prior to that I was using the "blades," which were very difficult to get straight. Swapping it out for a cavity made a 100% difference. Regarding the Lob Wedge, is that really something people struggle with? I am around 75% with making good shots on irons, but with the LW I strike it solid almost every time...I haven't gotten it to a course yet, but it's my favorite on the range right now. I actually picked it up on a whim last week not really sure what it was (as it only had a "56" on it and not a letter or iron number) and got lucky. Actually not even totally sure it's officially a LW, or just a high-loft PW. But it works lol.
  10. Hey all, new member and new player here, looking for advice on which clubs to carry. I have only played 2 rounds of golf in my life (with a friend's borrowed bag) and have been to the range about a dozen times. Pretty poor player at the moment, I drive around 125, and my mid-irons go around 80-100. My last round of golf I shot a 70 on the front Nine (par 35) Here is my plan for a starter set, let me know what you think (note, these will all be standard height/lie, graphite shaft, and the irons will be "cavity-backed"...except the wedge, which I already had, and is a typical steel/blade construction). -Driver (looking at a higher loft than average, perhaps 12 degrees? I have been using a 10, but I struggle to get it up) -Fairway Wood (again, I'm thinking the higher loft the better, so prob a 7?) -3 Irons (thinking about a 6, 9, and LW.... A 6 because it is the longest I can hit reliably, a LW because it's easiest to hit and ideal for shots near the green,, and a 9 because it's halfway between the 6 and LW) -Putter (just picked up the cheapest one I could find in a local used golf store...also bought a practice putting green off amazon) Will those 6 clubs be enough to get me through a course? Note I have left off hybrids, I can't seem to hit with them, and do much better with equivalent irons anyway. I'm iffy on the Fairway Wood too, but I figure I need at get comfortable with one because of their utility, and my inability to hit long irons. At some point in the future I will fill in my "iron gaps," but I'm looking for a bare minimum for now. Thanks for any insight!
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