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  1. Their record in major championships is part of the discussion, though not all of it. Woods has played in 86 major championships (through the 2020 U.S. Open). Here is his record compared to Nicklaus’s first 86: Jack (age 41): 1st - 17 2nd - 17 3rd - 9 4-10 - 20 Tiger (age 44): 1st - 15 2nd - 7 3rd - 4 4-10 - 15
  2. I hate to say things like this, but can someone please tell Dan Hicks to just SHUT UP every now and then? You don't have to fill every microsecond with words.
  3. I thought you might like to see this picture of an early tournament (year unknown to me). Bobby Jones teeing off, with Tommy Armour, Walter Hagen, and Gene Sarazen watching.
  4. This might be a good starting point for you. "The best way to learn golf is to choose one department of the game get good at it before branching out. It can be any part—I suggest pitching with a sand wedge— but don’t try to swallow the whole game once. If you try to learn driving, sand play, fairway woods, and putting at the same time, the game will eat you up. You’ll get frustrated and might quit. Build up confidence in that one area and let it spread out to the other parts." https://www.golfdigest.com/story/my-shot-lee-elder August 2019
  5. Neither one, really. I know I'll get down in three from either place.
  6. Laying up sod on a chip that ends up four feet away.
  7. 652 is the serial number, which should be common to all the irons in your set if they all came from the same set originally.
  8. Your irons are the 1961 Power Thrust. Equalizer is the name for the pitching wedge, since Hogan thought that this club he was so good with "equalized" his game with that of the the longer and straighter pros. He said if you were good with the wedge, there was no pin they could hide from you. The Exploder is of course the name for the sand wedge which I guess the marketing department thought went well with the Equalizer. Exploder has gone out of use, but my 1988 Red Lines and my 1999 Apex blades both call the PW an Equalizer. As for the value of your set, they're probably worth w
  9. I play golf to have fun with friends. Handicaps never enter into it. This change will not affect my golf in any way.
  10. Maybe someone already submitted this, but Lee Trevino once said, "They say you drive for show and putt for dough, but if you can't drive, you won't be putting for very much dough."
  11. The Road Hole at St. Andrews, 1968. 3-wood over the barrier, 3-iron to the green (Road Hole bunker? What's that?). 20-foot putt into the cup. Thank you very much.
  12. 74. Two over par after four, and even par the rest of the way--two bogeys, two birdies.
  13. Fast. True, they are generally smoother, but mainly because I like to "finesse" the ball toward the hole instead of knocking it up there.
  14. Do you mean every 240 goes into the bushes? 240 will be in the fairway often enough to more than make up for the ones that go into the bushes. And a 60m gap, even from the bushes, is still a huge advantage.
  15. Let's look at what he did in 2019. Three wins, including the Player's and the Tour Championship. 2nd on the money list, (Koepka 1st), 1st in adjusted scoring average, and 1st in Total Strokes gained. In my book, Rory's A game beats everybody else's A game.
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