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  1. On the one hand, "feel isn't real" means that what it feels like we are doing can be quite different from what we are doing. On the other hand, when we learn to do something in the golf swing correctly, we have to learn what that feels like so feel becomes real.
  2. Hagen also won five Western Opens, which was considered a major championship in his day. He also won the North & South three times, which was also considered to be a major at that time. That adds up to 19. Remember when we talk about Nicklaus and Woods we refer to the modern majors. It's a slippery standard to use historically.
  3. You could stand behind the ball and hang your putter so it covers the ball and the hole, even if the green sloped 45 degrees. How do people think this works??
  4. Azinger is the master of the obvious: "These two [Woodand and Rose] could get hot and leave the field behind, or get in trouble and let a lot of people back in." Well, duh. "Gary Woodland needs to understand that the other golfers put their pants on one leg at a time." What??!! I don't know how Azinger got elevated so fast. His commentary on the closing holes of the 2018 U.S. Women's Open should have disqualified him for life. Along with Joe Buck, they are inanity to the fourth power.
  5. Yes to a lot of what has been said. I had a playing lesson once and asked the pro how to solve this problem. He said to take the longer club, grip down an inch, and put your usual swing on the ball. Works like a charm.
  6. One thing I never so is keep my score in my head. After about the fourth hole, I don't know where I stand, and I have taught myself to do that. We all know the mental game is real. We all know as well that pressure is self-imposed. So adopt a mental game that does not put pressure on yourself. Play golf, have fun, and add 'em up when the round is over. It really is that simple.
  7. Nine bogeys and nine doubles gives you a 99. Stay away from those triples. Pars aren't too common.
  8. Twice. It hurt, but no damage. I came lose to having my cheek shattered by one, too.
  9. I remember how dramatic the finish was when Glover won. We have another, don't we? Love this golf course.
  10. If the ball is sitting nicely on the surface of the sand, Take out one more club and make sure the club you choose has enough loft to clear the lip of the bunker. Take a slightly wider stance, ball in center. Keep the lower body quiet and make as full an upper body turn as you comfortably can. Contact the ball by just nipping it off the surface. Do not dig into the sand before or after. If the ball is down in the sand, or the lie is awkward, forget the green and take the shortest route to the fairway.
  11. I enjoy his videos, though they could be half as long.
  12. Woman: Joyce Wethered, Patty Berg, Mickey Wright, Kathy Whitworth
  13. Dropping the flagstick like it's falling timber is disrespectful to the course.
  14. For a garden variety greenside chip, I use a 7-iron through lob wedge (seven clubs), depending solely on the length of the shot. Same stroke, different clubs.
  15. I'm in Anne Van Dam's corner. Brandel Chamblee says this swing might be the best in golf - Golf Digest
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