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  1. The Recreational Golfer

    Favorite Thing About Golf

    Watching a shot come off like I had planned it to.
  2. The Recreational Golfer

    USGA Seeking Feedback on Distance "Issue"

    I could care less about how far the pros hit the ball. I care a lot about how far I hit the ball. I like getting to the green with a driver and an iron on a 400-yard hole rather than a driver and a 3-wood, which is what it took me 40 years ago.
  3. The Recreational Golfer

    Playing Golf With Fewer Clubs?

    Fewer clubs make the game more fun because you have to be creative with the ones you have. Sometimes I'll play with 14, and other times just driver, 4h, 7i, SW, and putter. Remember that when Francis Ouimet won the U.S. Open in 1913, he had about seven clubs in his bag.
  4. The Recreational Golfer

    Stop Lying About Your Distance - It's Pissing Me Off (Rant Thread)

    You want to know how far I hit? I read this magazine that had 237 tips for hitting the ball farther. I did all of them at once and from the first tee, I didn't just drive the first hole. I drove the front nine. So there.
  5. The Recreational Golfer

    Best Golf Instruction Book Out There?

    Vivien Saunders is a legendary teacher and a brilliant writer. Her book, Advanced Golf, is a never-ending source of information other golf books never bring up, and which can make big differences in your technique. I find something new almost every time I dip into it. Cary Middlecoff's book, The Golf Swing, analyzes swings of golfing greats from Vardon to Palmer, Player, and Nicklaus. His comments on learning and practice are invaluable. As well, he is an outstanding writer with a style all his own.
  6. The Recreational Golfer

    Best Golf Instruction Book Out There?

    On Learning Golf by Percy Boomer.
  7. The Recreational Golfer

    2018 Tour Championship - FedExCup Finale

    I suppose you all heard Dan Hicks say, when Tiger sank the final putt, that this was the most improbable comeback in the history of sports. Sports? Just golf, even? Um, how about Ben Hogan who was in a near-fatal accident in 1949, would not be able to walk again according to his doctors, and won the U.S. Open one year later? Kudos to Tiger, but his win Trumps Hogan's? Really?
  8. The Recreational Golfer

    "On Learning Golf" by Percy Boomer

    This is my favorite golf swing book, published in 1946. I read it every year and find something new each time. Golf Digest just came out with its list of 50 golf books every golfer should read. This one was #5 on the list. It's a sleeper. Highly influential even today, though everybody has forgotten the source. No, he didn't invent this stuff, but his explanations are masterful. Go to Amazon and read the reviews there. I can't recommend it strongly enough. Boomer taught for most of his career in France, and won the Belgian, Swiss, and Dutch Opens in the 1920s. His brother, Aubrey, finshed 2nd to Bobby Jones in the British Open in 1927, and won numerous European championships.
  9. The Recreational Golfer

    Struggling With Forward Hands at Impact

    To learn the feeling, make half-swings with a sand wedge holding on with your left hand only. If you swing naturally, without manipulating the club, the hand will lead the clubhead. Don't hit balls, just make swings.
  10. The Recreational Golfer

    Swing Advice for Saturated Fairways

    I'm assuming the fairway is soaked, but without casual water. You have to sweep the ball. Pinching the ball between the clubface and the ground doesn't work to well in these conditions. And if you're even a hair fat, you get nothin'.
  11. The Recreational Golfer

    Pulling short putts

    You might think you have a neutral stance, but your hips are canted slightly to the left. Have someone check this for you.
  12. The Recreational Golfer

    Looking for best speed control drills for putting

    Lay a golf club down on the green at a right angle to the line you want to putt on. Put a ball two feet away and putt the ball so it just touches the shaft. Then move back six inches and just touch the shaft with the ball. Keep moving back by six-inch increments until you get to 10 feet.
  13. The Recreational Golfer

    My Chipping/Pitching is a glaring weakness

    To the OP -- get some lessons on these shots. That's the solution.
  14. The Recreational Golfer

    What tee to play from?

    My rule of thumb is to add together the length of your average drive and the length of your average 7-iron. Play from the tees at which about half the par 4s are that length or less. I like to play from the forward tees occasionally. The low score I get is good for the soul.
  15. The Recreational Golfer

    Do You Hit Full Shots With High Lofted Wedges?

    No, but mainly since I am quite tall and don't feel right making a full swing with a short (in length) club.

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