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  1. Hello to everyone, new poster here. Wanted to share my thoughts about this method...maybe not just this method, but the overall effect of an open stance on early extension. I'm 57, 5 hncp, rather thick chested and inflexible, and have struggled with early extension and flipping for many years. Really, I'm a 10 hncp ballstriker and a 2 inside 25 yards. I have watched a few "senior" themed instruction videos to address EE, and they're almost all some theme of - closed stance, get a deep shoulder turn, swing out to the right, and accept early extension. None of this worked for me...my driver especially was wildly inconsistent. So, opening my stance and swinging out instantly improved my ballstriking through the bag. Not really sure why, but I believe a closed stance facilitates EE - if I close up, it's not difficult to straighten my back, be on my toes, and stay balanced. Moving the left foot back with the butt moving forward results in a totally unbalanced (falling forward) position which can't be maintained, so the body doesn't do it (EE). Yes, my backswing is shorter, but I'm making better strikes and haven't lost distance. Does this make any sense?
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