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  1. As I'm new to this forum, I should say I play in the UK and off 10.6 hcp. I'd hit a low 4 iron off a low tee peg and hopefully leave myself about 85yds to the pin, which, into a strong headwind would have to be a solidly struck knock down punch into the green with an 8 or maybe 9 iron. (Don't think I'd risk putting one up into the air too much). Likelihood is though, that my 4 iron would climb a bit and I'd end up with the thick end of 120 yds to go (which is still a good percentage shot with an 8 iron knock down punch). Then I'd go on and probably 3 putt it like I mostly do!!
  2. Sorry, not yet, haven't actually got them in my little grubby mitts yet. Expected to arrive Friday 5th June. I'll put some pics on when I get them. Cheers
  3. Hi guys, wondering if anyone has any idea on Howson carbon steel blades. Saw a set on eBay for no money so I bought them there and then. Now I’m trying to find anything about them and failing miserably. Never seen another set, probably won’t again. Fitted with R300U shafts and heads marked TOUR with a golf flag logo (don’t think they’re forged ). Any help greatly appreciated.
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