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  1. I have been fitted for my irons, I was just wondering if you think it would be necessary for me to go through the whole fitting process again for wedges. I thought it would be more important just to get the loft/bounce/grinds dialed in. I’m 5’10 so I would think most clubs off the rack are going to fit me, but do you think it’s worth paying the extra money and going through the process to get fitted? Thank you in advance!
  2. Thank you both for your input! The 60* would be mostly for tight lies near the green or on the fringe, thats why I opted for such low bounce. In regards to my swing- it’s fairly steep, miss hits are going to be fat, I almost never hit it thin or blade it. However, as I move closer to the green I try to come in more shallow. @Vinsk thank you for your warm welcome! @Adam C the 60 would be more of a fun club for me where I can try more specialized shots, you know we all try to mickelson it every once in a while 😉
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  4. Hello, I have just purchased a new set of irons, Mizuno JPX 919 Tours, of which I am very excited about. I have only hit the 7 iron during the fitting and out on the range, so I am waiting to get rest of the set in so I can hit the others (they’re still shipping). However, I have jumped the gun a little and started thinking about the wedges I want to play, and through my research I have come up with this set. Assuming distances are equally gapped, I would like thoughts on the loft/bounce/grind combos I have selected. Please let me know if you’d say these wedges seem to be versatile enough for most common scenarios, but can still give me opportunities for various skill shots. Thanks! PS - I am an 8-10 HC if that affects your response!
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