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  1. Done. Worth every penny. This advice has held up. I've played 5 rounds since, including a state tournament, and only hit one shank (awkward stance with ball in deep rough.) I'm glad I used video, because I thought I was toe-shanking until I saw this. Thanks again @iacas.
  2. @iacas, thank you. I spent about 20 minutes chipping today on the practice green, then played 18 holes. Not a single hosel rocket. If you ever need a kidney or something, let me know.
  3. Sorry for the poor quality video, but it's the only one I have of me hitting a shank. This shot keeps coming back to haunt me. Any suggestions?
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I am expecting my handicap to drop down in a couple days at the next revision for MGA. I did shoot a 77 in our club championship qualifier last Sat (entered as Tournament score) so it sounds like that may be significant in adjusting my hcp. My club does use most current hcp for tournaments so hopefully this will work itself out. The member-member is last weekend of July. If my hcp doesn't drop to a 7 or lower, I will talk to the committee.
  5. The last few years, my handicap has blown up to a 9 or 10 early in the season, and then I've started shooting scores more to my potential (74-78) during Member tournaments and league playoffs. Works out great, but I don't want to be the club sandbagger. Can I just have them play me at a lower handicap based on what seems fair? My league and tournament partner has no problem with this.
  6. Thank you @mvmac . I worked on turning rates today (keep cranking the hips.) Hit some draws with the irons which was a nice change from my usual leaky fades. Wasn't able to video unfortunately. Like the feeling of getting more coiled and creating space for the arms.
  7. I think if you stick with the advice of the pros on this forum, you are going to build a great swing. Good to hear your scores are improving, but I wouldn't be overly concerned with that when you are making swing changes. You will break 90, and then want to break 80, and then still want to get better. Expect setbacks but stay the course.
  8. @mvmac should I also be working on your "Matt Kuchar Drill"?
  9. Thank you @mvmac . I have been working on this, trying to keep the right elbow more in front of the chest. I have had some success doing this with slow motion swings...just trying to hit an 8-iron like 70 yards or so (usually goes much further though.) I have such a tendency to feel like I need that extra move at the end of backswing (over-swing, pulling right elbow behind me and/or lifting.) I think I need to really improve my practice routine: spend a lot of time doing these deliberate, slow motion swings to ingrain a new feel. I've spent too much time just noodling on the range trying
  10. I should have mentioned I am aimed at a flag on the left side of the range. Might that account for the camera angle? I did ask my friend to record on my toe line, and he was aware of my target. As for the chicken wing, I have had no luck trying to independently correct that flaw. It must be a compensation to try to correct the other 80 errors in my swing.
  11. I have been using V1 to analyze my swings. When I overlay my swing with pros, a few things really jump out: 1) The club head gets way inside on my takeaway/backswing 2) I am lifting arms at end of backswing (as mvmac noted) 3) In the finish, my arms go hard left across my body (no extension, chicky wingy).
  12. [Video]http://youtu.be/NT9gFJW1Bag[/video] Started off trying to keep hips turning but I felt like I was really over swinging, so I said maybe I need to work on keeping the pressure points (armpits) for a bit. My right arm is still losing pressure at the top of the swing, but my arms did feel more in sync with my body and I had a lot of solid contact. I hate the look of my finish. Seems like there is no extension, and a lot of chicken wing action.
  13. @mvmac , I see that if I keep turning the right hip, my arms move deeper rather than lifting. Makes sense now. I will work at it, and record some swings. Thanks!
  14. @boogielicious thank you. Been busy with work, life, etc. Time to get my priorities straight and work on the golf game!
  15. Mvmac thank you very much for your reply. I have fought this flying right elbow overswing deal since I started golfing. It feels like I need to make this move in order to square up the club face and get enough power.
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