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  1. Hello guys! I'll send video of myself doing drills 1-5. Just need to edit it. Btw, one guy on the range showed me this video & approach -- What do you think about it?
  2. Hello! thanks for your response! I am working on drills right now 😄 Covid style! I tried some of the drills today and I think I have the biggest problem with the shoulder tilt drill (I think that's Day 2). So maybe because of that, the swing feels flat... I was focused a lot on the takeaway yesterday, so I think my weight/force transfer/transition wasn't good - maybe because of that I hit a lot of shots fat & hooks. Don't know 🙂
  3. It looks to me that the swing is very steep and not inside-out enough... Maybe it's steep because the transition/weight/force transfer is late? 😮
  4. Hello iacas, I tried to work on the takeaway - based on your video. It feels a bit weird to me, but maybe it's better. I was at a driving range after a week and hit a some hooks - don't know why 😕 Never happened before. Here is the video of one of the better shots... I can't record it from the better angle and distance, because there is a cubicle on the range and it's really small 😕
  5. Hello guys, thanks for your help -- today I played my second tournament and my new handicap index is 22.7 - (improved from 28.6) I scored 1 birdie, 2 pars, lot of bogeys, some double bogeys & did not score on 2 holes. I really tried to change the takeaway and focus on my wrists not going too much inside! Thanks Iacas! I'll record me doing the drills.
  6. Thanks! I'll do that. I watched Day one video and I think I understand what should I do with my wrists during the backswing. Maybe this is going to make my ball flight lower, we'll see 🙂 I'll check other Day drills too! Unfortunately, I am going to play a tournament on Saturday, so that's going to be tough 😄
  7. Is it possible to say, what this ugly takeaway move causes during the downswing & impact?
  8. Yeah.. you are right - the wrist hinge & rigfht wrist movement during the backwing isn't correct, I checked some videos about that.. Thanks! I think I did this, because I wanted to swing more from the inside, so I tried to rotate my body & wrists and everything more...
  9. Oh okay - that's during the backswing, right... So I think you mean that wrist cock/hinge is too early, yeah? 😮
  10. Hello! Thanks for your response 🙂 Yeah - I watched some of em - I think part 5,6 and 7. What do you mean by shaft trajectory? During backswing? Start of the swing or? 😮
  11. Thanks, I'll keep that in mind 🙂 The word "crack" was a bit too much - I just thought I realized what to focus on to make it a little better 🙂 What do you think about the swing? 😮
  12. Hello guys! today I have been at a driving range - and it wasn't very good feel 😕 Two days back I tried to focus on body rotation, swinging in to out & keeping arms connected and it felt really good -> I thought I finally cracked it 😄 But -- Today I tried the same thing, but with different & not good results. But -- I recorded two of my swings (hybrid 3). It's not very nice, but that's how it was today 🙂 - if you have any advice / points / ideas, please let me know, I'd really appreciate it. Video attached. (To me, it looks there is too much movement of
  13. swingman123123


  14. Btw I think that most of my slices were/are a result of over the top swing - not the obvious one with rotated shoulders, but I think I was casting the club a bit and it wasn't swinging from the inside. Maybe it's because of my right hand dominance - so if I try to hit irons on driving range and focus on leading the club with my left hand, the result is usually a draw - but it feels really weird to me, the feeling of it. My left hand isn't really precise, because I didn't used it like this. I don't really know what my wrists/arms/forearms should do during the impact - I saw that there
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