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  1. Hello guys, thanks for your help -- today I played my second tournament and my new handicap index is 22.7 - (improved from 28.6) I scored 1 birdie, 2 pars, lot of bogeys, some double bogeys & did not score on 2 holes. I really tried to change the takeaway and focus on my wrists not going too much inside! Thanks Iacas! I'll record me doing the drills.
  2. Thanks! I'll do that. I watched Day one video and I think I understand what should I do with my wrists during the backswing. Maybe this is going to make my ball flight lower, we'll see 🙂 I'll check other Day drills too! Unfortunately, I am going to play a tournament on Saturday, so that's going to be tough 😄
  3. Is it possible to say, what this ugly takeaway move causes during the downswing & impact?
  4. Yeah.. you are right - the wrist hinge & rigfht wrist movement during the backwing isn't correct, I checked some videos about that.. Thanks! I think I did this, because I wanted to swing more from the inside, so I tried to rotate my body & wrists and everything more...
  5. Oh okay - that's during the backswing, right... So I think you mean that wrist cock/hinge is too early, yeah? 😮
  6. Hello! Thanks for your response 🙂 Yeah - I watched some of em - I think part 5,6 and 7. What do you mean by shaft trajectory? During backswing? Start of the swing or? 😮
  7. Thanks, I'll keep that in mind 🙂 The word "crack" was a bit too much - I just thought I realized what to focus on to make it a little better 🙂 What do you think about the swing? 😮
  8. Hello guys! today I have been at a driving range - and it wasn't very good feel 😕 Two days back I tried to focus on body rotation, swinging in to out & keeping arms connected and it felt really good -> I thought I finally cracked it 😄 But -- Today I tried the same thing, but with different & not good results. But -- I recorded two of my swings (hybrid 3). It's not very nice, but that's how it was today 🙂 - if you have any advice / points / ideas, please let me know, I'd really appreciate it. Video attached. (To me, it looks there is too much movement of lead leg during the backswing (backswing looks too long to me btw), I cast the club early a bit and there is some flip at/after impact - maybe the weight/force transfer isn't very good too - looks like a fat shot too )... Thanks!
  9. swingman123123


  10. Btw I think that most of my slices were/are a result of over the top swing - not the obvious one with rotated shoulders, but I think I was casting the club a bit and it wasn't swinging from the inside. Maybe it's because of my right hand dominance - so if I try to hit irons on driving range and focus on leading the club with my left hand, the result is usually a draw - but it feels really weird to me, the feeling of it. My left hand isn't really precise, because I didn't used it like this. I don't really know what my wrists/arms/forearms should do during the impact - I saw that there is roll release vs. square release and square release looks better to me. But I think because of the right hand dominance and outside-in siwngpath, my wrists flip. Maybe the body rotation is involved too + I am scared to hit the ball fat & hit the ground 🙂 And there was another problem, which I think is caused early extension - I think I have problems with that, it looks my trail heel comes off the ground too early. I tried to focus on that, but it's not very easy for me -- I made a video and I felt that I am not doing that but it was still there on the video 🙂
  11. Hello guys!Thanks you very much for your comments & guidance! It really helps me.I played my first tournament yesterday and the result is my first win It was in HCP category 29,6-54 and I started with 54 HCP. I had 60 stableford points and my new HCP is 28,6. I scored 1 par (on par 4), 7 bogeys, 5 double bogeys, 3 triple bogeys, one +4 and I lose the ball on one hole The result isn't bad -- but I think it's a lot better than it looked in reality - I wasn't really satisfied with my game. Putting was good, but I wasn't really consistent & confident with irons, which is a big problem. I didn't use driver, because I can't hit that well, so I used Cobra 3 19degrees hybrid for long shots - btw that's the club I am most comfortable with - don't know why - maybe because I am not afraid to hit the ground with it, as I am maybe subconsciously afraid of it with irons... Don't know..So I feel I really need to work on my irons & get to the basics (that feels weird if I say back to basics, because I just started, but yeah..)I think golf should be mostly about iron play I'll go to the range during the week and I'll share the updated video of my swing - I am a bit afraid of how it's going to look like, really. We'll see.Next Saturday, I play another tournament and it's going to be a tougher course...Thank you very much guys for your help!!
  12. Thanks! I am icing it 🙂 Basically it's just a weird feeling in my palm, little & ring finger. Elbow, shoulder and everything else is okay. Do you think it's good to hit irons of the tee (instead of mats) to avoid injuries like this one? (if it's caused by mats & training too often)
  13. Hello guys, I need to rest for a week or so, because my lead wrist & fingers hurt - probably it's because I was hitting off those mats too much 🙂 We will see...
  14. Interesting 🙂 So it looks less body movement is the better... I'll try it today at the range. There is one thing that's not very clear to me -- centered hip turn vs. head position. During the backswing, I try to move my right hip as far back as possible and during the downswing (pre-impact & impact moment), I try to move my left hip as far back as possible. And I think, this leads to lowering the head position - what should I do to prevent that?
  15. Thank you very much! 🙂 It looks you are right with that chicken wing - I looked at it closely and in even slower motion and it looks to me that the left wrist and forearm isn't moving/rotation in right direction right after impact. Maybe it's because of the fact that my left arm/hand/forearm is a lot weaker than right one - weaker & less precise in movement. regarding lag - do you think it's okay? To me it looks I am casting the club a bit... Yes, I'll try to film both angles next time - I read what you sent regarding filming camera angles etc. - I need to find a way of how to place the phone higher above the ground. Thank you!
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