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  1. guerss as you wish. I was using golfpad and that is the time it had.
  2. this. so much this. I have two ridiculous trophies I am inordinately proud of: 1 is from golf, a 2-man scramble that we have played against each other for decades. We allow 1 mulligan per golfer per nine. We routinely, in that group, break certain rules as in if they happen to both hit it ob, there is no stroke and distance, they go somewhere close, drop it with 1 stroke. The other guys can't hit out of a bunker so treat it as ground under repair. And once a year there is a round at a specific course that determines which partners get the traveling trophies to display for the next year.
  3. had two birdies and still managed to be 13 over 8 holes in. Had 1 birdie, 1 bogey and 8 pars rest of the way, first time I had ever shot even par for 9 holes. My next outing was a 9 hole round where I shot 1 under. To this day still the only time I have ever shot even 9 or better for 9 holes or more.
  4. I pick and choose when I play courses like Pumpkin or the Reserve. I do it when I have to....tournaments for example, heading to palm springs next month, when I do I will wear clothes I find ugly and uncomfortable but other than special occasions like those I tend more towards courses that are....lets say more relaxed. Personally, Pumpkin is maybe 10th or 12th on the list of courses I enjoy in and around Portland and that is one reason. Course itself is...okay, I guess, and I prefer the Ghost side to Witch which is not the prevailing opinion, but to me that is a good thing...different people c
  5. a couple years ago a couple kids thought it would be funny to shoot off fireworks in a nature reserve in high fire season. Google Images the following: "columbia river gorge golfers fire" this is just one example of what you will see
  6. this last Thursday I randomly decided to head out and golf since it was the last projected non-rain day for a while. Pulled into the parking lot at 3:57 and teed off at 4:05. A few things to know: 1, I have to use a push cart ever since getting rear ended in an auto accident a couple years ago 2, my back hurts pretty much always and this slows my walking speed 3, As I often mention, I am at best a mediocre golfer...I would hit 3 greens in regulation all round. The first hole took me 4 shots to get on the green....took 30 putts on the round, no penalties, managed to
  7. thanks everyone. I have a notebook I am working on alternate routes. Have all the course mentioned above written in. As the plan develops I think I am going to look at courses 4-6 hours apart close to either I-5 if I run all California, or US395/CA-139 up the Califronia side. some good options above I am adding to the list, appreciate it
  8. middle of next month I am playing two day tournament in Bend, OR. After the Saturday round, driving towards Palm Springs. Have plenty of time to get there so thinking I will drive, depending on my tee time Saturday, somewhere between 4 and 8 hours Saturday and find a place to stay. Sunday morning probably drive 3-6 hours, then stop and play a mid-day round somewhere on I-5 before going the rest of the way. On the way to Palm Springs there are a couple ways I could go...one would be bouncing through Redding/Sacramento etc on I-5. Any recommended courses that fit that time frame? Other op
  9. can't speak for others but I bought them last time and likely would not do so again. There is an excellent chance it is in my head, but I felt like I was 2 clubs shorter with them. There is a pretty recent thread that for a mediocre hacker like me the ball doesn't matter but when I went with the Kirklands, either I consistently hit the ball poorly or else the ball reacted different. Regardless of which, every club would be in the red on golfpad.
  10. A person who takes 6-12 years to break 100 is much less likely to bring it up than someone who does it quickly. Some form of confirmation bias may be in play. Have not seen a study done but I would place a small wager that the venn diagram showing golfers who break 100 with those who routinely break 100 after 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years, and finally the golfers who interact on forums...the overlap is going to skew heavily towards the quick learner mentioning it.
  11. so are you saying the 7/4/7 CPG is teaching me is not good? I feel like it will really help me* *develop a Charles Barkley swing...CPG makes me laugh every time and I kinda want to play a round at Three Jack National when it opens
  12. I feel it when I am on the course, line up for a shot...and realize I am playing in fear of the 100 yard slice I used to have that have not had in years. When I miss now it is a reasonable miss. Or when I land in an awkward spot where say...I have to go over a small pond or bunker to a short side green and think "I have to get the ball in the air to get over the hazard and stop on or near the green" and realize...I have that in my bag. I no longer fear the mis-hit or anticipate the horrific shot that had me a huge handicap but yeah...sometimes I forget that yes, I can
  13. have seen two. One was a random lady we got paired with who had a unique to me round putter...she would putt leftie or righty based on which way her shadow covered the ball. Was neither particularly good nor particularly bad, she was a mediocre putter either way. the second was guy I took lessons from. He used to use a belly putter, when they were ruled illegal, could not find putter he liked so he flipped to putting left handed. Worked for him pretty well.
  14. I have played a 2-man scramble against the same two guys for a shade over 20 years. My partner is a lefty. He is...a great guy and a less great golfer lets say politely. When he absolutely scorches his drive he can get 180 out of it. Unfortunately he more commonly tops it and the 180 he gets is feet, not yards...he knows he is not overly good at the game but he enjoys it. He loves to say "I am the best lefty on the course." beat "Unless there is another lefty"
  15. I feel like one of the easily improvable areas of my game with limited practice would be things that don't require swing work. Played league last night (two man scramble event) and due to life getting in the way, had not touched the clubs for a week. That means no chance to work on tweaks to say...my driver swing which has been a weakness lately and I very much know I need to spend a serious amount of time at the range doing the 5 P practice. Same with my wedges...the chunking struck twice last night and on a completely unrelated note two easy pars turned into disappointing bogeys. But th
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