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  1. if I am playing with one of those people who insists on marking every missed putt, looking above and below and beside the hole, carefully lining up the line on their ball again, and missing by 4' again, only to redo the process...after a couple holes I have no qualms whatsoever about moving towards the next hole, particularly in casual play. I probably go too far to the other extreme...unless there is visible dirt on the ball, it is in its own pitchmark, or it is in the line or sightline of someone else I never mark my ball. Getting to the green only to have someone miss 10' short from 20' after the above routine, miss 6' short after the above routine, have a 2' putt and still have to do the routine...I sound like a tour guide. "And we're walking" As someone mentioned above, if I am walking and guys are in carts, and I have holed out, I am over at the fringe, when they leave a 1' tap in, I might start walking away then. The ones that drive me nuts are the ones that leave carts in front of the green, their chipping tool at the back, finish putting, wait for everyone else to finish, then go get their club, move to the cart, sit there for interminable amounts of time filling out their card, and only start to the next box when everyone else is already there. Grrr.
  2. not you.. the "you" there was the people who were coming in to say "Oh, I putt much better with it", they are the outliers if they actually do and it is not just confirmation bias, sorry about the confusion there.
  3. been a while since I have seen it but at one point there was a study shown that showed it actually HURT. People who did the line missed more putts. e the line of people "well it helps me", good for you, overall the stats, at least in that study, said for most golfers it doesn't, and yes I am sure you are the outlier. To the point it doesn't help...I have twice recently been paired with a guy who very carefully lines up the line, looks from above hole, looks from below the hole, looks from both sides, very carefully aligns it again...and leaves it 6' Does the process again, ships it 4' past the hole and misses by a foot on the low side. That dude can line it up as long and careful as he wants, but until he figures out pace and how to actually read a green, it is pretty worthless.
  4. I think for me it was more...I did not enjoy the rest of the round. Did not want to go back out. Usually my enjoyment of a round is not so much related to how I play as to just being able to play. Usually I would be laughing about that display. It is not even my worst. Fortunately, Saturday I got it back. Played...sub par but enjoyed it again. Laughed at the mis-hits instead of dwelling on them.
  5. We all have good rounds and bad rounds. A personal best followed by 36 shots worse (yeah, I did that...79 to 105 in the same week). I can roll with the flow. Good rounds, bad rounds, doesn't matter...I have enough fun that numerous people have told me I was one of their favorite playing partners and numerous people have actually gotten my number, texted and requested to meet up for more rounds. It is golf. Stuff going to happen. I can roll with it, I am just out to have some fun.I am generally a lot of fun to golf with for most people. So yesterday I was having a...weird round lets say. (by the end of it there would be a whopping 6 strokes not applied to the handicap reporting so there were some much worse than bogey holes...). With 7 pars. It was just...weird. But one hole actually broke me. Coming off a bogey on the hole that is the toughest on the course for me, I felt like I was getting it all straightened out. #11 is...okay, reset. THIS is the toughest hole on the course. 428 yard par 4 with water that runs diagonally across the course ranging from about 150 yards out at a 45 degree angle to 265 yards or so at the left edge of the fairway. You need about 288 to reliably carry it off the tee. It requires a layup for most mortal golfers. 225 yards left center of fairway gives you a flat lie, no trees overhanging your next shot and is about as good a start as you can get but that leaves over 200 in to a green protected with sand on the left. I have parred it a few times but really a bogey is a really good score for me. My plan is typically to put it left center, take my 4h and be on or near the green, chip, 2-putt, take my bogey and move on. If I hit the 4h really well or have an above average chip then I make par. I step up with my trusty 3h, it averages 214 yards overall and on this day went 257, 164 (hit a tree), 156, 249, 209, 224. When I get the tempo right, that is the long ones and on this swing I got the tempo right and I just blistered it, the perfect shot that was going to be a bit lengthier than average, down the left center, I was going to be perfectly set up, having visions of a 165 yard 8i into the green...until it hit the power lines. Doesn't matter where it ends up, by rule I have to re-tee. I promptly hit the ugliest top I have hit all day, 45 degree angle right and so bad it does not reach the water. (this was the 156 chunk) But it leaves me a clean shot from right of the tree line. I grab a 3w...top it into the water. Move forward the 10 yards, drop, pull 5i...and dump it into the water just left of the last one. Move forward 10 yards, drop, pull 6i...and dropped it into the water 20 yards ahead of me. I have just dropped 3 balls in water that is not a consideration at all within 30 yards of each other. I have hit a lot of bad shots in my time. In this round alone I managed to take a 285 yard drive down the center leaving a 120 3/4 PW in and turn it into a quad 8. Usually I just laugh (like, literally, laugh and make some comment on the quality of my game) and move on to the next shot. For whatever reason, this one completely broke me. Oh, not from a skill standpoint...I followed with an up and down par, a missed birdie putt tap in par, and another up and a fairway/green/long 2 putt par. In fact, it was in the middle of some decent play. Take away #11 and I was 2 over for the other 7 holes from #7 through 14, 5 pars and 2 bogeys, one of which had a 22' putt lip out and leave a 1" tap in for the bogey. Even including #11s train wreck, I was 7 over for an 8 hole stretch. Not great but not embarrassing. But for whatever reason...that one just got me. First stretch of golf I have not enjoyed in quite some time, good, bad or indifferent. Today is first day in two weeks I will be passing on golf. Playing tomorrow...we will see how that goes. No real point to this other than the catharsis of reliving it, get it out of my system and get back to enjoying the game. Stupid power lines.
  6. appreciate all the feedback. I work hard to make sure I have a legit cap, I don't want a vanity cap and also don't want to have a cheating cap so wanted to make sure I was being legit. And @Bonvivant appreciate the video there. I do tend to like a less lofted club for the most part but a situation I keep ending up in...I aim for center of green the majority of the time without taking flag position into account. Unfortunately, my skill with wedges is...not exceptional. (-.36 on strokes gained) and I keep leaving myself 2-5 yards off green in first cut and all too often with a flag short. I always figure the worst sin is leaving it off green so I run a lot of balls too far past flag to 1-putt and am specifically working on that edge situation which if a lofted club can stop it quicker feels like the answer. B Spent roughly half hour the other day when had opportunity working with a 60 and that will not be coming out on the course anytime soon but I am seeing some success with the 50 and moving towards 55. For situations like the one in the video, I do love the rule of 12 and have no compunction about going as high as a 7i for those chips for sure.
  7. If I am playing a serious rounds with friends, would this eliminate me from recording it for handicap purposes: I typically chip with a PW but to improve I believe I need to use a higher lofted club to get it stopped quicker. However, at the moment I am more likely to chunk or blade it. It is my understanding that for handicap purposes I should try for the best score possible. long-term I believe being able to chip with the 50, 55 and 60 degree wedges I carry will let me be on average closer to the hole but today I will be closer to the hole on average with the PW or 9i. So if I use say...my 50 degree on the second hole, 60 degree on the 12th, can I still record it for handicap purposes or does making a sub-optimal tactical decision invalidate it for that purpose?
  8. I was referencing the origins of golf when those were de rigeur. Dave posted a later picture of equally outmoded golf attire. And for many people, many of the dress codes hearken back to those days and some of the other mores of the time we have moved past. Not for all, and there are people who long for the good without the bad. For some people, an atmosphere where some people dress to the nines at all times, it is library quiet, etc is a good thing. More power to them. I have been invite to join 3 of the courses I will name below and my aversion to that atmosphere made it a non starter for me. As for work, actually...yes, I have worn sweatpants and tee shirts to work for nearly a decade now, at my desk job. and to church. it is my way. Do I expect others to do it? nope, actually could not tell you what 99% of the people I run into wore, are wearing, or will wear. I am in Portland OR and off the top of my head...The Reserve, Arrowhead, Tualitan, Portland Golf Club, Columbia Edewater, Riverside, Pumpkin Ridge, Willamette Valley Golf Club at the least are membership clubs with requirements. I have no problem with those places having them. I just seldom golf there. I have dozens of courses where I can roll out in what I like and whack the ball around so to me it is win-win. Room for both people who like the belted shorts /polo and room for the people who are...less formal. like me.
  9. not really. I have a closet full of polos that I wear when required. There is not a single one I look for when I want to look good. They do not fit my fashion sensibilities at all. It is just not a look I care for. I find the whole polo shirt tight tucked into shorts with belts (insert facepalm logo here) or slacks to be as outdated as plus fours, tweed jackets and ties, white only and men only clubs, using a specific fork for salad and having a dipping bowl, etc. It was a thing for a while. Now I think that time has past for myself and most people in my circle but definitely remain for others. At the same time, there are people who are very into the appearances thing...a few places I have went to for tournaments have "no cleats in the locker room, no hats in the clubhouse, no carts in the parking lot" type things and the people at those facilities love it. I am fine with that, I show up for the tournament, follow the rules, and then go back to the places I like better where I am wearing things I find far more comfortable, far better looking and it works for everyone. They can have the appearance requirements they prefer and are doing just fine without my monthly dues. I play at courses where people seriously show up in construction clothes, there is one guy from the islands who plays barefoot I encounter all the time. That is not everyones cup of tee but I am ecstatic there are courses where Latta and his buddies can show up and play. I think it is great for the game that there is room for both. People who think those things look good, knock yourself out. As long as it only applies to the exclusive clubs, I have no issue with it. If it bleeds into public courses...pass. I am not overly technically proficient. That photo was about the fourth one I tired and was long enough ago I forgot it was one I tried. But athletic pants of gym shorts, usually black with red trim, and a pretty loose tee shirt are my vastly preferred ear. I don't suspect most people, particularly on a forum like this one, would like the same things I like. I freely admit in the "traditional" golfing world, I am the outcast. And except for tournaments or special occasions, I am fine with that and stick to public munis for the most part.
  10. I would change the next word in that sentence to "ugly" which is another reason I seldom show up at places that have codes along that line. I did make an exception Saturday for a tournament I wanted to play, put on the ugly clothes, played, and as soon as it was over, changed to something I like the look of. Obviously other people have different opinions on what looks good which is a reason different requirements are at different places and it works.
  11. thanks for nailing that...I did not know it was from them. Clearly I don't use it...my playing partner usually keeps score for the group so I did not know enough about it. Sorry all for the bum lead but looks like others have you covered
  12. not sure the linking rules on here, but if you go on youtube and search for "Phil Mickelson chipping" video it will come up. 2 minutes 57 seconds of awesome. It is part of an old "Secrets of the Short Game" 2 or 3 hour thing he did. It took me a bit to figure out the keys but once I got the proper weight shift and shaft lean...it has been magic. As recently as last night when I went over a bunker to a short side flag and checked up about 3' from the stick I literally said out loud, "Thanks Phil". That used to be in the sand or 50 yards over the back
  13. Golf Genie is what NW Golf Guys use, seems pretty solid
  14. upgraded the Golfpad last night. Putting -.01. Short game and Tess shots both -.044. Approach -.038. I am interpreting that as nothing glaring so 65% on long clubs, 20% wedges/chipping and 15% putting seems about right.
  15. most of my improvement was a long, slow grind involving lessons and club fittings. But then I made nearly a 10 shot jump watching the Mickelson short game video. 2-3 of those are from having worked the clock putting drill but the primary gain has been his 2 minute 45 second chipping video. I went from being that guy who chipped back and forth over the green or chunked it into the sand/water to someone who knows going in he will be on the green at worst and occasionally close enough to 1 putt or have a reasonable shot at it. Complete game changer when I know that being close to the green in regulation means I am likely looking at bogey worst case instead of double or triple which used to be routine was such an amazing moment for me. Thanks Mickelson, that super short video has been a true game changer for me.
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