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  1. Thanks for all of your help guys. I've bought a callaway xr driver and 3 wood which are a huge improvement on my previous clubs. I'm also in the market for a hybrid. I bought a second hand standard length cobra f7 hybrid and can't seem to hit the thing! Would I treat hybrids the same as my irons/wedges - longer shaft and change of lie angle? Or is it more similar to a wood?
  2. I recently got fitted for some new irons and ended up buying a set of Callaway Mavriks. Being 6'3 I felt like my current standard length irons were on the short side as I found myself stooping over them and this was confirmed in my fitting, my new irons are an inch longer and also the lie angle has been changed by 3°. The difference was really noticeable straight away and I was hitting straighter and longer off the bat. My question is this... When buying a new driver and or woods (and even lob wedges) does the same rule for length and lie angle apply? I don't want to spend hundreds so lo
  3. I have a pretty wide pair of size 12 feet (UK). My current golf shoes are really uncomfortable and I'm looking at upgrading to a new pair. I don't really want to pay any more than £100 but could be persuaded to go a bit higher for the perfect pair. Ideally they need to be comfortable, wide fitting and preferably look stylish as well. Any suggestions welcome.
  4. First post from me so please be kind. I've arranged to play with a friend tomorrow evening, this has been organised for around a week now and suddenly out of nowhere he springs it on me that he's invited his girlfriend to play. Now we're not brilliant golfers but know the basics and fundamentals and she's played the game once in her life. To add a bit of context, I've spent the whole of lock down with my kids and fiance and while I love them all dearly I've been really craving some 'guy time' and was really looking forward to getting out there. Am I right to be a bit annoyed about
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