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  1. are you sure? Tax Rates Obama was first elected in 2008 on a promise not to raise taxes on anyone making less than $250,000 a year in family income. That’s a promise he’s fulfilled with only minor exceptions, such as a 10 percent tax on tanning salons included in the Affordable Care Act. Meanwhile, his 2009 stimulus package delivered temporary tax cuts for most working people, and for all of 2011 and 2012, he secured a 2 percentage point reduction in the Social Security payroll tax. For his entire first term, the federal income tax cuts signed by Bush in 2001 and 2003 remained i
  2. I'm now 100% on board with Rory. We don't expect LeBron to grow basketball or Aaron Rodgers to grow American football or Messi to grow international football or Phelps to grow swimming, etc etc. What is this "grow golf" nonsense? This is the job of the people who make more money if the game grows (course designers, equipment makers, golf course owners/managers, golf coaches). Perhaps Rors has an obligation to Nike, but is Joe schmoe commentator really out to protect Nike? Really? I'm quite sure Nike can take care of itself. Rory's job is to be entertaining on the golf course and, perhaps
  3. LOL, wow. Just wow. Talk about delusional.
  4. Did you miss the part where I said "explain the rule to the player"? All of the golfers in the field that these USGA officials are supposedly protecting said no penalty, so......Nah, let's go with random nobody on thesandtrap who insists it's a penalty.
  5. That's my point. The last sentence should not have happened. DJ said no, that's the end of it. It's up to the player to call penalties on themselves; rules officials are there for advice/guidance.
  6. No need to change the rule; simply, ask the player if he thinks he made it move. Explain the rule and then ask if he thinks he more likely than not caused the ball to move. This is game of honor; at least that's what I was told.
  7. I don't think I've ever had a bad experience grouped up. I show up as a single and am typically paired with whoever. Always pretty good people. I typically get along with most. I can handle the talkers and handle the guys who just want to play fast and listen to his headphones. I'm out golfing; it's always good to be out golfing.
  8. yep, just flip on fox news and let that torrent of nonsense wash over and comfort you.
  9. you have not demonstrated anything. all your posts have proven is that we could ban guns just like they were banned in Australia. You posted "look, you can make one part of a gun w/ a 3d printer" and in the same post admitted the rest of the gun cannot be made so easily. This can happen and has happened in Australia. You don't want it to happen. In your posts going forward just change "can't" to "I don't want." Then you will have finally made an accurate statement.
  10. find a new hobby? Lots of changes in the constitution b/c the greater good was served by said change. I'm sure certain people owners didn't want to have to start working.
  11. none of these kits would be legal, so they're irrelevant. A metal 3D printer according to wikipedia is $500k to $1million. Pretty sure that's a product that could easily be tracked/traced and ensured that it goes to responsible people. Saying you can build one part out of plastic. Downloading gun designs would raise the ire of the FBI as well, just like searching for bomb making instructions. I think your research is simply furthering my argument. $300 to $2900 for this when it's 100% legal. Illegal items cost more! A lot more!
  12. did you skip the last 10/15 seconds? no gun consists of entirely 3d printed parts. Did you hear that part? The majority of that is not 3d printed. I wonder the cost/space required to set up an operation to put these together? And again, once said operation is discovered, it's shut down. People thrown in jail. I never said guns would be unavailable, I said EXPENSIVE. I can see joe schmoe putting together the liberator. It's going to take a fairly large operation to put together this 600 round monster.
  13. There doesn't have to be a revolution. Just saying, there doesn't have to be. People can just say "yea, I'm comfortable with this change in the reading of the Constitution." Yep, 50 dead and 50 wounded w/ the "liberator." come on, let's be serious. Best part about that awesome video I linked: gun guy saying "woopedie doo" - at least he was honest. Just be honest, these mass shootings and all of the other gun deaths are outweighed by the benefits society receives from lihu's ability to own a gun.
  14. Criminals who could afford them would potentially still have them. They wouldn't be flashing these things around b/c the moment someone sees it that person is placed under arrest. Simple possession gets you locked up. The world I propose suggests guns are such a valuable/rare commodity that its only used by someone who can afford to lose something so valuable. Your common street criminal does not fit that profile. Off topic, but if we legalize drugs in addition to banning guns, the # of guns in circulation would drop significantly more. Reason being the profit motive for having a gun with
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